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Tim Cook at Apple event

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Apple's GPU supplier ditches CEO, seeks new strategy

Imagination Technologies, the U.K. company that makes graphics chips for Apple's iPhones and iPads, is ditching its CEO and its strategy as it heads for its second consecutive year of losses.


iPhone 7 rumor rollup: Amazing camera is pictured; Showtime at Apple?

Okay, enough with the 4-inch iPhone rumors: iPhone 7 and 7 Plus scuttlebutt is really heating up in anticipation of Apple’s next real big smartphone revelation in the fall of 2016. In play: Fancy new camera capabilities and possible...

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Apple asks Supreme Court to dismiss Samsung's appeal request

When it comes to patent litigation, it's not over till it's truly over

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Modular cellphone kit can be used for IoT and wearables

You can assemble a rudimentary 2G cell-phone at home with the RePhone Kit Create, which can also be used to make wearables and IoT devices.

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Apple confirms iPhone-killing “Error 53,” says it’s about security

The iPhone’s mysterious "Error 53" bug is tied to Touch ID tampering, at least according to Apple.

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7 smartphone trends to watch this year

Smartphones this year are poised to become more interactive, more fun and maybe a little bit smarter than you’d like them to be.


Mingis on Tech: Mac guy becomes a Dell dude; wireless charging and the iPhone

Dell's XPS 15 9550 Touch laptop wins kudos from Computerworld Editor in Chief Scot Finnie. And what about those reports that Apple's iPhone may soon get wireless charging capabilities?

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Apple hit with $626M damages in case filed by patent licensing firm

A jury in Texas has ordered Apple to pay $626 million for infringing four patents held by a Nevada-based patent licensing company.

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The specter of Comcast as a wireless carrier is more than a little frightening

Comcast says it has registered to bid in the upcoming government wireless auction, suggesting that it is indeed considering offering wireless service.

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Microsoft confirms SwiftKey buy, says it will continue developing Android and iOS apps

Microsoft is buying SwiftKey, the developer of a popular software keyboard for Android and iOS phones -- even though it already has its own software keyboard, Word Flow.

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Apple's iPhone and iPad Air 3 media event slated for March 15

Apple will reportedly unveil some intriguing new hardware on March 15

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Microsoft is letting its Windows Phone market share slip away

Amid rumors of a new Microsoft 'Surface' smartphone, a new report shows that Windows Phone market share has declined steadily over the past year.

Geek-Themed Meme of the Week: Dear Apple

In our latest installment of the Geek-Themed Meme of the Week, Bill Lumbergh speaks for many iPhone users when admonishing Apple:

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Inside Verizon's Super Bowl Control Center

This is Verizon's Super Bowl command room -- a temporary, purpose-built nerve center in the shadow of Levi's Stadium that pulls in data from permanent and temporary base stations to ensure the network keeps running.

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Chinese smartphone players are stealing Apple and Samsung's thunder

IDC's new smartphone tracker shows Huawei, Lenovo, and Xiaomi are growing fast as Apple and Samsung look for new opportunities in a saturated market.


Inside Verizon's Super Bowl Command Center

More than 100 engineers will make sure the tweeting, sharing and streaming works without a hiccup

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Interest in smartphones is flattening

Both Apple and Samsung this week predicted slow growth for smartphone and mobile phone sales in early 2016, making investors queasy.

IPhone 6S launch in Palo Alto

iPhone worries dominate Apple's stellar earnings report

Apple posted a record-breaking quarter yet again, but all analysts can focus on are iPhone sales.

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