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170530 intel htcvive

Intel shows off wireless VR on the HTC Vive

Intel showed for the first time at Computex in Taipei a prototype wireless HTC Vive virtual reality headset

ethernet cables

Use wired networks for Gigabit, not Wi-Fi

Superfast Gigabit broadband is coming. However, getting it at the highest speed involves some planning, including possibly regressing to wired networks.


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Small Cell Forum seeks advice from large enterprises

The carrier-led Small Cell Forum has revealed the names of the founding members of an Enterprise Advisory Council designed to help address the need for more wireless coverage to meet rising demand.

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Holographic Wi-Fi visually maps environments

Hologram-driven Wi-Fi visualization can help rescuers find life-sustaining cavities in collapsed buildings, as well as track objects on a factory production line.

3 sensitive data hacker phone

How to protect your data when using public Wi-Fi

Hackers love public Wi-Fi. Unsuspecting victims often fall into their traps. To protect your data when using public Wi-Fi, follow these four steps.

MIT's WiGait uses wireless signals to step up detection of health issues

Professor Dina Katabi's endlessly inventive team at MIT's CSAIL outfit has now come up with what it says is an unobtrusive way to wirelessly detect possible health issues via changes in walking speed.

wave wifi2

Why 2x2 Wave 2 access points make no sense

A 2x2 Wave 2 AP will cost about twice the price of a 2x2 Wave 1 AP—and it has limited benefits. Companies should pass on this Wi-Fi technology.

wifi crowding

2.4GHz is a headache for Wi-Fi users, and it’s here to stay

Wireless LAN users can’t just stay comfortable in the 5GHz realm – the older 2.4GHz frequency bands are a necessary part of many wireless implementations, and they’re rarely a favorite of the people who have to build and operate Wi-Fi...

Two executives using wi-fi in office

Using Passpoint for private Wi-Fi networks

Enterprise access points already support Passpoint. As implementation in phones moves forward, non-carriers are finding interesting new applications.

future wifi

The future of Wi-Fi: The best is yet to come

This article will describe the current major activities in Wi-Fi technologies and products, and explore the key issues and challenges that remain.

linksys wrt3200acm front 1200

Flaws let attackers hijack multiple Linksys router models

Two dozen Linksys router models are exposed to attacks that could extract sensitive information from their configurations, cause them to become unresponsive and even completely take them over.

wifi now

Toward a bigger, faster, denser Wi-Fi world

Some 350 Wi-Fi true believers have gathered in Tysons, Va., this week at the Wi-Fi Now event to sing the wireless networking technology’s praises, peek into its future and warn of its challenges.

riverbend xirrus

Riverbed absorbs WIFi vendor Xirrus, reaches for the edge of the network

Network management company Riverbed Technology today announced its intent to acquire enterprise Wi-Fi equipment vendor Xirrus for an undisclosed fee.

chinese flag soldier

Meanwhile in China: Surveillance required on public Wi-Fi

Chinese authorities in Hebei force businesses and places that offer public Wi-Fi to install surveillance tech to record all users’ online activity or face fines and other sanctions.

internet of things abstract

Infrared much better than Wi-Fi

Using open-air light waves instead of traditional Wi-Fi will solve bandwidth congestion resulting from internet-connected devices, researchers say.

Machine learning gets down to business

Machine learning solutions put a twist on enterprise network architecture

As enterprise networking vendors incorporate machine learning, they are adopting similar architectures, reinforcing a change in the way we view the network.

tp link

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