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Companies high on virtualization despite fears of security breaches

While no one thinks security problems will go away, companies are willing to tolerate the risk in the name of agility, flexibility and lower costs.

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Introducing the new Citrix

CEO Kirill Tatarinov outlines the company’s position and new focus

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HoloLens uncensored: A candid hands-on with HoloLens Development Edition

Forget about curated HoloLens experiences at Microsoft's Build conference. Here's a deep dive into how the HoloLens Development Edition performs when no one's watching.


Brocade dials up DevOps

Acquires workflow automation start-up StackStorm to orchestrate IT

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Back to the Future: Time to really leverage new networking technology

The network area is a popular topic with the advent of Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networking (SDN), but are these technologies really that new? And are we exploiting them to the level we will need to in...

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Microsoft's HoloLens might allow you to travel without ever moving

Microsoft has gained incredible mindshare for its HoloLens virtual reality headset, which is all the more remarkable since it's pretty much been vaporware. However, development continues at quite a pace, and one of the more incredible...

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5 IoT trends to expect in 2016

In the networking space, 2015 was the year in which the Internet of Things became more mainstream. So, how are things shaping up for 2016? Are we on track?

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Is Oculus Rift the new Google Glass?

As vendors pour money and hype into the new virtual reality hardware, it’s not yet clear that most people have any interest in it.

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How virtual reality could transform health care

Oculus Rift, HTC Vive usher in new era of simulated environments for doctors, students, patients.

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Microsoft and HPE throw their weight behind Mesosphere

Mesosphere made its mark early with large companies like Twitter and Netflix, and on Thursday the company got a fresh boost from two more tech giants: Microsoft and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

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The networked world

Network World 30th Anniversary: The digital nervous system of the modern enterprise is driving today’s digital transformations.

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SXSW vs. GDC in epic battle for relevancy

In a quirk of scheduling, South By Southwest, in Austin, Texas, and the Game Developers’ Conference, in San Francisco, went head to head last week. SXSW got most of the mainstream attention, but I’d argue that the GDC is where the...

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HPE readies SD-WAN

Based on ContexNet OpenDaylight code from ConteXtream buy

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DreamHost replaces VMware SDN with open source for big savings

OpenStack code developed by spin-out company nets 70% capex, 40% opex cuts


40 virtual reality predictions

At GDC Jesse Schell, Carnegie Mellon professor and game company CEO, made far-ranging predictions including forecasted shipments, VR addiction and porn.


How AMD plans to conquer virtual reality

AMD wants to make VR headsets lighter while making visuals more realistic with its GPU technology.


Play any game in your Steam library in virtual reality: SteamVR Desktop Theater Mode

Valve will unveil SteamVR Desktop Theater Mode at the Game Developers Conference; it will allow gamers to play every game in their Steam library in virtual reality on a theater-sized display.

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Juniper, Lenovo converge for next gen data centers

Align products, marketing for SDN, hyperconvergence, hyperscale opportunities

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