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blackberry classic marble final

01 blackberry classic title

An in-depth look at the BlackBerry Classic

A closer look at the new BlackBerry Classic smartphone with photos from the device's New York City launch event.

Apple store logo NYC

Apple halts online sales in Russia due to volatility of the Ruble

Apple earlier this week halted all online sales in Russia due to extreme volatility in the Russian Ruble.

Top five smartphone disappointments of the year

The new iPhones should have had a better front camera and the Moto G should have had LTE, among other disappointments

Apple, Xiaomi won big as Samsung's smartphone struggles continued in third quarter

A showdown between Samsung and Chinese will spur on better smartphone designs going forward

iphone 6 plus

Walmart slashes iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus prices

The new Apple iPhone 6 Plus phablet was nowhere to be found among all the blockbuster Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals last month, but Walmart has surprised this week by announcing a deep discount on the smartphones through...

United Airlines flight attendant with iPhone 6 plus

Big new United Airlines carry-on item: iPhone 6 Plus phablets for 23,000 flight attendants

United Airlines this week announced that its flight attendants will soon be equipped with Apple's iPhone 6 Plus phablets to take care of your safety, food and entertainment needs.

Martin Hajek iphone 7 design concept

Best iPhone 7 design concepts so far

Apple's iPhone 6 and 6 Plus went on sale in September, and on their heels: iPhone 7 design concepts from artists around the world.

Panasonic LED signs beam data to phones 5 meters away

Flickering LEDs can send ID tag data to phones, triggering ads or other info, at relatively high speeds

Xiaomi faces phone ban in India over Ericsson patent suit

Xiaomi, which considers India an important market, seems ready to negotiate

Apple iOS 8.1.2 for iPhone, iPad addresses disappearing ringtones mystery

Apple on Tuesday released an iOS update (8.1.2) for the iPhone and iPad that includes unspecified bug fixes, aside from one that could have resulted in ringtones purchased from iTunes disappearing.

iphone 2007

Remember when Cisco sued Apple over the iPhone name?

Cisco Systems' General Counsel, explaining Friday's blockbuster patent and copyright infringement lawsuits against switching rival Arista Networks, emphasized that "I can count on one hand the number of times we’ve initiated suit...

In battle for sub-$200 smartphones, consumers will be the winners

By the the end of next year LTE smartphones will cost below $60

nokia lumia 1020 color range 100045701 gallery

What Windows Phone needs: A truly fabulous flagship phone

As Microsoft floods the market with cheaper handsets, it’s ignoring the power of one, great phone to lead the platform.

Apple, Xiaomi smartphones found violating privacy laws in Taiwan

A Taiwanese regulator is examining the best selling phones for alleged privacy violations

Amazon fire phone

With Amazon's Fire phone, persistence is key

Amazon, one of the world's most powerful online retailers, has focused considerable marketing attention on its first-ever Fire smartphone, which by all accounts got a skimpy customer response after it launched in August.

China's booming smartphone growth starts to fizzle

Growth in the Chinese smartphone market will fall to single digits next year, according to IDC

Samsung's mobile CEO to stay despite business challenges

The head of the underperforming mobile division was expected to be moved out in an annual reshuffle

Be thankful: We're already living in the future

Let's be thankful for the amazing technological age we live in

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