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iPhone 8 may feature a curved OLED display

Apple's 2017 iPhone will be a real game-changer.

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Samsung bets on Tizen smartphones again with a new launch in India

Samsung Electronics continues to place its bets on the Tizen operating system for smartphones, with the launch Tuesday in India of a 4G enabled smartphone priced at 4,590 rupees (US$68).

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Smartphones track you—without location services on

Leaking smartphones can know where you are—even when you don’t want them to—researchers from Northeastern University have discovered.


FBI: Bank robbery? There’s an app for that

The Bank Robbers application runs on iPhones and iPads (Apple iTunes) as well as Android smartphones (Google Play) and lets users sort bank robberies by the date they occurred, the category they fall under (i.e., armed serial bank...

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New battery technology could double capacities for consumer electronics

A startup called SolidEnergy says that it’s developed a new design for a safe, rechargeable lithium-metal battery, potentially revolutionizing energy storage for small devices like smartphones and wearables.

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Smartphone sales jump 4% in Q2, Gartner says

Global smartphone sales jumped 4.3% in the second quarter compared to a year ago, but iPhone sales declined for the third straight quarter, market research firm Gartner said.

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Windows smartphone sales collapse

Sales of Windows smartphones plunged 76% in the second quarter of this year compared to 2015.


Hands-on with the Honor 8

The smartphone meant for Millennials packs quite a few features in a $399 package.


Samsung Galaxy Note7 iris scanner review's Al Sacco goes hands on with the Samsung Galaxy Note7 smartphone and its new biometric iris scanner.

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Expect iPhone 7, not iPhone 7 Pro this time around

Apple watchers at Japan's Mac Otokara website affirm based on "reliable sources," that Apple indeed will call its upcoming smartphones the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, passing on a possible iPhone 7 Pro.

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Google Tango’s advancements raises questions about Apple’s innovation

Google Tango is on the verge of changing smartphones as radically as GPS did, raising the question: Has Apple lost its innovative impact?

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iPhone 8: The concept design video Apple doesn't want you to watch

With Apple expected to announce the iPhone 7 as soon as Sept. 7, the last thing the company needs is people pining for more than the company is going to deliver. But when an iPhone 8 design concept goes online, what's a fanboy or...

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iPhone 7 release date may be a bit later than we thought

iPhone 7 may not hit store shelves until Friday, Sept. 23.


5 reasons to buy the Galaxy Note 7

The Galaxy Note 7 is worth the cash if you're keen on carrying the equivalent of a tiny computer in your pocket.

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Apple's habits peg Sept. 7 for iPhone 7 reveal

If past practice is a guide, Apple will unveil the newest iPhones in just over three weeks, on Wednesday, Sept. 7.

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ZTE Zmax Pro: Solid-performing budget smartphone

In the sea of budget smartphones on the market, the ZTE Zmax Pro performs well and has some notable features that allows it to stand out.

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iPhone 7 rumored to feature fast-charging capability

Apple's iPhone 7 may come with a long-overdue fast-charging feature.

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Laptops most often stolen from most unlikely place

The rise of mobile has led many CIOs to fret about data loss from lost or stolen devices. A new study suggests IT theft in the office should be a primary concern.

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