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Critical XSS flaws patched in WordPress and popular plug-in

The vulnerabilities could allow attackers to create administrator accounts and take control of websites

SAP talks up Hana but small companies slow to sign on

Small companies have some internal work to do before adopting the in-memory computing platform


Mozilla tells Google, it’s not you (anymore), it’s Yahoo

Mozilla on Wednesday announced that it had not renewed its lucrative contract with Google, and will instead use Yahoo as Firefox's default search engine in the U.S.

US intelligence unit launches $50k speech recognition competition

The $50,000 challenge comes from researchers at the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA), within the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. The completion, known as Automatic Speech recognition in...

Open-source devs vote down anti-systemd measure, sponsor steps down

Debian developers voted down a proposal that would have weakened the Linux distribution’s integration with a controversial system software package on Tuesday, in a victory for systemd supporters.

Priori digs deep to find the truth about mobile app stores

The company is a planning to lauch its app analytics platform next month

tesla model x doors

Tesla Model X will feature dual-motor system and ability to tow

Tesla recently sent out an email about the upcoming Model X

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7 ways to help your sales team be more effective

From CRM to gamification, sales and marketing experts share strategies and tools that can help salespeople be more productive and close more deals.

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Fidelity peers into the future of investing by building customers virtual cities

Fidelity Investments today announced a cutting edge way for customers to check on the health of their investments – by donning 3D goggles and peering around a personalized city where the size of each building relates the health of...

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Prominent developers pulling out of Debian as voting deadline nears

Four prominent members of the Debian community have stepped down or reduced their involvement in the open source project as a result of an increasingly bitter argument over the future of the widely influential Linux distribution.

Microsoft Windows patch tuesday bug

How does a Windows bug go undetected for 19 years?

The disclosure of a two-decade-old bug in Windows exposes the realities about software development.

band-aid patch bandage

Microsoft releases emergency patch to stymie Windows Server attacks

Microsoft today released an "out-of-band" security update to patch a vulnerability in all versions of its Windows Server software

twitter business

IBM taps Twitter's data to drive business insights

IBM and Twitter say they will 'change the way business decisions are made' by pairing Twitter data with IBM's analytics tools and new apps for the enterprise. But CIOs won't buy in until the two companies can bring structure and...

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Google software writes photo captions (sigh)

Google wrote the caption on the picture above this post. Normally, I get paid to perform that function, at least on this blog. Maybe this isn't such great technology (he writes jokingly).

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Microsoft: 'Nobody loves developers more than us'

At this week's TopCoder Open, Microsoft Developer Evangelist Matt Thompson made his pitch for the newer, gentler, more open Microsoft to the startups and independent developers in attendance.

samsung bendable tv

4K TV programming coming to DirecTV

DirecTV will begin offering on-demand programming in 4K quality

windows wifi

How to set up 802.1X client settings in Windows

802.1X provides security for wired and Wi-Fi networks

ScaleBase takes relational databases to web scale in an instant

The relational database was purpose-built for the cloud and is said to be able to scale out easily and cost effectively.

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