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Last ‘celebrity’ joins Twitter: Monica Lewinsky

Self-described as a “social activist, public speaker, contributor to Vanity Fair (and) knitter of things without sleeves,” she is in fact best known as the last of the world’s pseudo-celebrities to get around to opening an account on...

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Deathmatch review: Windows 8.1 vs. OS X Yosemite

Windows 8.1 has languished as Microsoft seeks to move past its failure, while Apple has extended its Mac OS into an intriguing new direction

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Windows 10: The votes are pouring in for these 10 features

The people are speaking! Users of the Windows 10 Technical Preview can suggest and vote for desired features. Here are the features getting the most thumbs-up right now.

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5 ways digital health startups can break from the pack

It's a good time to be a healthcare startup, as investors are pouring billions into the market. However, it’s a crowded field and to attract funding you have to stand out. Here are five tips to help digital health startups land...

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Windows 10: A guided tour

Here are some of the most prominent changes to Windows 10 from its predecessor.

Startup offers a big-data storyteller

ClearStory Data's Collaborative Storyboards offers a way to present data in a series of live visualizations

Disruptive technology reaps cash as venture capital pours in

Investments in software companies through the third quarter surpassed those for all of 2013

Reorg fallout downplayed by Cisco engineering exec

The engineering reorganization currently underway at Cisco is intended to streamline product development and delivery to customers, says EVP Pankaj Patel.

OS X Yosemite

OS X Yosemite: Macworld's complete guide to Apple's new feature-packed OS

Ever since its beta release, we've been combing through Yosemite to tease out its most useful and interesting features. Here's guided tour through all the stories we've posted so far.

Cartoon about a blind date using two-factor authentication

ITworld cartoons 2014: The year in geek humor (so far)

Each week, ITworld's Phil Johnson pokes fun at the tech world's top news and newsmakers

Apple opens bridges between OSes with launch of Yosemite, iOS 8.1

Version 8.1 of iOS is due Monday with fixes to iOS 8 bugs

ChromeOS team listens to Linux community, brings back ext2/3/4

Google's ChromeOS team disabled Linux file systems, and soon found out how unpopular that decision would be. So they responded and reversed the decision, surprisingly quickly.

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Apple releases OS X Yosemite

Apple today launched OS X 10.10, aka Yosemite, as a free upgrade for most Mac owners.

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12 things I hate about Hadoop

Hadoop is a wonderful creation, but it's evolving quickly and it can exhibit flaws. Here are my dozen downers

Oracle sued over employee no-poaching agreement with Google

The former Oracle employee charges the company with restraining competition

How do I know you’re lying? My “Star Wars” algorithm told me

JEDI MIND, which really stands for “Joint Estimation of Deception Intent via Multisource Integration of Neuropsychological Discriminators” uses a combination of what IARPA called innovative statistical techniques to improve...

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Microsoft dabbles in per-user Windows licensing

For the first time, Microsoft will offer user-based Windows licenses to enterprises, a change one expert called "substantial" but another downplayed as unlikely to have much of an impact.

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ProduKey: Answers "what's my @#$% Microsoft key?" (but not in Klingon)

Finding Microsoft Product keys at short notice is usually a complete and utter pain but it's even worse when you really need a key and you've misplaced the paperwork ...

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