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NEC aims at Big Data 'sweet spot' with new SAP Hana tool

The cluster-management software helps boost availability in the AWS cloud

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MIT researchers show you can be identified by a just few data points

If you thought sparse personal metadata - random chunks of data about data - was hard to mine for the purposes of identifying individuals, think again. MIT researchers have just shown that it only requires four data points (the dates...

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Enterprise chat for your own server

Team chat is becoming more popular. Organizations with security or compliance requirements might want to take a look at own-server chat.

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Data preparation is the unsung hero of big data analytics

Solutions that cleanse and prepare data will become more valuable as businesses look to spend more time analyzing it.

Ghost Linux vulnerability can be exploited through WordPress, other PHP apps

Some Web applications written in PHP call a vulnerable glibc function, potentially opening the door to attacks

Is "data privacy" an oxymoron?

Our laws concerning the handling of private data are more about protecting the rights of business than the rights of the individual

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3 Windows 10 features that every admin should know

We don’t know exactly when Windows 10 will be released, but it’s a good idea for IT pros to start thinking now about deployment, training and security issues.

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Windows 10 deep-dive review: Finally, a unified operating system

The January 2015 technical preview of Microsoft's upcoming Windows 10 OS offers a more natural interface, a cool digital assistant and lots of potential.

Oracle Service Cloud gets more social

Access to an online customer's browsing history gives a fuller view of their experience

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Review: Kdenlive, the Linux video editor I want to use

Finally, a video editor for hobbyists that runs well on Linux.

Blackphone super-secure communications app had serious flaw

A vulnerability in the bundled encrypted messaging app would have allowed attackers to execute malicious code on the device

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10 capabilities we want to see in HTML6

More control over video, pluggable languages, stronger microformats -- here’s where W3C should steer HTML next

The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Wednesday, January 28

France aims at net companies with draft law ... Internet of Things threatens privacy ... Apple Watch to ship in April... and more

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Super Bowl XLIX’s techiest commercials

T-Mobile, BMW, Coke and Bud Light get geeky.

How to transition from customer understanding to customer action

It requires an architecture different from traditional data warehousing and business intelligence applications

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Windows 10: The best tips, tricks, and tweaks

Windows 10 may still be in beta, but it already has some fun and handy, hidden new features worth exploring. Check 'em out here.

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Can drones hunt with wolf pack-like success? DARPA thinks so

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is set to detail a program the agency wants to come up with software and algorithms that would let unmanned military aircraft hunt in packs like wolves.

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Microsoft finally does the right thing, makes Windows 10 a free upgrade

The company has finally learned that gouging your most loyal customers is not good for business.

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How to mitigate data monetization risks

Big data represents a substantial asset for your organization, but it's also a potential liability. Here's how to assess and mitigate the risks of your data initiatives.

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