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fcc leadership

evolution apple microsoft

No, Apple and Microsoft aren’t trading places

Despite talk that Microsoft is taking over Apple’s mantle of innovation, it isn’t actually happening. Yet.

rube goldberg machine automation

Automation: Disrupt or be disrupted

Embracing automation may seem like a risky investment, but holding out on these new technologies is even riskier.

Election 2016

The U.S. presidential candidates on technology, privacy issues

Where the 2016 U.S. presidential candidates stand on U.S. citizens’ privacy, open source software usage and Edward Snowden.

lawsuit judge law court decision sued

Microsoft gets support for its fight against government gag orders

Microsoft secured big allies in a fight against the federal government over its right to tell customers when federal agents request data and email,

finger on keyboard with email icons floating out of monitor

The company behind Hillary Clinton's erased emails is riding high

Despite the furor over Hillary Clinton’s erased mails, the company behind it—BleachBit—seems to be having fun.

woman in yellow shirt screaming with frustration

How bad is enterprise software? Really, really bad. But it's not quite that simple.

A new report reveals how much users dislike enterprise software and how the systems hurt users' productivity.

silicon valley

40+ reasons Silicon Valley’s days may be numbered

The most talked-about story in tech this week is a scathing satire of life in Silicon Valley. Here are 40 things it gets exactly right.

Robotic Process Automation: IT Job Killer?

The future of BPO services: Embrace automation or perish

The business process outsourcing industry is up for a dramatic shift thanks to automation. If BPO services providers want to survive, they must change with the times.

online ads ad blocker

Ad blocking rapidly escalating, says researcher

Online revenue is under threat as ad blocking balloons. A quarter of all U.S. internet users will block ads this year.

increase productivity

Will new technologies put us out of work? A peek into the future

Rather than fretting about the possibility of technology taking our jobs, history shows we would be better served preparing for change.

E911 Location Crisis - Can you find me now?

Why cellular 911 has location problems

Most calls to emergency 911 come from wireless callers, yet the system for locating those callers can't handle them.

patterns of cell phone network coverage

Low-income neighborhoods have worse cell phone service, study finds

Fewer telco base stations are installed for equal numbers of subscribers in America’s poor areas, compared to affluent areas, a report says.

the moon

Grow lunar-based solar panels to eliminate fossil-fuel reliance, says kid

Self-replicating solar panels located on the moon could be the answer to fossil-fuel elimination on Earth, says a high school senior. The youngster is being taken seriously by academics.

elated / euphoric person

5 ways to fight mainframe malaise

An amusing analysis of employee dissatisfaction as it applies to mainframe programmers and what can be done about it. The next Jurassic Park movie and George Clooney are included as entertaining analogies.

ai eye

Facebook's AIs want you to stop you making a fool of yourself

Facebook plans to apply the latest in AI to help you help yourself to not look like a jackass. The idea is to use artificial intelligence software to detect the signs of inebriated behavior in images and warn users before they post...


Net Neutrality: It's regulation for the public good, not government takeover

#Net_Neutrality doesn’t mean that the government is taking over anything. When something becomes as crucial to the economic health of our culture as the #Internet has, it has moved from being a nice thing to have (like satellite TV)...

king vs fdagosti

What’s the best approach to building next-generation data center networks?

Experts are in agreement that Software Defined Networking/Network Virtualization will make the network world more efficient and more agile, but opinions vary on the best path forward.

What's better for your big data application, SQL or NoSQL?

One of the critical decisions facing companies embarking on big data projects is which database to use, and often that decision swings between SQL and NoSQL. SQL has the impressive track record, the large installed base, but NoSQL is...

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