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050516verizon on strike
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051816blog verizon striker struck

Verizon, unions agree to involve federal mediator in contact talks

Verizon and union leaders have agreed to continue stalled contract negotiations with the assistance of a federal mediator who has on her resume decades of experience as general counsel for a major union.

051616blog verizon talks resume

Washington nudges Verizon, striking unions back to bargaining table

Verizon management and some 40,000 striking employees have agreed to return to the bargaining table tomorrow after the weekend intervention of U.S. Labor Secretary Thomas Perez.

050516verizon on strike

Replacement Verizon worker charged with running over striker, hitting officer

A Verizon worker picketing in Westborough, MA was struck by a pickup truck operated by a replacement worker who police say was driving on a suspended Florida license … allegedly while intoxicated … at just past 8 o’clock Thursday...

verizon store

Man who entombed Verizon worker gets probation, anger management

Judge goes easy on Massachusetts man who locked a Verizon worker inside of an underground utility vault in 2013.

050516verizon on strike

Verizon strike taking trickle-down toll on business customers

With the strike by Verizon union members now in its fourth week – and no settlement appearing near -- frustrations born of service delays and cancelations remain primarily the bane of consumers, although business customers are also...

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Comcast shouldn’t buy any companies until it fixes its core competencies

It’s false to believe the company can become greater than it is by acquiring other companies.

mobile browsing

ISPs see big ingress by mobile operators for internet, study finds

A U.S. government survey finds consumers prefer mobile over fixed-line internet and fewer use desktop PCs.

office 365 april update 1

Skype for Business finally makes its way to the Mac

Microsoft has launched a new beta of Skype for Business that runs on Mac, following its launch of a revamped work communication product last year.

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Something strange just happened with North Korea's Internet

Last week, North Korea's sole Internet link with the rest of the world went down for about three hours.

160412 facebook zuckerberg 2

Zuckerberg teases Aries and Terragraph projects to expand data networks

Facebook plans to unveil two projects on Wednesday that promise to improve Internet connectivity for users in cities and urban areas.

super fast gigabit internet speed

Arista takes on Cisco, Juniper at routing

New 'Jericho' switches and FlexRoute software aimed at replacing Internet routers

wifi stock

A rocky path to market for LAA small cells

To be commercially successful, small-cells need to become pervasive in public-facing enterprise and significant in private enterprise. But despite significant demand in these markets, small-cells face go-to-market challenges.

20160225 stock mwc ericsson booth security locks

Verizon's breach experts missed one right under their noses

Verizon Enterprise, a bulwark against cyberattacks at many large organizations, has suffered a security breach itself.

AT&T logo on Boston store

Imagine having AT&T at your mercy

Have you ever fantasized about giving a major carrier a taste of its own medicine? A group of professionals gathered on Reddit’s section devoted to networking did so over the weekend.

telekom security

Deutsche Telekom to boost security offering for European enterprises

Deutsche Telekom is introducing new services to help prevent "bring your own device" from turning into "bring your own disaster" for corporate networks.


The U.S. will see an amazing total solar eclipse in 2017

If the views of this week’s total solar eclipse in Asia made you wish you could see one and you’re in the U.S., mark your calendar for August 21, 2017. For the first time in almost 100 years, a total solar eclipse will travel from...

cloud data center

Juniper, Lenovo converge for next gen data centers

Align products, marketing for SDN, hyperconvergence, hyperscale opportunities

data security ts

SD-WAN startup Versa software defines security

Adds DNS, secure Web gateway to VNF roster, boost performance of existing offerings

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