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Voice over LTE 'gaining momentum globally,' report says

Mobile Network Operators are committing to migrate voice subscribers to IP-based Voice over LTE telephony, according to a new report.

Vonage to acquire iCore; Verizon’s free VoIP to mobile

Vonage plans to acquire privately-held iCore Networks, a Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) for businesses, for $92 million.

FCC sets new rules to govern PSTN transition

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) took steps last week to regulate the transition of legacy PSTN networks as telcos replace their copper with fiber and move their circuit switched networks to fully IP-based platforms.

FCC requires consumer protections in telephone transition to IP

Carriers must get permission from the FCC if they discontinue or reduce voice services during the change

FCC Chairman proposes rules for telco transition to VoIP

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler proposed a set of guidelines that start the process to regulate telephone companies as they transition from a legacy TDM voice infrastructure to IP-based real time communications. Wheeler’s rules will be up...

FCC looks to protect customers during voice switch to IP

Carriers would be required to give customers warning before retiring their copper-based networks, under an agency proposal

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Consumers prefer Wi-Fi calling, survey finds

Wi-Fi calling from Mobile Network Operators is proving hugely popular among consumers, according to an Ericsson survey.

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FCC grants VoIP service providers equal access to telephone numbers

The FCC this morning announced that going forward VoIP service providers such as Vonage will no longer be second-class citizens when it comes to the doling out of telephone numbers.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise's souped-up desktop phone has a 7-inch screen

It works well on its own, but can also be integrated with smartphones and tablets


5 keys to successful SIP implementation

SIP can cut costs and increase network flexibility and the efficiency of existing resources, but consider these issues to ensure successful implementation

BT hopes to attract Web conference addicts with promise of better sound quality

BT is opening up its MeetMe with Dolby Voice conferencing service to new clients and countries

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Do you know your VoIP?

When considering how VoIP is to be deployed in your environment, the choice of service provider is more important than you may think. While the Internet is available anywhere, VoIP is not freely accessible in all countries, and...

Looking back at 2014 predictions, how did we do?

As we approach the end of 2014, we will again make our annual predictions for the coming year, but today, we’ll take a look at how we did with the predictions we made a year ago.

Cisco funds university research into VoIP security

University of Alabama at Birmingham researchers are exploring, with Cisco's financial assistance, vulnerabilities in VoIP and possible ways to address those flaws. VoIP security is seen as a top concern of VoIP customers and...

Telephony vendor Mitel goes public with $540M bid for ShoreTel

The Canadian vendor said enterprise telephony is consolidating and it wants to be a consolidator

Skype appears to bow to Indian rules, ends in-country calls to local networks

Microsoft said local calls from Skype to landlines and mobile phones will stop from Nov. 10

OnBeep developing walkie-talkie type wearable for mobile devices

The push-to-talk device will work with iOS and Android smartphones and ship later this year

Intuitive Solutions deploys LiveOps' WebRTC contact center tech

LiveOps, a cloud-based contact center provider, recently announced that Intuitive Solutions, a managed contact center services provider, has successfully deployed the LiveOps WebRTC Solution.

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