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20160128 starry window antenna

jolly roger telephone co. telemarketer telemarketing robocall

Tired of telemarketers? Now you can turn the tables on them with this clever bot

You're on every do-not-call list and you've tried opting out, but still the telemarketers keep pestering you. What's a consumer to do? Just ask the Jolly Roger Telephone Company.

0127 sf superbowl 7

Inside Verizon's Super Bowl Control Center

This is Verizon's Super Bowl command room -- a temporary, purpose-built nerve center in the shadow of Levi's Stadium that pulls in data from permanent and temporary base stations to ensure the network keeps running.


Inside Verizon's Super Bowl Command Center

More than 100 engineers will make sure the tweeting, sharing and streaming works without a hiccup

mergers and acquisitions

Juniper acquires packet optical company

BTI Systems will augment end-to-end service provisioning

012616blog landline phone

Don’t apologize for keeping your landline

You shouldn’t have to explain why you still have a landline, either, though I will do so in a moment because explaining such things is part of what we do here.

virtualization cloud

HPE and Affirmed have lassos to herd virtualized services

Companies unveil products to manage NFV environments

cloud data center

Dell serves up its own disaggregated OS

Linux-based OS10 designed to meld switches, servers, storage into a software-defined data center

skypeforbusiness videocall bigger

Microsoft buys technology from Event Zero to improve Skype for Business

Microsoft announced Wednesday that it has acquired the technology assets from Event Zero to improve the management capabilities of its Skype for Business VoIP product.

U.S. supreme court

US patent grants slow in wake of Supreme Court business methods ruling

There are some big changes in the patent landscape hiding behind a small drop in the number of utility patents granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office last year.


Acacia's $125M IPO filing a rarity among networking firms in 2015

Acacia Communications, an optical networking company that boosts bandwidth for cloud and other service providers, Monday filed for an IPO -- a rarity during a year in which the number of tech companies going public is at its lowest...

121415blog dialing tips att

How to use this newfangled rotary phone

Even the youngest of you reading this post will at least be familiar with the rotary dial telephone and I’m going to guess that in a pinch you could operate one. In 1950, however, such was not necessarily the case for everyone.

AT&T logo on Boston store

AT&T response to critics of iPad-toting techs comes up short

A post here Wednesday headlined “Networking pros slam AT&T for arming techs with iPads instead of laptops” was lacking a response from AT&T until one arrived yesterday afternoon.

120215blog ipad

Networking pros slam AT&T for arming techs with iPads instead of laptops

AT&T service technicians toting company-issued iPads instead of the laptops they once carried are ill-equipped to solve some customer problems, according to a parade of IT professionals criticizing what they say has been a wholesale...

AT&T logo on Boston store

AT&T's raising the prices of legacy unlimited data plans

It's not the $20 that Verizon charged, but AT&T will ask you to pay more for your grandfathered unlimited plan starting in 2016.

Privacy (4)

BlackBerry quits Pakistan over government surveillance demands

BlackBerry has decided not to operate in Pakistan after Dec. 30, rather than let the local government intercept communications on its enterprise services.

RosEnergoAtom Kalinin

Kalinin nuclear power plant's new neighbor will be a data center

Russian utility RosEnergoAtom is builidng a datacenter next to its Kalinin nuclear power plant to profit from the steady supply of electricity and nearby communications links.

internet of things laptop

IoT-dedicated networks beginning to rollout

Ingenu is the latest M2M and IoT-dedicated network to announce its plans.

paris attack

How tech led to the death of France's public enemy number 1

The suspected mastermind of last week's terror attacks in Paris, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, has died in a police raid. Investigators were led to him by wiretaps and an abandoned telephone.

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