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Bluetooth wireless range, speed to continue improving

Bluetooth speeds will continue to grow in the coming years

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Super Bowl 50: Inside the network built to handle record web traffic

Super Bowl 50 at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California, is expected to drive a record amount of web traffic. Here's how the network will try to keep up.

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Forget about LTE hurting Wi-Fi and think about using it in your business

Controversial technology that lets LTE networks use unlicensed spectrum could become a trusted part of the enterprise IT toolkit in a few years.

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Down and dirty Wi-Fi stumblers and analyzers for Android users

In this review, we look at eight Android-based Wi-Fi stumbler and analyzer apps sold for under $10 on the official Google Play store.

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Clear Choice Tests

Review: Top Android Wi-Fi stumblers and analyzers for under $10

In this review, we look at eight Android Wi-Fi stumbler and analyzer apps for under $10. All are available on the official Google Play store. We compared the products based on their GUI, features and functionality.

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U.S. carriers stay tight-lipped on LTE-U deployments

America’s big four wireless service providers are enthusiastic about the prospect of delivering data over unlicensed frequencies via LTE-U, but they’re playing their cards very close to their chests when it comes to specific plans.

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FCC's 3.5 GHz 'innovation band': What kind of networks can we expect?

The FCC is opening a new band with rules to ensure spectrum sharing between different users. What kind of networks can be expected in this new band? We consider some possible outcomes.

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Review: 5 prepaid mobile hotspots fire up business travel

Fed up with mediocre Wi-Fi on the road? For not-so-frequent travelers, a pay-as-you-go personal hotspot might be the answer. We put five to the test.

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Enterprise WLAN market is hot, but it's all relative

Wireless LAN purchases aren't exactly going gangbusters these days, but relative to other enterprise infrastructure product sales, WLANs are where it's at.

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Cisco, AT&T & others declare June 20th will be World Wi-Fi Day

With all the unofficial/official international/world/national days that various tech organizations and their marketing arms have carved out in recent years, it's amazing that the Wireless Broadband Alliance found an open spot on June...

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Privacy, mobile broadband top tech priorities for FTC, FCC

Chairs of FTC and FCC look ahead to a year that will see continued inquiries into tech firms' data collection practices and an ambitious effort to build out mobile broadband capacity.

Amazon to sell WiFi, IoT chips

Annapurna Labs Inc., a company quietly bought by Amazon last year, announced this week that it will expand its efforts to sell chips for use in next-generation WiFi and Internet of Things devices.

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Wi-Fi routers reach new speeds thanks to 802.11ad standard

Wireless networks using significantly higher-up-the-spectrum radio frequencies will allow media to be distributed faster than ever before. Equipment will be available soon.

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What you need to know about HaLow, or 802.11ah Wi-Fi

Here’s a primer on the new low-power 802.11ah Wi-Fi standard that’s designed to make a splash in the Internet of Things.

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Dreaming of a wire-free laptop? It's closer to reality

In the not too distant future, PC makers want to free your laptop of wires and cables. Some announcements at CES signal progress toward that goal.

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802.11ah Wi-Fi standard approved, will underpin Internet of Things

A new wireless standard that extends Wi-Fi’s reach down into the 900MHz band will keep the 802.11 family at the center of the developing Internet of Things, the Wi-Fi Alliance announced today.

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Wi-Fi for the Internet of Things gets a name: ‘Wi-Fi HaLow’

A new low-power, long-range version of Wi-Fi that bolsters Internet of Things (IoT) connections will be dubbed Wi-Fi HaLow.

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How the Wi-Fi industry is adapting to keep up with the IoT

Wi-Fi has ambitions to become a dominant IoT wireless technology. Several initiatives extend the standard, improving range and battery life.

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