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2 reasons to migrate off of Microsoft Exchange Server

By migrating away from Microsoft Exchange, you reduce costs for your organization and improve the security of your accounts and data. One option to use instead: Kolab.

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Cisco's M5 UCS servers take intent-based approach to data center

Data centers powered by new Cisco Unified Computing System servers that feature the new Intel Xeon Scalable Processor platform will run at peak efficiency via intent-based management, Cisco says.


Intel tightens data-center grip with Xeon Scalable Processor platform

Intel's new Xeon Processor Scalable Family, based on the company's Skylake architecture, is about much more than revving up CPU performance. The new processor line is essentially a platform for computing, memory and storage designed...

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NEC claims new vector processor speeds data processing 50-fold

Japanese electronics giant NEC has a new processor for machine learning and AI, the Aurora Vector Engine. The question is will anyone use it?

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Epyc win for AMD in the server security battle

The built-in security of AMD’s Epyc server chip may prove as advantageous as the chip’s performance.

The 20-petaflop Titan supercomputer

DOE taps 6 firms for exascale computing research

The U.S. Department of Energy will give six firms a total of $258 million for research and development of exascale computing.

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Qualcomm partners with Packet to offer ARM servers

Packet, a bare-metal cloud provider for developers, plans to offer customers access to Qualcomm’s 48-core ARM server processor, Centriq 2400, later this year.

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Cavium makes its ARM for data centers push with new servers

Cavium, a company steeped in MIPS-based embedded processors, is bringing its considerable experience and IP to the ARM processor with its ThunderX server ecosystem. ThunderX is the whole shootin’ match, an ARMv8-A 64-bit SoC plus...

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Lenovo ThinkSystem product barrage targets data centers

Lenovo is taking on Dell EMC and HPE with its biggest portfolio refresh since it acquired IBM's x86 server business three years ago, offering a lineup of servers, switches, SAN arrays and converged systems intended to show that it's a...

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Mid-range supercomputers surge on the Top500 list of fastest machines

With no change at the top of the latest supercomputer list, you need to look further down the rankings to see the real story.

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IT budgets shift away from capital expenses thanks to the cloud

IT organizations are spending money on things other than hardware, according to Computer Economics’ annual IT Spending and Staffing Benchmarks study for 2017/2018.

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Most acute storage pain points, letdowns

Things don’t always go as planned with new technologies. Two new research reports document the struggles, disappointments and false starts that enterprise storage pros wrestle with as they modernize their infrastructure for digital...

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Skyport Systems plugs the agility, security gaps of hybrid cloud

Skyport Systems’ SkySecure Hybrid Cloud Edge securely runs application gateways at the network edge, providing agility and security for apps in the cloud and the data center.

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White boxes crushing the traditional server market

IDC says big-name server vendors, including HPE, Cisco and IBM, are struggling as no-name white-box vendors—and the cloud—take up the slack.

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Data should be stored in space, firm says

Cloud Constellation Corp., a space data-center start-up, plans to build a space-based server farm, architecture and telecom backbone.

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HPE merges IT, OT with Edgeline software platform to crunch IoT data

Before the advent of sensors in cars, phones, thermostats, refrigerators and factory-floor devices, information technology and operational technology were two different worlds. The Internet of Things is changing that.

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Survey says: Enterprise IT needs a Zoloft and a life coach

Aging data centers, cloud computing, high server workloads and more are stressing data center professionals out. New research shows, though, there’s no need to panic.

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Florida wants to be a major host of data center facilities

To attract data centers to the state, Florida is eliminating sales tax and use tax. To qualify, though, a company must consume a certain level of power.

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