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Study blames backbone business deals for broadband congestion

Broadband providers say M-Lab study can't pinpoint the exact causes, however

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FCC pushes TV spectrum auction to 2016 after legal challenge

Complexity and a court petition by broadcasters will introduce delays, FCC Chairman Wheeler said

AT&T signed up 500,000 cars for its 4G network last quarter

Audi and GM are both offering in-car 4G connections through AT&T

Lawmakers call on FCC to reclassify broadband for net neutrality

Eshoo calls on the agency to use old telecom regulations, but take a light touch toward applying the rules

Why do cell phones still suck for calling?

The IEEE Spectrum magazine goes in-depth on the problem

Telephony vendor Mitel goes public with $540M bid for ShoreTel

The Canadian vendor said enterprise telephony is consolidating and it wants to be a consolidator

Apple SIM has great potential, but widespread changes will take time

Apple SIM lets iPad users choose between data plans from different operators just by touching the screen

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City rejects Comcast, but resistance is futile

Worcester, Massachusetts, is fighting a losing battle against Comcast's plan to take over its cable and internet customers.

French operator Iliad drops plans to acquire T-Mobile US

The French operator said that Deutsche Telekom and select board members of T-Mobile had rejected a sweetened offer

Holograms and 3D porn: Expert predictions for gigabit Internet

Experts see big changes to health-care, gaming and other industries from a gigabit-speed Internet

Sprint's long, rocky WiMax journey will end next Nov. 6

The system, once on the cutting edge, gave way to LTE

Facebook, armed with data, helps others show mobile ads

Facebook's mobile advertising network is now open for business

Skype appears to bow to Indian rules, ends in-country calls to local networks

Microsoft said local calls from Skype to landlines and mobile phones will stop from Nov. 10

Groups accuse FCC of helping net neutrality advocates file comments

The agency says it communicated with groups submitting large numbers of comments in an effort to keep its system from crashing

Group's numbers opposed to net neutrality smaller than suggested

American Commitment's 2.4 million letters to Congress came from about 800,000 people

Verizon won't throttle unlimited LTE users after all

The carrier has backed down from a plan to slow down heavy users who have unlimited plans

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How a TV network is being used to move financial transactions

Bitcoin eliminates banks from the transactional loop and passes the savings on to the end-user. What if you could cut out the Internet too? One organization is trying with an OTA, or Over-The-Air, digital TV network.

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Coca-Cola piloting free Wi-Fi at vending machines

Coca-Cola is experimenting with point-of-sale innovations in South Africa, including knowledge enhancing and Wi-Fi at its vending machines.

Report: Softbank in talks to buy Dreamworks Animation

Japanese telecom carrier said to want animated movie producer

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