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Are higher frequencies mobile's next frontier? The FCC wants to know

The agency is seeking comments on using spectrum above 24GHz for extra mobile capacity

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ios 8.1

Apple iOS 8.1 is here: Not your run of the mill Dot One release

Apple iOS 8.1 software release points to the future and harkens back to the past: NFC-powered Apple Pay comes to iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users in the United States, while the unceremoniously dumped Camera Roll feature is resurrected.

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Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst on the impact of cloud and mobile

Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst on where the cloud is winning and where it isn’t. Plus, how mobile drives infrastructure demand.

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How and where to use Apple Pay with your iPhone 6

With Monday's iOS 8.1 update, Apple Pay is now ready for the masses. Here's a quick guide on getting started.

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15 Must-Have Android, iOS apps for business travelers

Seasoned business travelers share their favorite Android and iOS apps for booking flights and hotels, navigating airports and unfamiliar cities, staying in touch while on the move, and much more.

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Apple takes jab at Android over platform fragmentation

Apple last week took a few shots at Android over the platform's fragmentation issues

Snapchat rolling out non-'creepy' ads that still might get creepy

The company has a fair amount of data that could be used to target its ads

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Samsung lurking in Millimeter spectrum

Samsung has its eye on the transfer of movies from mobile-device-to-home-TV and is looking for speed gains. Plus, it wants to speed up mobile networks.

Samsung sticks to US PC market with $249.99 Chromebook 2

Samsung's Chromebook 2 NP900X3E-A02US will ship in the U.S. next week for US$249.99

Google's ambitious broadband plans include testing wireless technology, filing shows

Reuters reports that wireless millimeter-wave technology could be part of Google's broadband future. Don't think of it as high-speed, ubiquitous wireless broadband, but rather a cost-saving measure for its Google Fiber infrastructure....

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Apple Pay hits U.S. stores Monday -- assuming buyers can find anywhere to use it

Apple Pay launches on Monday in the U.S., giving buyers new technology to make in-store and online payments using NFC-ready iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones. But will enough stores participate?

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Why Apple's new iPads are irrelevant

Now that Apple offers the iPhone 6 Plus, a smartphone/tablet hybrid itself, what reason do people have to buy the new iPad models?


Apple's iPad 2 vs. Google's Nexus 9: Comparing the two new tablets

Two great tablets announced in the same week, the iPad Air 2 and Nexus 9 are strikingly similar.

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Apple's most important iPad, iMac, OS X Yosemite, and other announcements this week

From the iPad Air 2 to a new iMac to OS X Yosemite, here is a rundown of the most important Apple news of the week.

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McDonald's CIO on Why It's Supporting Apple Pay on Launch Day

In an exclusive interview with CIO.com, McDonald's U.S. CIO talks about why the fast-food giant chose to support Apple's new contactless payment technology out of the gate and how it built on its experience with Google Wallet to help...

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Apple releases OS X Yosemite

Apple today launched OS X 10.10, aka Yosemite, as a free upgrade for most Mac owners.

Execs at Apple sapphire supplier sold $10M worth of stock before bankruptcy

Five top executives at GT Advanced Technologies, the New Hampshire company that was to supply Apple with scratch-resistant sapphire, cashed in stock worth more than $10 million in the five months before the company declared bankruptcy...

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Last minute iPad Air, iPad Mini, and iMac rumors ahead of Apple's special event

What fans can expect to see during Apple's special media event on Thursday

Will.i.am's beast of a smartwatch makes calls and more without needing a phone

But it does need a data plan from AT&T in the U.S. or from O2 in the U.K.

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