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Considerations for Wi-Fi deployments in K-12 education settings

With the FCC's new in-school Wi-Fi initiative kicking into gear, schools need to take a few things into consideration before deploying.

Surface Pro 3 display

Analyst: Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 ranked among the best tablet displays

A report published Wednesday by DisplayMate's Raymond Soneira says Microsoft's latest Surface iteration receives top marks for color accuracy and power efficiency.

Mobile management: Making sense of your options

There are known, proven approaches to reduce those risks without disabling the benefit of consumerization

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Samsung delays Tizen OS launch indefinitely due to lack of apps

Samsung is delaying the release of the Samsung Z because it wanted time to "further enhance [the] Tizen ecosystem" before releasing it. Translation: the OS has no apps.

Samsung, Apple still dominate smartphones, but their shares slip

Vendors mainly from China are offering low-cost, high-quality alternatives, IDC says

How to find the hotels, beaches and airports with the best Wi-Fi

If you're looking for a place to stay this summer where you can hole up with Netflix in the evening, avoid some of the hotel industry's biggest names.

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Apple iWatch launch may be pushed back until December

The launch of Apple's iWatch has reportedly experienced production delays.

Amazon Fire teardown pegs parts cost just below 32GB iPhone 5S

New Dynamic Perspective sensors help boost cost, though display costs are minimal, IHS says

BlackBerry buying German firm for voice encryption

The secure mobile vendor wants to be more secure.BlackBerry plans to buy a German vendor specializing in voice encryption, apparently to extend the technology to its government and high-security enterprise customers.

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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending July 25

iWallet, separate dates, sapphire hopes, September uncertainty.

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No surprise in the numbers: Tablets are 'wants,' smartphones are 'needs'

Everyone would return home for a forgotten smartphone or notebook en route to work, but few would go back for a tablet.

Mobile security: A mother lode of new tools

You may know your smartphone, but pretty soon the question will be: How well does your smartphone know you?

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Bose sues Beats over noise-cancelling headphones

Bose last week filed patent infringement lawsuit against Beats

10 amazing (and bizarre) drone discoveries

From search-and-rescue missions to accidental discoveries of fossils and crimes, drones have been behind some fascinating discoveries.

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The only way legalizing cellphone unlocking will make a real difference

As President Obama prepares to sign a bill to once again legalize unlocking cellphones, there’s only one way it will make any real difference.

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How to get into drones for cheap

Looking for a new project for the dog-days this summer? Drones, for a few hundred bucks, will appeal to the tech-minded.

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OS X Yosemite public beta arrives

Apple starts distributing a pre-release version of the new OS X to a million testers.

French carrier Iliad offers to buy T-Mobile US

Iliad's offer could complicate a reported bid in the works by Sprint

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