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Has public Wi-Fi outlived its usefulness?

Good experiences are increasingly rare and LTE is a better option for many. So why bother with Wi-Fi?

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Dell partners up to address the networking needs of the digital enterprise

Dell works with Aerohive to deliver unified network management and collaborates with others to develop integrated solutions around OS10.

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Dell adopts Aerohive WLAN management for its wired switches

HiveManager NG software extends WLAN vendor Aerohive’s management platform to oversee Dell’s N Series wired edge switches.

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Clear Choice Tests

Review: Hot cloud-based tools for Wi-Fi hotspot management

Cucumber Tony, SputnikNet, Tanaza deliver management support for multi-vendor wireless networks.

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One of GNU/Linux’s most important networking components just got an update

The software framework that powers the network connections on many GNU/Linux systems just got its second major update in less than a year and a half, with the version 1.2 release of NetworkManager.

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9 free Windows apps that can solve Wi-Fi woes

Want to make your wireless connections safer and faster? We review nine free Windows apps that can help you monitor performance and safety at home, in the office or in the wild.

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Wi-Fi offloading breakthrough nets Korean researchers second major IEEE networking award

This year's IEEE Communications Society William R. Bennett Prize, known as the most honored award for papers in the networking communications field, goes to a Korean team for its breakthrough research on offloading data traffic from...

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Using the IoT for good: Beacon of Hope project to help fight human trafficking

Inexpensive IoT hardware, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth beacons could rescue human trafficking victims.

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HPE/Aruba reportedly eyeing IP of Rasa Networks

HPE/Aruba is said to be planning to acquire the intellectual property of failing startup Rasa Networks within the next 2 to 4 weeks, according to sources close to the matter.

Kansas City, Missouri

Google to test innovative 3.5GHz wireless in Kansas City

Google will soon begin testing innovative 3.5 GHz wireless capabilities by using antennas on light poles and other structures in parts of Kansas City, Mo.

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Tokyo hotel apologizes in advance of minute-long Internet disruption

We all live in fear of the Internet going down, whether it be via a government kill switch or a nefarious hacking group. That might explain why this swanky hotel in Japan issued this warning...

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The battle between LTE and Wi-Fi may have left LTE-U out in the cold

After more than a year of rancor over whether it would hurt Wi-Fi, a technology that lets LTE networks use unlicensed spectrum may have already missed its window of opportunity.

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Wi-Fi-based positioning improves access point security

High-accuracy indoor localization, along with password-free Wi-Fi, is now a possibility with new access point technology.

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Aerohive rolls out flexible Wave 2 WiFi

Yesterday, Brocade was in the news as it announced its intent to acquire Ruckus. Today, it’s Aerohive’s turn as the company announced several new products to help it catch the 802.11AC wave 2 upgrade cycle.

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Most powerful Internet of Things companies

The Internet of Things is predicted to grow to a $1.4 trillion market by 2020, which means there are opportunities for big businesses to make a lot of money. These are the most powerful IoT companies that will be shaping this growing...

iphone security

What is the future of mobile communications app security

We are well on our way to a world where communications traffic between mobile apps will be completely secure. Monitored traffic will be encrypted and uncrackable, even with the cooperation of the app or device developers.

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New wireless tech from MIT promises password-free Wi-Fi

New wireless technology developed by researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab promises to kill the Wi-Fi password at last.


Network World Explains: All about HaLow

Confused about the new HaLow wireless standard proposed by the Wi-Fi Alliance? Worry no more! Network World explains what this is all about in this handy animated video.

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