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Recruiting and retaining cybersecurity talent

Research shows cybersecurity professionals value competitive compensation, a strong cybersecurity culture and business management commitment to cybersecurity.

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UK spy agencies illegally collected data for years, court rules

The U.K.'s spy agencies breached the European Convention on Human Rights for years by secretly collecting almost everything about British citizens' communications except their content, a U.K. court has ruled.

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Cable and telecom are rivals again with new IoT networks

Comcast and the biggest U.S. carriers are taking their long-running rivalry to the internet of things. On Wednesday, Comcast said it would launch trials of LoRa low-power network technology.

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Automation: Disrupt or be disrupted

Embracing automation may seem like a risky investment, but holding out on these new technologies is even riskier.

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U.S. cellular carriers charge too much, and here’s proof

In Thailand, even lazy tourists get better mobile phone rates than what American consumers get from U.S. cellular carriers.


Seattle substation is cool enough to draw a crowd

Most substations are eyesores. This one won't be.

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The Emergency Alert System test: Lesson learned, catastrophe averted

After an awkward public failure 5 years ago, the FCC and FEMA achieved a successful national test of the Emergency Alert System.

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The Emergency Alert System: Failure IS an option

FEMA and the FCC ran a ‘live test’ of the Emergency Alert System in 2011. The result was static and Lady Gaga going out to millions. On Sept. 28, they will retest with the fixes in place.

Verizon-Yahoo! merger/acquisition

Verizon’s shift into digital media is much bigger than Yahoo’s data breach

With Yahoo, Verizon bought a large user base and popular web content. The challenge now is to integrate it into a digital media brand.

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AT&T's AirGig shows wireless internet over power lines is possible

AT&T says its AirGig uses existing power cables strung between mid-voltage utility poles to wirelessly send broadband into people’s homes.

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UK police listened in to 9 percent more calls last year

The U.K. government has published a report on the staggering scale of surveillance in the country last year.

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Intel's siloed business units unify around IoT and connectivity

Intel has many disparate business units doing their own thing. The challenging task of tethering them is a top priority for Intel's second-in-command, Venkata Renduchintala.

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EU outlines stiff new net neutrality rules

The Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications published a 45-page report that essentially bans paid prioritization of network traffic, and imposes strict requirements on any specialized services that ISPs want to offer....

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Why Belgium leads the world in IPv6 adoption

Every time you read a story about worldwide IPv6 adoption rates, sitting atop the list of highest achievers is Belgium, otherwise better known for chocolate and diamonds. Why Belgium?

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Yahoo abandons fight, sells internet business to Verizon for $4.8B

Ailing Yahoo is selling off its operating business for US$4.8 billion to Verizon Communications, in a cash deal that will reduce the storied tech firm to mainly holding its cash, stakes in Alibaba and Yahoo Japan and non-core...

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A look at the new Verizon/Yahoo homepage

With Verizon's acquisition of Yahoo being confirmed his morning, the new combined Verizon-festooned Yahoo homepage is already active.

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Why a Verizon and Yahoo merger would be like Microsoft snapping up CompuServe

Cultures collide, it happens. But this one is a bad idea.

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Verizon unveils ‘virtual network services’

Hard on the heels of a similar pitch from AT&T, Verizon this morning is taking the wraps off a lineup of Virtual Network Services (VNS) that it bills as a natural extension of data-center virtualization that promises enterprise WAN...

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Facebook brings high-speed laser communications into focus

Facebook says it has developed a laser detector that could open to airwaves to new high-speed data communications systems that don't require dedicated spectrum or licenses.

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