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How Symantec's CIO used SDN, cloud to pull off Veritas split

Symantec CIO Sheila Jordan had to stand up the company's storage business on its own infrastructure in 12 months. Here is how she did it.

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SD-WAN: What it is and why you’ll use it one day

Ease of deployment, central manageability and reduced costs. Sound too good to be true? It’s SD-WAN, a software-based approach to managing your Wide Area Network. Think of SDN, but for your branch. It’s early days for this technology,...

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5G is coming and it is the future of mobile

It is fair to say that it is still early days but research efforts have been rolling for some time and standardization is expected to start in the next few months. Perhaps the two most cited requirements in 5G are the 1000x...

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How to make the transition to a software defined WAN

SD-WAN solutions must provide operational capabilities such as network-aware orchestration

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Rackspace to resell PLUMgrid OpenStack SDN

Major endorsement for start-up from OpenStack founder

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Why your network admins are nervous

Network pros know that SDN promises to rock their world. But those who prepare for the change will find new opportunities. Here’s how to help your staffers keep their skills ahead of the curve.

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Open source optical network could create a new Internet

A group of engineers believes hiding complexity so traditional programmers can develop for the Internet is the future of the Internet.

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VMware, Cisco SDNs Bring Home the Bacon

Both play key roles in food processor SugarCreek's data centers

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Big Switch frees up its SDN

Base fabric software to be offered at no cost as inducement for commercial products

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HPE and Affirmed have lassos to herd virtualized services

Companies unveil products to manage NFV environments

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Dell serves up its own disaggregated OS

Linux-based OS10 designed to meld switches, servers, storage into a software-defined data center

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SDN pioneer Big Switch lands big round, big names

$48M in funding and Warmenhoven, Morgenthaler on board; Plexxi attracts Google

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Cisco puts its money where the WAN is

Invests in SD-WAN start-up VeloCloud's Series C

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SDN pioneers gain visibility, control over bandwidth

Software-defined networks can give IT the agility and flexibility to manage today's dynamic data centers and private cloud infrastructures. Some early adopters have already jumped on board. Here's what they've learned.

VMware’s Casado warns Congress of “insufficient” national cyber defenses

VMware’s networking and security chief Martin Casado – a forefather of the software defined networking movement – testified before Congress last week that the country’s cyber security defenses are “insufficient” and said that virtual...

tribune media

Tribune Media rebuilds IT from the ground up and is living the dream

With everything software controlled, workloads can be moved at will, and VMware’s NSX offsets the need for more than $1m of network gear

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Crossroads for OpenFlow?

In SDN’s early days, possibility abounded. The thought of what could be excited practitioners and tantalized developers. OpenFlow was an early SDN star, a proof of concept from Stanford that demonstrated a new way to program a...

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Controller consolidation moves SDN closer to your network

In Software Defined Networking the controller is the focal point of network architecture, sitting between applications that will make demands of the network and the network devices themselves. For network professionals, the...

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