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Bask Iyer CIO VMware
Mark Russinovich, Microsoft Azure CTO

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How to solve today’s top three virtual environment challenges

The issues tend to fall into three main areas: virtual machine (VM) sprawl, capacity planning and change management. Here’s a deeper look at the problems and what you can do to address them

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Xen's highly critical virtual machine escape flaw gets a fix

The Xen Project fixed several vulnerabilities in its popular virtualization software, including one that could allow potential attackers to break out of a virtual machine and gain control over the host system.

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The best new features in Windows Server 2016 (so far)

From Nano and Docker to software-defined networking and storage features, the next version of Windows Server is packed with great additions

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What’s inside your containers? Why visibility and control are critical for container security

New tools focus on the integrity of containers, but there’s also the challenge of ensuring the code constituting the whole image is free from vulnerabilities

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Review: VMware Workstation 12 gets a shine for Windows 10

VMware’s polished and pricey desktop virtualization platform adds formal support for Windows 10 and a host of minor enhancements

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BT Group may give OpenStack the boot

OpenStack has gained considerable popularity over the years for its open-source cloud platform, but this week it looks like one major user is seriously considering dropping the technology in favor of a proprietary alternative.

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Why you want a bare metal hypervisor and how to choose

There are two kinds of virtual machine managers, but for servers, data centers, and clouds there's only one that matters: Bare metal hypervisors. Here's how to choose the one that's right for you.

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VMware brings Michigan to Europe to boost virtual networking

VMware added new management features to its public cloud platform for resellers, and its NFV platform for carriers, at VMworld in Barcelona -- and unveiled a new networking techology preview, Project Michigan

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Google loads up virtual reality toolbox for developers

The company is offering updated SDKs and has translated the Cardboard app into multiple languages

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Cisco outpacing VMware 2:1 in SDN

But only 15% of combined customers are using ACI and NSX in production mode

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18 companies launched by former Cisco people

A small sampling of companies -- some successful, some not -- started by Cisco alums.

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UT Dallas researcher gets introspective about virtual machines

A University of Texas at Dallas researcher has come up with a way for virtual machines to have each others' backs in the name of better cloud network security.

Cisco lands 1,000th SDN customer

Danske Bank allows company to reach APIC milestone

2015 most powerful companies 1

The 25 most powerful enterprise networking companies

These are our picks for the biggest influencers on the network.

Is Nuage really key to Nokia?

Two of SDN company's founders left shortly after offer for parent Alcatel-Lucent

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Review: Parallels 11 delivers seamless Windows/Mac integration

Parallels Desktop 11 for Mac uses virtualization to run Windows 10 on Apple hardware.


Microsoft bulks up Azure virtual machines

The new Microsoft Azure GS-series virtual machines are made for demanding database-driven workloads.

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How VMware aims to distinguish itself in the cloud

VMware is playing catch-up with Amazon and Microsoft -- and playing to its strengths in the hybrid cloud market.

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