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VCE integrates Cisco's ACI to simplify SDN deployments

VCE announces ACI integration to help customers considering deploying SDN.

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Ex-Juniper sibs look to soften up the WAN

Mehta brothers launch SDN start-up Versa Networks

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The challenges of creating and enforcing policies across the WAN

Homer once wrote “If you serve too many masters, you'll soon suffer." This quote can also be used to sum up the challenges enterprises face when trying to enforce consistent policies across their WAN. This article explains why it is...

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Users prepare for a software-driven world

ONUG conference finds no army can stop the softening of IT

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SDN and NFV: The brains behind the “smart” city

The most immediate need is to converge disparate communications networks using packet optical-based connectivity

Real business opportunities that are only possible through SDN

See how two companies are using SDN to do what they couldn't do before

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Need SDN control but don’t want to upgrade your Cisco switches? VMware wants to talk

Martin Casado says NSX gives Nexus 5000 and 7000 users the SDN features they want without ripping and replacing hardware

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Brocade CEO says they've built an easy button for IP networks, are benefiting from SDN/NFV

Lloyd Carney says the arrival of SDN/NFV has buyers looking in earnest at alternatives to their legacy suppliers.

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Fixing internet VPNs with software-defined WAN

Many of the concepts of software defined WAN will be familiar to enterprises that have already deployed Internet VPNs to connect their locations. This article outlines how SD-WAN can be considered a viable evolutionary step from this...

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The BUNCH is back: Dell and EMC have potential to change the IT landscape

Dell's expensive acquisition of EMC recalls a time when tech companies joined together to take on competitors.

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Right back at you tech vendors: OUR independent study of YOUR independent research

While not as useless as PR pitches about technology companies cracking some other publication's Top 10 list, "independent" research reports commissioned by vendors are right up there.

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Cisco, Juniper, Brocade to virtualize AT&T

Developing SDN routing for carrier CPE

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Where does SDN make sense? We ask Fidelity’s Director of Global Network Architecture

Carlos Matos has been following Software Defined Networking from the get go as one of the earliest members of the Open Networking Users Group (ONUG). We recently caught up with Matos to get his view on how companies are likely to...

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What does a next-generation WAN look like?

How can SD-WAN and other emerging technologies deliver real benefits to enterprises? Regardless of the technology, the real focus should be on a high-quality end user experience. Delivering on that promise is harder than ever with...

Why communications service providers need to implement SD-WAN

Software defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solutions could and should enable CSPs to increase the value of their managed services for business customers.

Verizon offers software-defined WAN service on Cisco kit

Managed SD WAN service does not include new Cisco SDN WAN controller

Navigating a field of uncertainty and doubt questions

Software Defined Networking: Trend or technology movement?

Will SDN be coming soon to a network near you?

My Assessment of VMware NSX

Great potential for cybersecurity but plenty of work ahead for VMware

Verizon to introduce SDN security feature later this month

Verizon will introduce a virtualized firewall service across its global network later this month, part of its move into software-defined networking.

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