Create local account in Windows 10 during clean, custom installation

Salesforce taps Instagram's new API with tailored marketing tools

Marketing Cloud users now have easier access to Instagram's 300 million users

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Who is buying the weird, new top-level domains?

Expressing yourself? Protecting yourself? Goofing around with a major brand's trademark? Everything is possible.


12 obscure new Windows 10 features that eliminate everyday hassles

Some of the best new Windows 10's features aren't flashy, but they sure are useful.

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Virtual assistants step into the enterprise

Artificial intelligence covers a large spectrum of disruptive technologies that will one day change the way we do business. Virtual assistants are a good place to start.

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Microsoft Windows 10 Wi-Fi Sense, an astoundingly bad idea

Contrary to some of the more lurid commentaries out there, Wi-Fi Sense isn’t utter doom, death, and destruction. But, is it a really bad idea? Absolutely.

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Windows 10 'gotcha' could getcha

There’s always a “gotcha” in application software upgrades but even worse are the ones that find you in operating system upgrades.

JavaScript: The Good Parts

Free course: "JavaScript: The Good Parts"

In partnership with tech training provider Pluralsight, ITworld is offering a free online JavaScript course by Douglas Crockford, author of "JavaScript: The Good Parts" and Senior JavaScript Architect at PayPal.

Windows 10 customize settings

Windows 10 installation: Customize settings vs. express settings

If you care about privacy then you should select customize settings during Windows 10 installation so you can turn off 'features' that you would otherwise be automatically opted into via express settings.

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Windows 10's first update is already in the works

After surviving a slightly bumpy release, Microsoft is already preparing the first update for Windows 10.

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Windows 10 commandeers users' upload bandwidth

Microsoft will use its customers' upload bandwidth to deliver Windows 10's updates and apps with a P2P technology resembling BitTorrent, a fact that caught some by surprise.

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Enterprise guide to Windows 10

When to dive in, what new features will be available and how to avoid a messy upgrade.

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Sorriest technology companies of 2015

A rundown of the year in apologies from tech vendors and those whose businesses rely heavily on tech.

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Genetic programming meets regular expressions

Creating regular expressions for complex matching tasks can be incredibly difficult; genetic programming makes it easy

The weird world of tech class action lawsuits

Class action lawsuits: they make millions for lawyers, but often leave tech plaintiffs with nothing to show for it but tiny checks and miscellaneous geegaws. Here are some of the weirdest.

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Microsoft scores with free Windows 10 upgrade as downloads tally 10x Windows 8's first-day sales

The large jump was no surprise, since Microsoft is giving away Windows 10 upgrades to the bulk of systems running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.

Add human knowledge and contextual information to Big Data to derive striking new insights

Modus Operandi lets you add human knowledge and contextual information to take analytics further and derive new insights that might otherwise be missed

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LaaS (Linux as a Service) -- What you can expect when you build a Linux server in the cloud

Linux servers in the cloud -- cheaper and better than ever.

Firefox's Windows 10 design specs

Mozilla slams Microsoft over Windows 10's default browser switcheroo

In a letter from Mozilla CEO Chris Beard to Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella, Beard criticized the way Windows 10 setup changed the default browser.

The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Friday, July 31

Facebook drone set to fly this year...Windows 10 hit on browser choice...Hacker breaks into GM car using OnStar

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