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Implementing secure WANs in the cloud age

Over the past few years most organizations have significantly increased their reliance on the Internet, primarily due to the outsourcing of utility applications like email, unified communications, ERP, CRM, etc., to SaaS providers....

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The 8 fallacies of distributed computing are becoming irrelevant

Thanks to modern computing, the 8 fallacies of distributed computing are being rendered obsolete.

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Holy Batman! Look at how IoT has transformed police cars

Cradlepoint multi-WAN routers, Taser body cameras and IoT sensors integrated with the FBI's National Crime Information Center enhance public safety and law enforcement.

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How tech’s all-stars are playing the Olympics

Athletes will not be the only ones going for gold at the Olympics in Rio. Some of the biggest names in technology – from Cisco to Microsoft, HPE/Aruba and Google - have played a vital role in supplying back-end network technology for...


Activists fighting expansion of government powers to hack private computers

Rights activists led by the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Tor Project are rallying similar organizations and their constituents to step up opposition to a rules change backed by the U.S. Justice Department that would grant...

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Under the hood of Cisco’s Tetration Analytics platform

Cisco’s entrance into the data center analytics market with the introduction of Tetration is the culmination of two years worth of wrangling various open source projects and developing proprietary algorithms in the areas of big data,...


Cisco ACI and VMware NSX kumbaya?

Comments by Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins last week that the networking giant is open to collaborations with VMware in virtual networking raise the question: Just how would Cisco's ACI and VMware's NSX platforms could work together?

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The future of auto safety is seat belts, airbags and network technology

Technology is being developed that would create a world of connected cars communicating with one another to help reduce the 5.6 million car accidents on U.S. roads each year. But just how to enable vehicle to vehicle (V2V)...

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John Deere is plowing IoT into its farm equipment

John Deere is taking the Internet of Things out into the field by developing new technologies and embracing existing ones to boost the efficiency of prepping, planting, feeding and harvesting with the goal of improving per-acre crop...

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Are you ready for Country as a Service? Estonia offers ‘e-residence’

Just about everything is available as a service—even nationality—as Estonia shows with its Country as a Service (CaaS) .

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Man who hijacked HBO’s satellite signal 30 years ago would face far different fate today

On April 27, 1986, a Florida man with workplace access to a satellite transmission dish – and a financial beef with HBO -- pulled off the kind of audacious stunt that were it to happen today would likely land him in prison for a long,...

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Reinventing the WAN

While some organizations continue to make use of WAN services such as Frame Relay and ATM, the use of those services is quickly diminishing. As a result, we are rapidly approaching a time when IT organizations will have only two WAN...

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The impact of globalization on networks

As network traffic to and from Asia Pacific increases, enterprises need better better and faster connectivity models. One option to consider: performance hubs.

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IDC: SD-WAN market to hit $6B by 2020

IDC for the first time has forecast the size of the SD-WAN market to be a nascent $225 million last year, but growing at a 90% compound annual growth rate to $6 billion by 2020, driven by the adoption of cloud services and mobile...

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Managing the Software-Defined WAN

New intelligence in the WAN may require a new approach to management. This article outlines the considerations for enterprises managing SD-WAN solutions

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In the WAN, it’s better to be single than attached

In a traditional WAN infrastructure, the control plane and data plane are tightly coupled, typically congruent and cannot be separated due to how they are integrated with each network device. However, the emergence of cloud computing...

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SD-WAN startup Versa software defines security

Adds DNS, secure Web gateway to VNF roster, boost performance of existing offerings

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How Sigfox plans to spread its low-power IoT network across the U.S.

French IoT network company Sigfox plans to expand to 10 U.S. cities in the first quarter of 2016 alone. Here's how they plan to get it done.

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