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Riverbed upgrades set sights on the SD-WAN edge, cloud integration

At Riverbed’s Disrupt event in New York’s upscale Conrad Hotel today, the company announced new products aimed at making it a bigger part of the average customer’s network.

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Riverbed’s back with a beefed-up SD-WAN solution

Riverbed Technology roars back with a batch of software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) announcements, including SteelConnect 2.0.

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Aerohive introduces the software-defined LAN

Aerohive’s software-defined LAN (SD-LAN) brings a level of agility, visibility and automation to the campus LAN that it never had before.

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The time Cisco's Rob Soderbery hooped it up vs. NBA's Kyrie Irving

Reading about Cisco exec Rob Soderbery's departure from the company, I couldn't help thinking back to the first time I came across the enterprise products muckety-muck: Back at Interop 2013 in Las Vegas, where Soderbery took on...

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Implementing secure WANs in the cloud age

Over the past few years most organizations have significantly increased their reliance on the Internet, primarily due to the outsourcing of utility applications like email, unified communications, ERP, CRM, etc., to SaaS providers....


A closer look: VMware's NSX extends to the public cloud

At VMWorld 2016, Network World's Brandon Butler chats with Guido Appenzeller from VMware about its move to extend NSX functionality to the public cloud.

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Augmedix solves digital healthcare challenge with help from Aryaka

Aryaka Network’s global SD-WAN helps Audmedix provide fast and stable connections between U.S.-based doctors and globally distributed scribes.

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How VMware’s cross-cloud NSX will work

VMware this week announced plans to extend NSX, its software defined networking product, to public IaaS cloud computing platforms, allowing customers to manage multiple cloud environments with a single network management portal. But...

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VMware SDN’s new killer target: Cross-cloud management

At VMWorld this week, the virtualization giant VMware is positioning its fast-growing software defined networking product named NSX as a cross-cloud management platform, allowing customers to manage workloads across their on premises...

Named Data Networking is on the horizon, and SDN will help make it a reality

NDN shifts the focus of networking from origins and destinations to the information itself

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VMware CEO pledges cloud computing freedom

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger, at the outset of the virtualization leader’s VMworld 2016 conference, shares the big news from the event, including new tools that make it easier for customers to build cross-cloud environments, as well as an...

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How software-defined everything will change outsourcing

Enterprises gain more options to mix and match internal and external clouds -- if they can adapt.

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MIT is dragging hard-wired network chips into the agile era

Cloud computing is changing the demands on networks more quickly than ever. Now researchers say it’s possible to program routers all the way down to their packet-forwarding chips in the quest to keep up.

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Service chaining, not box chaining, in the WAN

How SD-WAN is enabling a new mindset for adding services to enterprise networks

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Ciena CEO: We’re not just about service providers

In this installment of the IDG CEO Interview Series, Gary Smith talked with Chief Content Officer John Gallant about Ciena’s expanding enterprise business, including its data center connectivity strategy.

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Open vSwitch finds new home at the Linux Foundation

The developers of open source virtual networking technology Open vSwitch (OVS) said this week they will move future development to the Linux Foundation Project.

Automation key to getting SDN security right

Exploring how software defined networking impacts security, and how concerns around visibility and control can be alleviated

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Telco central offices could be in for open source makeover

A first-of-its-kind gathering dedicated to re-inventing telco central offices as open source-infused data centers will take place on Friday at Google's Sunnyvale Tech Campus.

Extreme Networks switches

White boxes are now ready for prime time

White box switches have come a long way. Their cost, reliability and features mean they’re ready for a broader range of companies to use—not just large enterprises.

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