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Startup Slack gets $120M infusion to kill email at work

The funding round gives the company, led by Flickr co-founder Stewart Butterfield, a $1.12B valuation

Oracle's Larry Ellison isn't done building his legacy

A transformative acquisition and overtaking SAP in applications are just a couple of the goals he may have in mind.


Microsoft Releases NEW Office for the Mac (Oct/2014)

Apple Mac users are cheering the release of a NEW Office for Mac client that has a more unified Microsoft Office look and feel, and supports modern functionality like email archives, ribbon, etc.

Android creator Andy Rubin leaving Google

He was currently in charge of Google;s robotics efforts

Zuckerberg to connect with regular folk in first 'community Q&A'

The Facebook chief will hold the company's first public Q&A next Thursday

Facebook's Internet.org app launches in East Africa

Facebook's application, aimed at giving people emerging markets free access to Web services, is offered in Tanzania

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The Charge of the Troll Brigade: What to know about #GamerGate

As #GamerGate reaches a fever pitch, you should probably know what this online movement is -- and what it isn't.

Movie industry yells 'Cut!' on wearables in theaters

Two U.S. movie industry groups, citing piracy concerns, have adopted a zero-tolerance policy on wearables with cameras

Voxbone Partners with Alianza for Cloud-based Voice Solution

Voxbone has announced a partnership with cloud voice platform company, Alianza, that is intended to help service providers deliver new international voice services. The integrated solution will allow service providers to combine...

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12 Shocking Social Media Horror Stories

There are right ways for companies to use social media, and there are wrong ways. These 12 horror stories, spotlighted by a set of digital marketing professionals, are perfect examples of what organizations should never (ever) do on...

Facebook: $15 billion of WhatsApp's value is based on what it could be

Facebook revealed the calculations behind the massive acquisition price for the first time

Facebook sales, driven by mobile, shoot up nearly 60 percent

Roughly two thirds of total revenue came from mobile ads

SoftBank betting $10 billion on Indian Internet market

SoftBank also announced investments in two online businesses in India

Bing lets you dig behind the smiley face with emoji search

Yahoo also offers the tool. Google, not yet

Research report: The State of Mobile Enterprise Collaboration 2014

Last week, harmon.ie released research results showing “The State of Mobile Enterprise Collaboration 2014: From Personal Productivity Toward the Connected Enterprise on the Go.”

Twitter keeps alive Twitpic domain and photo archive

Twitpic had earlier said it was shutting down Saturday after it could not agree on terms with a potential buyer

Wellesley College researchers seek the truth via Twitter Trails

New research project dives into Twitter traffic to show how true and fake stories can be sniffed out on social site

Neural networks draw on context to improve machine translations

Dutch researchers have improved the output of a statistical machine translation system by examining the context in which words are found

Industry thought leader interview: Michael Frendo, Polycom

After six months in a new position at Polycom, Frendo discusses the state of the collaboration industry.

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One missed email and Google Inbox will be in trouble

People may feel overwhelmed by the deluge of email arriving in their inboxes, but will they trust Google to show them the most important messages?

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