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How immersive technologies will reshape networks

How immersive technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) traffic streams will be the next wave of disruption for networks.

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The IoT needs simulation to grow

Millions of simple IoT devices add up to a complex system that will need simulators to accurately design it.

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Is IoT really driving enterprise digital transformation?

New research suggests a link between two powerful trends, the Internet of Things and enterprise digital transformation. But are we really there yet?

Mingis on Tech: The future of Enterprise devices

Mingis on Tech: Why companies are turning to 2-in-1s

Your next corporate computer may not be a traditional computer at all: it may well be a tablet or a hybrid laptop/tablet combo. Here's why.

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Beware of companies claiming products have AI capabilities

Gartner finds software companies are exaggerating the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in their products.

Oracle beefs up cloud sales team with 1,000 EMEA openings

Oracle is adding 1000 new sales staff in EMEA to help it compete with cloud giants like AWS and Microsoft, but it won't say if there are cuts coming to traditional sales roles

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IoT could benefit from mesh-networking capabilities in Bluetooth

Bluetooth is about to get some significant new mesh networking capabilities -- and the best bit is, you may not need new hardware to benefit from them.


4 questions new leaders should ask

Phil McKinney, president and CEO of CableLabs, Inc., offers up advice about the new set of skills required to be a successful leader.

Mobile management acronyms explained

Mobile management acronyms explained

Confused by the jumble of acronyms surrounding mobile device management? This video simply defines three key concepts: Mobile application management (MAM), enterprise mobility management (EMM) and unified endpoint management (UEM).

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Interview: Sara Spivey, CMO, Bazaarvoice

Sara Spivey, Chief Marketing Officer of Bazaarvoice, discusses how Bazaarvoice uses segmentation to reach the right audience, the importance of data in delivering personalized customer experiences and why face-to-face events are still...


Interview: Lauren Flaherty, EVP & CMO, CA Technologies

Lauren Flaherty, EVP and CMO of CA Technologies, discusses the changing role of the CMO, the importance of mapping the buyer journey, launching CA's Modern Software Factory and reaching the right tech buyers and decision-makers.

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Interview: Tim Minahan, SVP & CMO, Citrix - part 02

Tim Minahan, Chief Marketing Officer and SVP of Citrix, discusses how Citrix uses data to predict customer needs and engagement readiness, Citrix’s content marketing approach and the importance of industry events in building...

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Quantum fiber network to launch in August

A supposedly unhackable Internet network is about to be launched.


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Not enough fiber to grow the internet for 5G, says consultant

5G holds lots of promise, especially for hospitals to supply remote medicine, says Ericsson. But Deloitte contends that can’t happen until the U.S. invests in more infrastructure.

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What Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods means for enterprise IT operations

Amazon is highly skilled at digitizing businesses with software, and is highly skilled at the logistics of delivering goods to its customers. The acquisition of Whole Foods signals that Amazon may intend to apply these skills to the...

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The fight to defend the Internet of Things

A primer on the Internet of Things security and how to protect it.


3 ways big data is changing financial trading

Real-time analytics, algorithmic modelling and machine learning are transofrming finance using the power of big data

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