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Microsoft's new Windows 10 build brings browser improvements, UI polish and more

Build 10158 provides users with the latest preview of Microsoft's forthcoming operating system

MIT tests 'software transplants' to fix buggy code

MIT researchers have shown a way to fix flaws using code copied from a working program

Cybercriminals adopt recently patched zero-day exploit in a flash

It only took four days for a recently patched vulnerability in Flash Player to start being used in large-scale attacks

Samsung will stop blocking Microsoft software updates 'within a few days'

The Korean company will no longer block Microsoft's update service from running on PCs it sells

New build of Windows 10 Mobile updates browser, adds flashlight

Early adopter members of the Windows Insider Program get a new glimpse at Microsoft's mobile future

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Upgrading Windows Server 2003: The procrastinator's guide

Yes, this is something you really need to get going on. Here are some factors to consider in your planning.

Adobe patches zero-day Flash Player flaw used in targeted attacks

The vulnerability has been exploited by a China-based cyberespionage group for several weeks, security firm FireEye says

The US Navy's warfare systems command just paid millions to stay on Windows XP

Windows XP and other obsolete systems remain critical to the Navy's operations

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Citrix discusses how Windows 10 will affect desktop virtualization, and vice versa

Citrix sees the impending release of Microsoft's Windows 10 as a big opportunity for desktop virtualization.

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Microsoft struggles to define 'free' for Windows 10

Microsoft's Keystone Kops-like revelation that Windows 10 testers would get a free copy of the OS may be confusing compared to Apple's approach with OS X, but it reflects the complicated ecosystem Microsoft maintains.

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Gartner tells enterprises to dump Windows 8.1 deployment plans

With Windows 10 about to ship and Windows 8 largely panned, Gartner is recommending that enterprises skip the latter and migrate directly to the former from Windows 7.

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With Windows 10 imminent, Windows 8.1 sales demise clock to start tickin'

The impending debut of Windows 10 will start the clock ticking toward a deadline in 2016 when Microsoft will stop selling Windows 8.1 at retail.

Software applications have on average 24 vulnerabilities inherited from buggy components

Developers often unwittingly use components that contain flaws

Xbox One-to-PC game streaming launched Monday

Preview program members can send games to their Windows 10 PCs ahead of public launch later this year

Start Menu: Windows 10 Build 10122

FAQ: How Microsoft will update Windows 10

Although Microsoft remains tight-lipped about some of the details of how it plans to keep Windows 10 up to date, enough information has surfaced for a fairly clear picture of the process.

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First Look: How will Windows 10 play on tablets

How does Windows 10, which Microsoft has been trying to make friendlier for desktops and notebooks, fare on tablets?

Here's how user feedback is shaping Windows 10

Microsoft has revealed how it uses the Windows Insider Program to change how Windows 10 is built

Latest build of Windows 10 rolls out to more testers

Members of the Windows Insider Program's 'Slow ring' can now install the next version of Windows 10

Mini-PC round-up: A look at 6 new Windows 8.1 offerings

Mini-PC round-up: A look at 6 new Windows 8.1 offerings

Desktop computers aren't the bulky towers they used to be. Here are six mini PCs that fit in the palm of your hand and will change how you think about PCs.

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