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acer jade primo
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huawei mate s front

The Mate S is Huawei’s best-looking phone, but the price is steep

The Mate S from Huawei Technologies has a design that rivals any other Android-based smartphone, but the price is equally awe-inspiring.

acer jadeprimo launch1

Acer's Jade Primo smartphone puts a PC in your pocket

The promise of a PC in your pocket is what Acer wants to realize with the Jade Primo Windows 10 smartphone. But is it something people really want?


Acer's Jade Primo Windows 10 phone can replace your PC

Acer debuted its Jade Primo smartphone running Windows 10.

150902 snap drone 3

New drone hopes to make aerial photography a Snap

Vanatage Robotics' new Snap camera drone combines stabilized 4K video with a variety of shooting modes and a focus on safety and portability -- attributes it hopes will enable the product to stand out in an increasingly crowded market....

tyrod taylor 2015 buffalo bills

Buffalo Bills' new starting QB a sweet marketing opportunity for carrier T-Mobile

The Buffalo Bills have named Tyrod Taylor as their new starting quarterback. I smell a T-Mobile marketing opportunity.

rob gronkowski

Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski’s Waze voice option falls flat

Dunkin' Donuts and Waze teamed up to provide Rob Gronkowski's voice for driving directions. Incomplete.

ITC rules Microsoft's phones don't infringe patents

The U.S. International Trade Commission ruled Friday that Microsoft's mobile devices don't infringe on patents relating to wireless standards, reversing a previous determination in the case.


iPhone 7 rumor rollup: Official invite, Fear the Walking Dead angle, 6C or not 6C

It probably really is time to switch the name of this round-up to the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6S Plus rumor rollup since those will almost surely be the names of what’s coming next from Apple on the smartphone front, but before long,...

T-Mobile invitation

T-Mobile threatens to impose limited plans on data thieves

T-Mobile USA is going after data thieves, which it says are taking advantage of the company's unlimited high-speed data plan through excessive tethering - the use of smartphone data on other devices.

iphone 6 and 6 plus

iPhone 6s won't be getting rid of the 16GB base model

Apple's upcoming iPhone 6s will retain its 16GB base model

Samsung Gear S2

Smartwatches, smartphones and TVs will vie for IFA spotlight

At the IFA trade show, Samsung Electronics and Motorola Mobility aim to show that their smartwatches can compete with Apple, Sony needs to demonstrate that it's still a relevant smartphone manufacturer, and LG want to convince...

apple store palo alto

iPhone 6s camera sounds amazing; Full specs detailed

Apple's iPhone 6s camera will be the best one we've seen yet.

Apple, Samsung battle to the end over payment of damages

It may take some time for Apple to see any damages from its patent infringement dispute against Samsung Electronics.


Mirrativ app can live stream anything on your phone

Mobile gaming giant DeNA has released Mirrativ, a live streaming app that allows any content on a smartphone screen to be broadcast.

apple store palo alto

Apple's iPhone 6s special event set for September 9

In just a few weeks, Apple will show off its next-gen iPhone lineup.

Amazon Fire phone

Amazon said to scale down Fire smartphone team

Amazon has reportedly laid off dozens of engineers who worked on its Fire smartphone.

01 samsung galaxy note 5a

Galaxy Note 5 review: A big phone finally grows up

The new Galaxy Note 5 brings some much-needed sophistication into Samsung's plus-sized phone family -- but at what cost?

motorola lenovo

Lenovo leans on Motorola team to handle smartphone development

Lenovo's Motorola Mobility division will take over the company's smartphone development and manufacturing, as part of a reorganization that it hopes will cut costs and revitalize its handset business

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