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iphone 6 rumor
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Apple earnings impress with record Q3 revenue

Apple's earnings release earlier this week beat analyst expectations in a major way

Mobile devices to get faster LP-DDR4 memory next year

LP-DDR4 memory will start appearing in tablets next year, two years earlier than expected

Samsung delays launch of Tizen smartphone

The phone running an alternative to Android was set to debut in Russia

Satya Nadella

Microsoft verging on single OS across all devices

Microsoft seems on the brink of announcing a major enhancement to its operating system lines, namely merging them into a single OS that could bring big benefits for corporate users.

Phone unlocking bill clears US House, next step is president's signature

The bill reverses a 2013 decision that phone unlocking by consumers ran afoul of copyright laws

LG notches record smartphone shipments on G3 strength

LG shipped 14.5 million smartphones in the second quarter

Juniper jettisons mobile security biz

Sells Junos Pulse to private equity firm for $250 million

3D Gestures for Mobile Devices: IK Multimedia’s iRing

Here’s an inexpensive new product that promises hours of fun for musicians of all types – but it might also point the way to 3D interfaces for mobile devices.

13 Android Tools for Web Developers

Android mobile devices, while not typically thought of as places where development work gets done, can offer surprisingly useful apps to help developers get the job done, anywhere.

Apple orders record number of iPhones ahead of iPhone 6 launch

With the iPhone 6 launch looming, Apple has reportedly ordered manufacturers to prepare for upwards of 80 million units.

India ushers in the post-iPhone era

Apple’s insistence on premium-priced iPhones has created opportunity for look-a-likes to capitalize in up-and-coming markets.

13 ways to optimize your Android smartphone

Make your Android phone more powerful, useful, and efficient with these 13 quick tips

China's Xiaomi to sell $13 smart wristband, trumpets global ambitions

Xiaomi's fitness-tracker wristband can also automatically unlock your smartphone

Report: Apple's new iPhone 6 could have biggest initial production

Apple is reportedly ordering 70 to 80 million iPhone 6 smartphones

iphone 6 rumor

iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending July 18

Apple iPhone 6 scuttlebutt includes: Delay by bottleneck(s), or not, happy haptics, battery woes.

iOS7 on iPhone4

Rumor claims iPhone 6 to sport 13-megapixel camera from Sony

A new rumor claims that Apple's iPhone 6 may feature a 13-megapixel camera.

Apple, IBM spell out enterprise support for iPhone, iPad

Will split duties, but IBM, which 'speaks enterprise,' will run point in new partnership

macbook pro

What's missing from Apple's big enterprise deal with IBM?

Apple and IBM get together to boost iOS in the enterprise. But there's one huge omission in the deal.

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