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Flaws let attackers hijack multiple Linksys router models

Two dozen Linksys router models are exposed to attacks that could extract sensitive information from their configurations, cause them to become unresponsive and even completely take them over.

wifi now

Toward a bigger, faster, denser Wi-Fi world

Some 350 Wi-Fi true believers have gathered in Tysons, Va., this week at the Wi-Fi Now event to sing the wireless networking technology’s praises, peek into its future and warn of its challenges.

riverbend xirrus

Riverbed absorbs WIFi vendor Xirrus, reaches for the edge of the network

Network management company Riverbed Technology today announced its intent to acquire enterprise Wi-Fi equipment vendor Xirrus for an undisclosed fee.

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Meanwhile in China: Surveillance required on public Wi-Fi

Chinese authorities in Hebei force businesses and places that offer public Wi-Fi to install surveillance tech to record all users’ online activity or face fines and other sanctions.

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Infrared much better than Wi-Fi

Using open-air light waves instead of traditional Wi-Fi will solve bandwidth congestion resulting from internet-connected devices, researchers say.

Machine learning gets down to business

Machine learning solutions put a twist on enterprise network architecture

As enterprise networking vendors incorporate machine learning, they are adopting similar architectures, reinforcing a change in the way we view the network.

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30% off TP-Link Wi-Fi Smart Plug Mini - Deal Alert

This gadget from TP-Link plugs into a standard outlet and allows you to control it from anywhere using your smartphone, or with your voice through an Alexa device. Program on/off times or put it in "away mode" to simulate being home...

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Get a $20 Discount If You Buy 3 Echo Dots on Amazon, For A Limited Time - Deal Alert

Put Alexa in 3 rooms for less than the price of one Echo. Echo Dot is a hands-free, voice-controlled device that uses Alexa to play music, control smart home devices, provide information, read the news, set alarms, read audiobooks...

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30% off SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick 200GB - Deal Alert

A flash drive, reinvented. With the SanDisk Connect Stick in your pocket, in your bag or across the room, you can wirelessly access your media or transfer large files, stream HD videos and music, and save and share photos and videos...


Get 72% off NordVPN Virtual Private Network Service For a Limited Time - Deal Alert

NordVPN has discounted their popular VPN software 72%. Use our link and see the discount applied when you click "buy now".

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Current developments in Wi-Fi spectrum

Here are some of the areas where the Wi-Fi industry is active today and working with regulators, managing threats and taking advantage of opportunities.

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Mist simplifies mobile asset visibility with virtual BLE beacons

The Mist Asset Visibility Service uses virtual Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons to help companies quickly and cost-effectively locate mobile assets.

AmpliFi HD Mesh Point

Turn an old Wi-Fi network into a wireless mesh

Add or expand an old wireless router with the AmpliFI HD Mesh Point.

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Now through April 7th Amazon Will Pay You $4.99 To Buy a Dash Button For $.99 - Deal Alert

Running low on detergent? Pet food, baby formula or your favorite snack? Just push the button and Amazon will ship it right out to you. What's more, now through April 7th buy a Dash Button for $0.99 and receive $4.99 after your first...

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Apple fixes wireless-based remote code execution flaw in iOS

Apple fixed a serious vulnerability that could allow attackers to remotely execute malicious code on the Broadcom Wi-Fi chips used in iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

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Speed up slow web pages with this simple trick

Scientists say increasing the size of images and text will make asset-intensive web pages load four times faster.

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Bonus benefit from cord-cutting: A wireless network alternative

Leftover coaxial cables can provide data networking access for dead spots in your home.

airport extreme

20% off Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station - Deal Alert

A new approach that centers around performance makes the Airport Extreme taller with 6 antennas at the top, three for the 2.4GHz band and three for the 5GHz band, creating a higher platform for dispersing the signal. Together with...

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