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Senators hear calls on the FCC to step back from net neutrality rules

Republican lawmakers and witnesses repeat criticisms that net neutrality rules would slow broadband investment

Netflix will launch on French telco's set-top boxes

A local competitor tried to steal Netflix' thunder with the launch of its own video-on-demand service on the Netflix launched in France

Ericsson buys Fabrix Systems for $95M to help put TV on any screen

Fabrix sells software for cloud DVRs and video on demand

New survey raises questions about net neutrality regulation, advocacy group says

CALinnovates calls on the FCC to stay away from reclassifying broadband as a public utility

T-Mobile takes Wi-Fi voice and text everywhere

A new offering allows calls from outside the US and on US airliners with Gogo in-flight service

AT&T's network core is growing up to serve watches, IoT

Technology adopted for voice over LTE helps make wearables and connected devices work

33 equipment manufacturers oppose public-utility broadband

IBM, Cisco, Intel and other companies oppose calls to reclassify and regulate broadband as a common carrier

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How could I have missed Jenna Elfman?

I failed to recognize actress Jenna Elfman last week after watching (multiple times) and writing about a YouTube video chronicling AT&T’s old “You Will” television ad campaign, which aired in 1994, or a few years before "Dharma &...

Microsoft revamps MSN, integrates with productivity tools

Microsoft has signed up over 1,300 content providers for MSN

Net neutrality advocates plan slow-lane protest

Several large websites will display site-loading spinning wheel icons to symbolize slow connections

AT&T and Box to pave secure path to cloud content via VPN

AT&T's NetBond is coming to Box next year

20 years ago, AT&T ad campaign ‘predicted’ technology that was well on its way

A YouTube compilation of a 20-year-old AT&T ad campaign dubbed “You Will” is getting pass-along traffic today. It’s a fun look at the company’s predictions for a range of technologies that would become the likes of GPS, online books...

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Want Gigabit Internet? A fistful of cities can now give it to you

Gigabit Internet is the Holy Grail for residential Internet users right now. If you’re wondering where to get your hands on it for the upcoming fall entertainment season, here’s where you need to go.

Sprint drops second shoe: $60 unlimited voice, text, data plan

New plan atop Family Share Pack aims to beat backs competitors with designs on new Sprint subscribers

Sprint's cut in data prices won't help its network woes

'Sprint is hobbled by its network,' one analyst says

Sprint slashes shared data plan prices

It offers four lines and 20GB of data for about $160 a month, beats other carriers

Verizon is tops in network performance, reliability, speed in 2014 tests

RootMetrics finds AT&T close behind, with T-Mobile making big gains over Sprint

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Streaming rankings slam Verizon and AT&T’s fiber

Comcast’s cable service is a lethargic 2.82 Mbps, and in the No. 21 spot at Netflix; and Time Warner Cable is at a lumbering 2.16 Mbps, and is in the No. 44 position.

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