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isolation threat dark web

Isolation technologies create an “air gap” to eliminate the risk of malware

Web requests are proxied to the isolation platform, which executes and renders web sessions remotely, and only a safe visual stream is sent on to users


Micro services: Breaking down software monoliths

Massive enterprise architectures are collapsing under their own weight. Developers are decoupling massive system architectures into small, independent functions that loosely work together to solve complex problems

10 considerations for running WebRTC services on AWS

WebRTC lets you embed real-time communications features into your website or mobile application, and you can host the solution in the cloud. Here are some key considerations

Category 8 cable will play a major role in 25G and 40G data center Ethernet

How the TIA and IEC committees created new standards for Category 8 cable testing devices

birds migration software

5 steps to ensure success when migrating unified communications to the cloud

It’s hard enough to control the performance of your internal network; guaranteeing the performance of the ISP and public Internet is another matter entirely

Session-based routing holds the key to the Internet’s future

Session-aware, software-based routers could drastically simplify the network while improving security and reliability

Are you an accidental IT project manager? Here’s how to succeed

These tips will help you manage like a pro and navigate through projects while balancing timelines, quality and cost

virtual reality

New tech jobs in top demand in 2017

Virtual reality, augmented reality and cognitive computing engineers head the list

Getting a grip on user application experience

New user application analytics technology helps IT manage the quality of users’ experience as BYOD, Wi-Fi, UC and cloud-based SaaS apps take hold

cloud security

Securing the cloud endpoint

For cloud’s sake, let’s reduce our security dependence on browsers

cyber attack

Lessons learned from the DYN attack

The large scale DDoS attack on DYN last week interrupted access to many major web sites, and while the specifics of the attack have been widely analyzed, here are the important lessons learned

wrangle lasso

How to wrangle meaning from Internet of Things data

Without careful forethought, you will miss out on critical new insights

We don't need more InfoSec analysts: We need analysts to train AI infrastructures to detect attacks

Addressing the skills shortage with virtual analysts

chat bots

The next target for phishing and fraud: ChatOps

Cloud-based chat systems introduce a unique set of requirements given the breadth and depth of access to potentially sensitive data

security automation robot

Explaining security automation and its evolving definitions

The four newest and most advanced elements you should consider

user authentication

Continuous Authentication: The future of Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Face it, people share devices and Web applications, so the key is to identify users by their ongoing actions  

Use distributed antenna systems to complement small cells

Using small cells and DAS together improves cell coverage within a building and overcomes the limitations of using either alone

ermergency reponse siren

Best practices for incident response in the age of cloud

Having an incident response platform can help internal and external teams collaborate, track incident response processes and automate key security tasks

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