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Which mobile data provider is best? (And will you make a switch?)

Computerworld readers rate AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon on data connection speed, reliability, customer service and more. Find out which carrier gets the most cheers — and which the most jeers — from our 2014 survey respondents....

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10 cool network and computing research projects

If you think the latest enterprise and consumer network and computer technologies rolling into your data center and being snuck into your offices by end users are advanced, wait until you see what's cooking in the labs at universities...

Chinese smartphone brands conquer more of the market in 2014

Samsung and Apple, however, remained the two leading brands

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The hunt is on to extend battery life for mobile devices

Check out 5 battery-boosting technologies being tested in research labs now.

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10 mobile startups to watch

Here are the soft, developing new themes in the thunderous mobile symphony.

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16 Android Widgets to Make Your Smartphone and Tablet Better

If you're not using widgets, you're simply not realizing the true value of your Android smartphone or tablet.'s Al Sacco shares a collection of his favorite widgets, all free and all very much worth a download.

Hands-on with the Xiaomi Mi Note, a super-light phablet

The Xiaomi Note has an impressive thin design

Xiaomi's new phablet seeks to outdo Apple's iPhone 6 Plus

The new phablet, called the Xiaomi Note, will arrive Jan. 27.

Google cooks up a food-truck model to sell Project Ara smartphones

The first Project Ara trucks will be deployed in Puerto Rico

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Samsung, BlackBerry flatly deny talking about a buyout

Samsung reportedly offered as much as $.7.5 billion for the company

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Reuters: Samsung feeling out BlackBerry for acquisition

Reuters reported on Wednesday afternoon that Samsung has reached out to BlackBerry about buying the smartphone maker for as much as $7.5 billion, mainly looking to get its hands on a trove of patents for security, conference calling...

Attention iPhone owners: Microsoft wants YOU

Microsoft today pitched a preview of a new Skype client to iPhone and iPad owners, asking for volunteers to test the software.

Spec showdown: Microsoft's Lumia 532 makes more sense than Samsung's Tizen-based Z1

Both smartphones cost below $100, but some tough choices have been made to get there

The Lumia 435 is Microsoft's cheapest smartphone yet at $80

Buyers of the new smartphone will get Office apps and 30GB of online storage

Samsung's first Tizen phone arrives in India at $92

The Z1, besides focusing on entertainment, addresses a growing concern about personal security in India

Google's Lego-like Project Ara smartphone to get a hardware store

The Ara Module Marketplace store will sell hardware modules that can be snapped on to the Project Ara smartphone

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Can't wait for Apple iOS 9?

If the latest incremental version of Apple iOS 8 hitting the beta stage this week has you hankering for even more, check out one designer's vision for what iOS 9 could bring to iPhone and iPad users.

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iPhone separation anxiety is really a thing, researchers say

Some claim clutching your iPhone at all times can be a distraction, but new research shows that being without your precious smartphone can also make you lose focus.

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