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Verizon to introduce SDN security feature later this month

Verizon will introduce a virtualized firewall service across its global network later this month, part of its move into software-defined networking.

Network room and mainframes with virtual city in the cloud

pat gelsinger

VMware CEO hits on network virtualization reality, feuding with Cisco & the EMC Federation's future

Heading into VMworld 2015, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger discusses unified hybrid cloud networking, network virtualization, the company's feud with Cisco and the future of the EMC Federation.

The SDN network as a competitive advantage

While service providers such as AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon have long touted the capabilities of their networks, many of the large web scale providers are now openly disclosing their internally developed network designs.


Microsoft goes back-to-back in winning top networking award

Last week was a big one for Microsoft's Albert Greenberg: The networking expert delivered the keynote address at SIGCOMM 2015 in London AND received the annual SIGCOMM Award, recognizing lifetime contribution to the field of...

network operations center

For carriers, OSS can become a competitive advantage, not a cost center

Operations Support Systems excel in managing traditional networks, but they can be more, so much more, as we look forward to smarter networks that are more responsive to enterprise customer needs.

SDN switches aren't hard to compromise, researcher says

At Black Hat, a researcher will show how malware can be installed on an Onie-powered switch

Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins

EARLY ACCESS Q&A: New Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins heads into “hyper-connected” mode

When Cisco Systems employees head into work Monday they’ll encounter something they haven’t seen in two decades: A new boss. Chuck Robbins – formerly senior vice president of worldwide operations – takes over from John Chambers, one...

david hughes ceo silverpeak

Silver Peak CEO: We're re-imagining the WAN for a cloud world

Silver Peak made its name as a top provider of wide-area network optimization capabilities. But the company has its sights set on a loftier goal today: Completely changing the way you build your entire WAN. Silver Peak is moving...

Open source router project administers Lithium

Claims first script of latest OpenDaylight SDN code

screen shot 2015 04 27 at 4.34.33 pm 2

Plexxi unveils second gen SDN switches

Strategy is aligned with Cisco's ACI

sdn 4 promo

SDN: The emerging reality

Network World analyzes key developments and gauge where organizations stand today in their SDN planning.

Silver Peak's SD WAN solution boosts application performance

Silver Peak is bringing its WAN acceleration expertise to the SD WAN market. Its Unity EdgeConnect solution is said to deliver private line-like performance and security over regular broadband connections.

abstract rack of servers datacenter networking hardware

Enterprise disaggregation is inevitable

Time unbundles all network elements as benefits enjoyed by service providers hit private networks beyond CPE

Arista brings cloud-scale automation to enterprises and service providers

Arista Networks' EOS CloudVision software platform aims to make the benefits of SDN a reality for the enterprise.

Here comes bare metal and NFV for the enterprise

On the heels of AT&T's plan, Pica8 and Ciena offer commodity switches and virtual network functions as CPE

Cavium wins 'SDN Idol' award at Open Networking Summit 2015

Highlighting the winner of the 2015 'SDN Idol' award at this year's Open Networking Summit.

hesitant business decision

Enterprises hesitant on SDNs

Cultural, legacy, business case issues create adoption gap with cloud providers

NSA uses OpenFlow for tracking... its network

Spy agency uses SDN to keep tabs on IT inventory, simplify operations

Google opens up on its SDN

For first time, hyperwebscale company details its data center network, offers it to developers

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