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Using big data for security only provides insight, not protection

Machine learning provides the protection big data analytics lack. Instead of figuring out why a breach happened after the fact, machine learning can identify a data breach as it’s happening


DIY vs. fully integrated Hadoop – What’s best for your organization?

The trade-offs of building it yourself vs. going with a pre-integrated, out-of-the-box platform

analyze data

How Amazon Kinesis can help you leverage real-time data

Kinesis is a suite of tools that makes it easy to capture, process and analyze real-time streaming data

angry broken

IoT product development is broken – 6 ways developers and manufacturers can fix it

The burden of securing connected devices – and responsibility to find fixes when a vulnerability is exploited – falls squarely on product manufacturers and developers


The Ethernet ecosystem today is driven by applications, not speed alone

Diverse applications in new and traditional industry verticals expand the Ethernet family

ransomware contained container

Use virtual containers to isolate ransomware

Keeping suspicious files and connections in a separate container – a virtual space isolated from the rest of the network – is a savvy strategy that can save you time and money

Identity verification: The New Turing Test

The irony is, the bad guys can often meet the current ID requirements better than actual customers

cyber security insurance protection

Best practices for lowering cyber insurance costs and cyber risk

If your cyber insurance vendors offer incentives or discounts for companies who meet high data security and protection standards, they will likely focus on these processes and controls

building network construction architect

Tips for building SD-WANs

Keep these recommendations in mind as your WAN evolves to ensure an efficient and effective cloud and Internet-centric architecture

isolation threat dark web

Isolation technologies create an “air gap” to eliminate the risk of malware

Web requests are proxied to the isolation platform, which executes and renders web sessions remotely, and only a safe visual stream is sent on to users


Micro services: Breaking down software monoliths

Massive enterprise architectures are collapsing under their own weight. Developers are decoupling massive system architectures into small, independent functions that loosely work together to solve complex problems

10 considerations for running WebRTC services on AWS

WebRTC lets you embed real-time communications features into your website or mobile application, and you can host the solution in the cloud. Here are some key considerations

Category 8 cable will play a major role in 25G and 40G data center Ethernet

How the TIA and IEC committees created new standards for Category 8 cable testing devices

birds migration software

5 steps to ensure success when migrating unified communications to the cloud

It’s hard enough to control the performance of your internal network; guaranteeing the performance of the ISP and public Internet is another matter entirely

Session-based routing holds the key to the Internet’s future

Session-aware, software-based routers could drastically simplify the network while improving security and reliability

Are you an accidental IT project manager? Here’s how to succeed

These tips will help you manage like a pro and navigate through projects while balancing timelines, quality and cost

virtual reality

New tech jobs in top demand in 2017

Virtual reality, augmented reality and cognitive computing engineers head the list

Getting a grip on user application experience

New user application analytics technology helps IT manage the quality of users’ experience as BYOD, Wi-Fi, UC and cloud-based SaaS apps take hold

cloud security

Securing the cloud endpoint

For cloud’s sake, let’s reduce our security dependence on browsers

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