Get tips on troubleshooting Windows and fine tuning your system performance from the experts.

Microsoft to continue using Nokia brand on entry-level phones

A company executive said the first 'Microsoft Lumia' device will be announced soon

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Windows Diehard

What you'll love and hate about Windows 10

Hated Windows 8? Good news: Many of the features in Windows 10 aren't nearly as annoying

Windows 10 to get two-factor authentication built-in

The new OS will feature enhancements in areas like identity protection, data security and malware resistance

Windows 10

Microsoft already delivering a new Windows 10 beta update

Some fixes and improvements are introduced, and the company offers an update on initial feedback.

Microsoft discloses zero-day flaw, publishes quick fix

Attacks are under way using PowerPoint file, the company said

New Windows 10 TP build adds Windows Phone Action Center

The new build, out Tuesday, includes almost 7,000 changes, most of them bug fixes and improvements

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Microsoft partners with Docker to bring containers to Windows Server

Docker has up to now been only on Azure and Linux.

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Windows 10: The votes are pouring in for these 10 features

The people are speaking! Users of the Windows 10 Technical Preview can suggest and vote for desired features. Here are the features getting the most thumbs-up right now.

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Windows 10: A guided tour

Here are some of the most prominent changes to Windows 10 from its predecessor.

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Microsoft dabbles in per-user Windows licensing

For the first time, Microsoft will offer user-based Windows licenses to enterprises, a change one expert called "substantial" but another downplayed as unlikely to have much of an impact.

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ProduKey: Answers "what's my @#$% Microsoft key?" (but not in Klingon)

Finding Microsoft Product keys at short notice is usually a complete and utter pain but it's even worse when you really need a key and you've misplaced the paperwork ...

Microsoft Patch Tuesday tackles three critical vulnerabilities

The Sandworm vulnerability gets a fix with this month's round of corrective fixes for Microsoft software

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With 1 million users, Windows 10 is generating a lot of feedback

Microsoft is getting a lot of feedback from the more than 1 million users who have tried out WIndows 10, and the research suggests these users are making full use of the new OS.

Russian hackers exploit Windows zero-day flaw to target Ukraine, US organizations

The vulnerability allows for arbitrary code execution and affects many versions of Windows and Windows Server

Linux botnet Mayhem spreads through Shellshock exploits

The botnet targets Web servers that haven't been patched for recent vulnerabilities found in the Bash Linux shell

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Windows 10 Technical Preview deep-dive: A promise of better things to come

Microsoft's Windows 10 Technical Preview offers a first glimpse of the future of its operating system. Our reviewer takes a close look and thinks the upcoming OS could work.

Patch Tuesday: Windows, Internet Explorer need critical patches

Windows and Internet Explorer are need critical patches this month, according to Microsoft’s advanced notification about Patch Tuesday bulletins.

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Advice from an Apple tech: How to recover a mangled Windows drive with OS X

Chris Barylick had a problem: He'd inadvertently dropped his sister's PC laptop on the floor, munging its hard drive. Turns out his Mac was the best tool for fixing it.

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No, the Windows 10 preview's keylogger will not steal your bank information

Word hit last week that the beta for Winodws 10 had a keylogger built in and the web went nuts. Understandable, but also wrong.

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