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Researchers' new app outs iPhone and Android phone energy hogs

Researchers from the United States and Sweden have launched free iOS and Android smartphone/tablet software that singles out which apps take the biggest toll on your device batteries and also visualizes fragmentation of Apple and...

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Apple iPhone 6 / iOS 8

iPhone 6 pre-orders set all-time record at 4 million

Apple today announced that pre-orders for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus checked in at 4 million after just 24 hours.

Startup develops optical zoom lens for smartphones

The company has already had interest from Apple, Samsung, Sony and others

Subway to accept NFC payments starting in October

The sandwich chain will roll out contactless payments at 26,000 restaurants

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Quiz

The new Apple phones are all anyone’s talking about but how well do you really know them?

iPhone 6 pre-orders set new record, say Apple and AT&T

Sales of Apple's new iPhone models are already off to a great start

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Apple bungles iPhone 6 pre-orders

Apple today quickly exhausted its pre-order supply of the larger iPhone 6 Plus as the company bungled an online effort for the second time this week.

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How to avoid online scams when selling your old iPhone or iPad contributor James A. Martin was the target of a scam when he tried selling his iPad mini online, and unfortunately such ploys are common. Here's how you can spot suspicious signs when selling a gadget and make sure you're not...

Funny videos about iPhone 6 and Apple Watch

Youtube starts to fill up with humorous takes on the big Apple iPhone 6, Apple Watch news


9 nightmare sci-fi virtual realities that are closer than you think

Emerging technologies in virtual and artificial reality blur the line between science and fiction

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Apple eliminates 32 GB iPhone models from new product lineup

Apple's new iPhone lineup is without question the best we've seen yet, both in terms of the form factors available and the under-the-hood specs. Making Apple's product lineup even more appealing is that Apple has done away with...

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How to Tell If the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus Is Right For You

Apple's new iPhones are similar in many ways, but if you're considering an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus purchase you should consider these five key differences — especially if you plan to preorder a device without actually handling it.

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Microsoft is killing the Nokia and Windows Phone names, reports say

In the future, Lumias will just run plain old Windows, according to multiple reports.

10 years in tech: The crazy cellphone ideas of 2004

We take a look back at the futuristic cellphone ideas of a decade ago

Microsoft urges African authorities to combat counterfeit phone imports

Fake handsets have a significant impact on legitimate manufacturers, official says

Nokia Lumia 930

Big alternatives to the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Welcome to the big-phone party, Apple.

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Man arrested on drug charges after butt-dialing 911 ... and this happens a lot

A Tennessee man is facing minor criminal charges after his butt-dialing 911 allowed police to overhear a restaurant conversation in which he allegedly discussed visiting a drug dealer. And it turns out this kind of thing happens way...

Blackphone SSL security flaw was patched within days, says CEO

We responded quickly, says firm after researchers found issue

Amazon's Fire Phone won't have an easier time in Europe

The smartphone will struggle to compete with other new devices from Apple and Samsung

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