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Continuous Authentication: The future of Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Face it, people share devices and Web applications, so the key is to identify users by their ongoing actions  

Use distributed antenna systems to complement small cells

Using small cells and DAS together improves cell coverage within a building and overcomes the limitations of using either alone

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Best practices for incident response in the age of cloud

Having an incident response platform can help internal and external teams collaborate, track incident response processes and automate key security tasks

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5 commonly misunderstood compliance terms

Understanding the terms is critical given the complexity of compliance, and will help you when analyzing the best technology solutions to manage compliance as a whole

Named Data Networking is on the horizon, and SDN will help make it a reality

NDN shifts the focus of networking from origins and destinations to the information itself

cloud computing

Why cloud architecture matters: The advantages of multi-instance vs. multi-tenant

Clouds that use a multi-instance architecture can better minimize the impact of an outage

Key Success factors for adopting Node.js

Node.js takes asynchronicity to the extreme on the server, making it the perfect choice for I/O-heavy and highly concurrent applications

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Why are SD-WANs taking off? Because they are secure, affordable and easy to use

The top five reasons you need to consider the tech

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Minimize Windows 10 migration headaches by freeing data from devices

Three core reasons to make the switch before you make the migration


The telecom money pit: How to use audits to find significant discrepancies and big savings

A third-party audit offers a low-risk opportunity to drive savings and maintain a clean billing environment free of errors

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Do you trust your cloud provider? Addressing these questions will help put you at ease

Focus on security, privacy and operations

cloud building security

10 key considerations when building a private cloud

Private cloud can be a transformative, but it requires significant thought, dedication and perseverance

SD-WAN takes advantage of the 100x MPLS/Internet price gap

You can bridge that chasm without worrying about the downsides of inferior Internet reliability and predictability

The IEEE Standards Association initiates three new Ethernet projects

25G over single-mode fiber, 50/100/200G, and 200/400G

data center down

Anatomy of a service outage: How did we get here?

The right analytics system can help IT prevent problems before they actually crop up

Understanding the differences between virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality

There are many exciting use cases emerging, but network infrastructure will need to evolve

cloud backup

Key things to consider when assessing cloud backup and recovery

Cloud backup can be part of a comprehensive data protection plan, or a first step to a larger, hybrid cloud world

fast data center

Four things to consider before upgrading your data center net to 25G

25G is backward compatible, jacks up performance and improves the efficiency of every workload

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