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Riverbed stabs at Cisco’s heart with next-gen routing

CEO Jerry Kennelly details beyond-WAN-optimization strategy that broadens Riverbed’s assault on top network rivals.

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Should you buy an SD-WAN service?

More than 30 vendors offer an SD-WAN option. To decide which is best for you, start by looking at the three types of SD-WAN offerings.

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T-Mobile to pay $48 million in settlement over throttling customers with heavy data usage

At issue is how the carrier slowed down connections for those on unlimited plans without any type of notification.

Riverbed upgrades set sights on the SD-WAN edge, cloud integration

At Riverbed’s Disrupt event in New York’s upscale Conrad Hotel today, the company announced new products aimed at making it a bigger part of the average customer’s network.

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Implementing secure WANs in the cloud age

Over the past few years most organizations have significantly increased their reliance on the Internet, primarily due to the outsourcing of utility applications like email, unified communications, ERP, CRM, etc., to SaaS providers....

Branch office links, big bandwidth needs drive SD-WAN evolution

SD-WAN market heats up as WAN requirements multiply.

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Bandwidth alone won’t solve application performance problems

Conventional wisdom says if we increase bandwidth, application performance will improve. But unless we decrease latency, performance will continue to suffer.

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Reinventing the WAN

While some organizations continue to make use of WAN services such as Frame Relay and ATM, the use of those services is quickly diminishing. As a result, we are rapidly approaching a time when IT organizations will have only two WAN...

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The impact of globalization on networks

As network traffic to and from Asia Pacific increases, enterprises need better better and faster connectivity models. One option to consider: performance hubs.

Riverbed delivers the hyper-converged edge

Hyper-converged infrastructure in the data center has been all the rage over the past few years. In the data center, hyper-convergence is a system with tightly integrated compute, storage, network and virtualization technology. Its...

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Cisco Engineers Enterprise Genome for Software

Digital Network Architecture (DNA) maps network sequence to virtualization, ease of operations

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In the WAN, it’s better to be single than attached

In a traditional WAN infrastructure, the control plane and data plane are tightly coupled, typically congruent and cannot be separated due to how they are integrated with each network device. However, the emergence of cloud computing...

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Dell serves up its own disaggregated OS

Linux-based OS10 designed to meld switches, servers, storage into a software-defined data center

Riverbed acquires Ocedo, accelerates its SD-WAN timeline

Riverbed announced this week that it has acquired german company Ocedo, a move that will help Riverbed gain momentum in the SD-WAN market.

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Cisco puts its money where the WAN is

Invests in SD-WAN start-up VeloCloud's Series C

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The challenges of creating and enforcing policies across the WAN

Homer once wrote “If you serve too many masters, you'll soon suffer." This quote can also be used to sum up the challenges enterprises face when trying to enforce consistent policies across their WAN. This article explains why it is...

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Comcast Business pushes into the national services market

Hires talent, acquires assets, teams with other provides to reach beyond its core footprint

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Savings that telecom expense management providers miss

TEM services perform basic checks, but it’s not practical for them to pursue the forensic analysis necessary to catch the billing errors outlined here

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