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How to check Wi-Fi channels on Android devices

Checking the channels used by your wireless network and others nearby can help when troubleshooting Wi-Fi interference and performance issues. Here's how to do it.

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Now the FTC has its say on hotel Wi-Fi

First the FCC slapped Marriott International with a $600K fine for Wi-Fi blocking and issued a follow-up enforcement warning to the masses. Now the FTC has issued a hotel Wi-Fi warning of its own.

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FCC still has ton of explaining to do on Wi-Fi blocking rules

The FCC has been very clear that it didn’t approve of a Marriott International hotel’s blocking of convention center attendees’ Wi-Fi hotspots: It fined the hospitality company $600,000 last fall and issued a stern warning on Jan. 27...

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Marriott CIO: FCC message on WiFi blocking loud and clear

The FCC's sternly worded warning about illegal Wi-Fi blocking earlier this week got through to at least one organization: Marriott International's Global CIO issued a statement Friday that the hospitality outfit is withdrawing efforts...

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When Phil Schiller dissed Google Glass as something no 'normal' person would wear

Apple executive Phil Schiller once had some strong words for Google Glass.

Wi-Fi growth set to drive sales of new Ethernet speeds

Enterprises will snap up 2.5-Gigabit and 5-Gigabit Ethernet as they upgrade wireless LANs, Dell'Oro said

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FCC calls blocking of personal Wi-Fi hotspots "disturbing trend"

The FCC on Tuesday warned that it will no longer tolerate hotels, convention centers or others to intentional interfere with personal Wi-Fi hotspots.

Cisco brings Meraki to the enterprise

Making use of once widely questioned acquisition, Cisco is expanding the role of Meraki in its portfolio.


How not to waste your money on the second wave of 802.11ac wireless gear

The best way to avoid wasting your money on wave 2 of 802.11ac access points is to not buy them right away, and the second-best is to not overreact to their presence on your network.

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8 Wi-Fi mistakes to avoid

Wi-Fi is great when it works right – and when it’s secure. Although setting up Wi-Fi can seem straightforward, there are many complexities.

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Scared of 802.11AC Wave 2 Wi-Fi? Here comes Cisco Multigigabit to the rescue

Cisco recently addressed some of the challenges in migrating to 802.11AC Wave 2 Wi-Fi.

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‘Is radar breaking my WiFi?’

The question in the headline was posed yesterday by a reader of Reddit’s section that is devoted to networking. "This just seems so far-fetched," he lamented.

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Marriott backs off push to block your Wi-Fi hotspot

Marriott International has reversed course and announced that it will not block guests from using personal Wi-Fi hotspots on its properties.

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Is it time to move to beamforming 802.11ac?

No, it’s not a drone. D-Link and Linksys launch two of the fastest Wi-Fi routers ever. And one certainly looks like it.

Wi-Fi Aware certification process revs up

An emerging wireless service called Wi-Fi Aware could allow smartphone and tablet users to easily locate users of nearby devices in crowded locations to play games or collaborate.

Wi-Fi most important hotel feature, survey says

A good night’s sleep isn’t as important as Internet connectivity, according to a recent report.

Aerohive and Cloud4Wi offer retailers turnkey customer engagement solution

Capitalizing on the arms race for tools that improve the in-store shopping experience, Aerohive establishes a strong partnership.

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Comcast sued for launching public Wi-Fi hotspots from customers' routers

Customers complain of higher electric bills, slower internet speeds since Comcast used their in-home routers to launch public Wi-Fi hotspots.

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