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How an obscure acro and an old Network World story helped link AT&T to NSA spying

Pro Publica and the New York Times have revealed previously unknown details of the “highly collaborative” relationship between AT&T and the NSA. Helping them connect the dots were an obscure acronym and a 1996 story in New World.

Computerworld Best Places to Work in IT 2012 / USAA headquarters

T-Mobile switches on ISP-hotspot piggy-backing

Mobile Network Operator T-Mobile is trialing automatic connection to ISP Bright House’s hotspots.

FCC requires consumer protections in telephone transition to IP

Carriers must get permission from the FCC if they discontinue or reduce voice services during the change


Another reason people hate cable companies, particularly Comcast

Residents of St. Paul, MN, are entitled to a 10% discount from Comcast if they are elderly, disabled or low-income. Comcast doesn't make getting it easy, though.

ISP argues net neutrality rules violate its right to block content

Broadband provider Alamo tells court it has a free-speech right to exercise editorial discretion over the Web

Facebook aims to launch unmanned drone by year-end

The aircraft is designed to provide Internet access to people in underserved areas

Facebook opens to more mobile operators

A new online portal will make it easier for carriers to adopt the app, Facebook says

Cell service at US airports varies from first class to middle-seat coach

Tests by RootMetrics found coverage is improving but inconsistent

AT&T's acquisition of DirecTV appears headed for approval with conditions

FCC chairman Tom Wheeler has circulated his recommendation for approval of the deal

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CTIA: FCC transparency guidelines ‘irrational’

The wireless industry’s chief lobbying group today issued comments on part of the FCC’S Open Internet Order that went into effect last month, saying that provisions requiring better disclosure of network management, performance and...

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How phone companies drive people crazy

Every journalist has experienced this type of phone call, as have librarians, police dispatchers and I presume those in a number of other public-facing professions.

FCC looks to protect customers during voice switch to IP

Carriers would be required to give customers warning before retiring their copper-based networks, under an agency proposal

071015blog dot org turns 30

Internet’s non-profit domain, .org, turns 30

We take for granted today that non-profit organizations are to be found in the Internet’s .org neighborhood, just as commercial entities are on .com. And it was 30 years ago today that the first of the former addresses – –...

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T-Mobile touts first continental phone plan for North America

T-Mobile said there would be no added charges for its U.S.-based Simple Choice customers when they call, text or use data to Mexico and Canada or when traveling there.

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Sprint drops 600 Kbps video-streaming limit after outcry

Sprint this week quickly reversed plans to impose a 600 Kbps limit on streaming video as part of a promotion called "All-In" that charges $80 a month for unlimited talk, text and high-speed data.

FCC's Wheeler defends net neutrality rules, discounts investment fears

Several broadband providers have announced expansions since the FCC passed the regulations, Wheeler says

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The top 15 tech companies on the Fortune 500

We scour the F500 list to home in on the largest tech companies gracing the list.

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Enterprise disaggregation is inevitable

Time unbundles all network elements as benefits enjoyed by service providers hit private networks beyond CPE

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