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Facebook gambles $16 billion on WhatsApp

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Were Apple's 'leaked' iPhone 7 tweets really a mistake?

The recent iPhone 7 launch presented Apple with a fresh opportunity to tackle Twitter, but the company's first iPhone-related tweets came a half-hour before it officially announced the phone.


Instagram finally lets iOS users zoom in

Instagram finally lets you pinch and zoom in on photos and videos, if you have an iPhone or other iOS device

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Facebook's new algorithm will help save VR movies from shaky-cam

Facebook wants to make sure that any VR home movies shared on its social network won't make people puke. That's why the company is building a new video stabilization algorithm that will help smooth out all of the bumps and shakes that...


Facebook axed human Trending News editors, algorithm immediately goes full-on FAIL

Facebook took human editors out of the equation, in favor of AI, and its Trending algorithm immediately served up fake, disturbing and rude Trending news.

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Privacy groups complain to FTC about WhatsApp policy changes

Privacy groups in the U.S. have complained to the Federal Trade Commission that changes last week in WhatsApp’s terms and privacy policy break its previous promise that user data collected would not be used or disclosed for marketing...

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How to stop social media from being the gateway for malware

Social media sites, largely outside of enterprise control, are rich with personal information for malicious actors

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Apple may be too late to make a big social impact

If Apple is working on a social app, or even eyeing an outright foray into a social network, is it too little too late?

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Proposed ‘social media ID, please' law draws outrage

A plan by the U.S. government to require some foreign travelers to provide their social media IDs on key travel documents is drawing outrage from group who call it un-American.

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Facebook, Google, Twitter lax on terrorists’ misuse of their sites, say UK MPs

A panel of U.K. lawmakers has described as “alarming” that social networking companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google's YouTube have teams of only a few hundred employees to monitor billions of accounts for extremist content.

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Twitter suspends 360,000 accounts for terrorist ties

The social network today said it has suspended 235,000 accounts just since February for violating policies related to the promotion of terrorism.

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25 surprising facts about Facebook

A look at some of the most intriguing Facebooks facts, including the most popular person on Facebook and the most Liked photo.

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Twitter is not liable for ISIS activity on its service, judge rules

Twitter is not liable for providing material support to the Islamic State group, also referred to as the ISIS, by allowing its members to sign up and use accounts on its site, a federal judge in California ruled Wednesday.


Brands, take note: Customers still struggle to reach you

In any given year, more than 80 percent of consumers try to reach a brand, and for most of them, it's an exercise in frustration, according to new data from The Northridge Group.

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How algorithms change the way people see things

Delegating responsibility for everyday decisions to algorithms is changing the way humans handle aesthetics, says Michele Williams of Curtin University.

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Tinder swipes too much personal information, says EU lawmaker

Some mobile apps' terms of use breach European Union privacy laws, according to Marc Tarabella, a member of the European Parliament.

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Slideshow: Take a peek inside 'Area 404,' Facebook's brand new hardware lab

Facebook's Silicon Valley headquartersImage by Martyn WilliamsFacebook used to design its servers and other hardware at labs scattered across the company, but they've now been consolidated in a state of the art facility at its Menlo...

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Selfie fits modern politics like a handshake

Holding or running for a political office in 2016? You had better be able to take a decent selfie, or at the very least understand your need – responsibility may not be too strong of a word – to abide by the voting public’s thirst for...


Nextdoor: Tool for good or another paranoid cog in the spy machine?

Will people use the the private social network Nextdoor for good or turn it into another paranoid cog in the great spy machine?

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