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Which big data programming language should I use?

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How scientists are using big data to discover rare mineral deposits

Searching the earth for valuable mineral deposits has never been easy, but big data is allowing scientists to gleam the signal from the noise.

big data code binary tunnel

Tapping big data to predict the future

Franz Inc. adds future predictive analytics to its data visualization tool, Gruff 7.0, allowing users to create what-if scenarios and uncover hidden relationships.


Chasing down leakers fast with ThinAir's asset tracking

Tony Gauda, CEO of ThinAir, talks with CSO senior writer Steve Ragan about how the ThinAir system tracks which users within an organization have seen each piece of data, spotting anomalous information and quickly finding the source of...

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IoT in the office: Plantronics service blocks annoying noises

Plantronics introduces another type of IoT product, Habitat Soundscaping, adaptive software that attacks the noise in open offices.

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A radical innovation that could reduce data density by 50%

A new "beyond binary" method of coding data, along with chemical films and dyes could drastically reduce the amount of space we need to store information.

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Beware of companies claiming products have AI capabilities

Gartner finds software companies are exaggerating the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in their products.

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Mind-reading computer moves closer to reality

A brain-to-machine telepathic-like interface is becoming more likely following successful machine learning applied to fMRI scans.

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Enterprises can put Oracle's entire public cloud in the data center

Oracle's Cloud at Customer on-premises data center offering is now synced with its public cloud


Who's responsible for cloud security? | Tech Talk Ep 1

IDG editors talk about the common misperceptions about public cloud storage, including who's ultimately responsible for data security.

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How big data Is driving technological innovation

While businesses have analyzed data for decades, recent developments in computing have opened new doors and unleashed big data’s potential.

Play DVD's in Windows

Play DVDs in Windows 10 for free

Windows 10 won't play DVDs natively, and Windows Media Center is gone. Here are your options.

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Big buyouts hit the enterprise market, BMC and Bain eye companies

Companies are following Dell’s lead to merge and go private. BMC Software wants to merge with CA, while Bain Capital and its partners have set their sights on Toshiba.

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Searching for ground truth in IoT

Functionally, IoT is not new. However, open problems with sensors, connectivity, power sources and data need to be solved for IoT to reach forecasted scale.


Samsung Bixby: Hands on with the AI assistant

Is Samsung Bixby smarter than Google Assistant? In some ways, yes.

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Cray adds big data software to its supercomputers

With Urika-XC, Cray combines big data with HPC and AI, making it possible to do real-time weather forecasting, predictive maintenance, precision medicine and more.


Choosing Windows for your organization should get you fired

No operating system gets hit by ransomware attacks like Windows. If you want to keep your data safe, you need to migrate to a different operating system.

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What is software-defined networking (SDN)?

A graphical look at the technology behind software-defined networking.

Lenovo P320 Tiny workstation

Lenovo's new workstation is indeed 'Tiny' but packs a punch

Windows users working in tight spaces who are looking for a small form factor workstation with multiple display ports and solid processing power have a new contender in the market to check out: the new ThinkStation P320 Tiny.

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