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Information-centric networking could fix these internet problems

The internet of the future will have to support pervasive mobile connectivity and multicast video technology while keeping latency down. Information-centric networking makes those possible.

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The shift in open source: A new kind of platform war

Open source software has shifted to become a critical piece of any software company’s business strategy. But why?


Artificial intelligence will revolutionize Wi-Fi

The use of artificial intelligence to ensure uninterrupted performance of Wi-Fi isn't science fiction anymore.


Cisco: How the Digital Network Architecture can help the network

At Interop 2016, Network World spoke with Cisco's Jeff Reed about how the company's new Digital Network Architecture will help enterprise networks with easier deployment, improving security and providing for new digital benefits.

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Opening up networks to choice, at last

Choice in networks is emerging, and everyone—from consumers to data centers—stands to benefit.

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Dell partners up to address the networking needs of the digital enterprise

Dell works with Aerohive to deliver unified network management and collaborates with others to develop integrated solutions around OS10.

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OpenStack cloud’s “killer use case”: Telcos and NFV

At the OpenStack Summit in Austin, one emerging use case for the open source cloud computing platform involves telecommunications providers like AT&T and Verizon using OpenStack to deliver virtualized network features to customers.

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Brocade VNF Manager can prevent virtual network services sprawl

Tool provides automated NFV orchestration and VNF management using standards-based architectures.

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Demystifying the information-centric network

Evolving to an ICN will deliver much-needed efficiencies and performance improvements. Learn why it is important and its role in next-generation 5G networks.

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New security fabric to unite Fortinet gear with that of other vendors

Fortinet is embarking on a mission for its firewalls and other products and those of third-party vendors to work together to boost security across core networks, remote devices and the cloud.

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How contact centers can benefit from SD-WANs

Software defined WANs can improve reliability and the customer experience while lowering costs

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Reinventing the WAN

While some organizations continue to make use of WAN services such as Frame Relay and ATM, the use of those services is quickly diminishing. As a result, we are rapidly approaching a time when IT organizations will have only two WAN...

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Women in Computing group taps Princeton routing, SDN researcher as Athena Lecturer

Jennifer Rexford, a professor of engineering and Computer Science Department chair at Princeton University, has been named the 2016-17 Athena Lecturer by the Association for Computing Machinery’s Council on Women in Computing in honor...

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5 steps to launching Software Defined Networking

Follow these steps to reap the benefits of SDN without disrupting your IT environment

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How to choose a software defined WAN (SD-WAN)

A review of the key considerations that go into selecting a SD-WAN solution

SDN AppFest headed to New Hampshire in May

The non-profit Open Networking Foundation has announced that its annual software-defined networking (SDN) interoperability event, dubbed AppFest 2016, will be held in May in New Hampshire and will feature a Community Day intended to...

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Back to the Future: Time to really leverage new networking technology

The network area is a popular topic with the advent of Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networking (SDN), but are these technologies really that new? And are we exploiting them to the level we will need to in...

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5 IoT trends to expect in 2016

In the networking space, 2015 was the year in which the Internet of Things became more mainstream. So, how are things shaping up for 2016? Are we on track?

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