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Glue Networks wants to be the orchestration platform for the networked world

Uses Cisco Live to announce new platform capabilities, a new development community

sdn cloud strategy

SDN providers nibbling away at slow-moving MPLS carriers

Another mid-sized enterprise has dropped an incumbent MPLS provider for a younger, more nimble service provider, in this case choosing a hybrid MPLS/SDN network for speed, flexibility and cost savings.

Mobile networks (2)

The Wi-Fi network edge leads in an SDN world

Software-defined networking's (SDN) centralized, abstracted network model must be fed with the current state of the network. That information will come from the Wi-Fi network edge.

surreal software defined network sdn

Cajun redux? Avaya’s focus on data networking misses the mark

Avaya needs to focus on what the majority of its customers care about: team and customer engagement solutions.

auto repair shops

How auto repair chain accelerates networking with SD-WAN

Service King Collision Repair Centers is phasing out its MPLS system as the primary networking provider for SD-WAN appliances, says its CIO.

avaya onas

Avaya’s edge network adapter is an IoT onramp

Avaya today released the 1.0 version of its Open Networking Adapter (ONA), a device the size of a deck of cards that plugs into any Ethernet-enabled machine and automatically connects it to a broader network while enforcing strict...

branch networks

Juniper addresses both sides of the branch networking problem

Juniper’s Cloud-Enabled Branch improves branch office network management, solving problems inside the branch network and issues connecting the branch.

smarter network

How IPv6 lays the foundation for a smarter network

IPv6 will help the internet grow. Potentially more exciting, though, is how the modern version of the internet protocol will make it smarter.

apstra management team

Apstra comes out of stealth, solves the multi-vendor SDN challenge

Apstra’s vendor-agnostic, data center management system delivers on the vision of software-defined networking (SDN) without the associated risks.

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Is Apstra SDN? Same idea, different angle

One of the main goals of SDN (software-defined networking) is to make networks more agile to meet the changing demands of applications. A new Silicon Valley startup, Apstra, says it has an easier way to do the same thing.

VeloCloud's SD-WAN solution facilitates quick expansion for The Bay Club Company

When The Bay Club Company acquires a new club, it can't wait 90 days to bring the new club online. VeloCloud does the job in less than an hour.

20151005 cisco chuck robbins

Cisco platform lets IT rein-in disruptive data center operations, security, applications

Cisco’s Tetration Analytics full rack appliance tackles critical data center operations such as policy compliance, application forensics.


VMware buys Arkin to help increase virtual networking adoption

VMware today announced plans to acquire Arkin, a specialist in helping customers manage physical and virtual networks.

Servers in CERN's Geneva data center

Who speaks for multi-vendor environments?

Lack of a true multi-vendor data center management tool that provides choice of hardware, operational simplicity and end-to-end visibility is holding organizations back.

open source nametag

Open source networking: The time is now

We are never going back to proprietary networks. Today’s world is all about open—from APIs to partnerships to end-to-end orchestrated services.


Is network fabric heading down the same path as ‘software defined’ and ‘stacking’?

Vendors are stretching the definition of a fabric, which has the potential to cause confusion and slow down both SDN and fabric deployments.

010716 sdn 2

Software-Defined WANs: Viptela gets $75M in funding

Looking to continue tapping a market IDC says will be worth $6 billion by 2020, Software-Defined WAN company Viptela today said it raised $75M in a Series C round of financing. The new round of funding brings Viptela’s total funding...

cloud computing

Software-defined networking touches every industry segment

Companies using Cisco's Application Centric Infrastructure are having success, proving software-defined networking (SDN) works and is ready for prime time.

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