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Microsoft gives Office 365 a major upgrade

Microsoft adds lots of new features to Office 365, especially to Word.

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Dropbox levels up its features for administrators

IT administrators managing Dropbox deployments are supposed to have an easier time with it soon, thanks to improvements that the company announced Wednesday.

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Trump eggs on Russian email hackers. What must David Kernell think?

Donald Trump this morning cheered Russian cybercriminals who are alleged to have hacked his Democratic opponent’s email and urged them to make public whatever they have stolen.

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Cisco: Potent ransomware is targeting the enterprise at a scary rate

Enterprise targeting cyber enemies are deploying vast amounts of potent ransomware to generate revenue and huge profits – nearly $34 million annually according to Cisco’s Mid-Year Cybersecurity Report out this week. Ransomware, Cisco...

windows server download update install

Windows Server 2016 licensing and servicing options explained

There is a new bifurcated servicing model for Windows Server that depends in part on which installation option you choose.

google adwords

Google taps AI to help you bid for digital ads

Real-time bidding is an aspect of digital marketing that can seem overly complex for the average bear, so it was only a matter of time before AI entered the picture.

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The worlds of OpenStack and containers are colliding

Google, Intel and Mirantis partner to run OpenStack in container platform Kubernetes

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Windows 10: Insiders initiated more than 5,000 changes to the Anniversary Update

Microsoft said Windows Insiders, who tested beta builds of the OS, are responsible for the 5,000-plus changes in the Windows Anniversary Update.


Nextdoor: Tool for good or another paranoid cog in the spy machine?

Will people use the the private social network Nextdoor for good or turn it into another paranoid cog in the great spy machine?

20160726 ge predix iot developer kit

GE waves developers onto its huge IoT stage

General Electric has more than a century of industrial experience, but it hopes to leverage outside expertise in its IoT mission. This week the company is hosting a developer conference for its GE Predix software platform and...

outlook focused inbox

This new Outlook feature will organize your inbox for you

Microsoft is finally bringing one of the best features of its Outlook mobile app to the desktop: Focused Inbox.

windows 10

The Anniversary Update's most exciting features: Windows 10 users weigh in

We know Microsoft's spin on the Anniversary Update for Windows 10, but here's what users say they're most pumped about.

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The best hidden features of Windows 10's Anniversary Update

While Microsoft promotes Windows Ink, the new Skype app, and other high-profile additions in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, we think you'll like these less obvious features as much or more.

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Here are the key security features coming to Windows 10 next week

Here's a look at Windows Information Protection and Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, two new features that will be launching next week with the latest major update to Windows 10.


3 ways to remove Windows 10's default apps

Microsoft makes it easy to remove some apps, but for others, you'll need assistance from a third-party utility.

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$19.99 for Premium Windows 10 Training (Includes 100+ Tutorials) - Deal Alert

Master This Popular Windows OS Version in One Fell Swoop with 4 E-Books & Hundreds of Video Tutorials.

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6 Slack alternatives worth a look

There’s nothing wrong with using Slack — its three million active daily users can’t all be wrong. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t another option out there that might better meet your particular needs.

windows server download update install

OK — What is this Nano Server in Windows Server 2016?

A lot of people are talking about Nano Server inside of Microsoft's Windows Server 2016. But what is it really? And why should we care?

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