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How to derive real, actionable insights from your data lake: Five best practices

By taking steps to ensure the quality of assets within the data lake, organizations can prevent their lakes becoming data swamps

Building an app-centric Infrastructure Performance Monitoring system

How to continuously capture, correlate and analyze system-wide heterogeneous infrastructure data so you can compare it to established response time, utilization and other metrics

threat ransomware response

Respond to ransomware in three steps: secure, assess, recover

There’s no easy button for ransomware recovery. But if you have a response plan you’ll be ready to spring into action and restore your system’s operations following an attack


7 patch management practices guaranteed to help protect your data

With these fairly simple practices in mind, you can stay on top of patch updates and safeguard your virtual data environments


Bring Your Own Authentication is upending online security practices

BYOA allows consumers and businesses to employ a variety of authentication methods that are simple to setup and convenient to use


What 5G means for your business

The 5G-powered enterprise will be less constrained by its physical location thanks to vastly improved service delivery capabilities that improve employee and customer engagement

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Demystifying network analytics

Understanding how analytics should work is key to the future of network operations


The emergence of software-defined application delivery technology - and what it can do for your network

Virtual appliances for load balancing inherit the challenges of legacy solutions. What’s needed is an architecture based on software-defined principles


The AI revolution: Is the future finally now?

This time around, the AI movement seems to have a tailwind in the form of critical enabling and supporting factors

hybrid clouds

How to decide between cloud, on-premise and As-a-Service

Use these tips to weigh the options

The growing importance of Time Sensitive Networks

Demanding new applications require precisely timed system control

How virtualizing BLE Beacons will change the indoor mobile experience

Unsupervised machine learning in the cloud eliminates site surveys and ensures consistent user experience across mobile devices and space

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IoT in manufacturing: The four stages of maturity

Use cases in industries such as aeronautics and chemicals are a proving ground, and a roadmap to adoption is emerging

timeline database

What is bitemporal and why should the enterprise care?

Bitemporal databases reveal what you knew and when you knew it

The granular control over Layer 2 in today’s smart switches might surprise net veterans

Smart switches have grown up to look more like the managed side of the family

01 detection

If incident response automation is hot, threat detection automation is sizzling

Automation at the TD stage has a greater impact on downstream results and directly impacts IR automation


The latest ransomware threat: Doxware

Like ransomware, doxware encrypts files, but also involves purloining copies

migration migrate birds

How to migrate existing applications to VMware NSX

Security policies will need to be adjusted, and identifying and designing the zones and tiers can be difficult

leap jump chance risk

Considering SD-WAN? Key questions to address before making the leap

How to make sure Software Defined WANs are right for your business

study binary research technology code public domain

The key functions to consider when building or buying a log analysis platform

Adoption of the wrong log analysis platform might make matters worse

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