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091814 iphoneline

Going rogue

A quick drive around Washington DC found 15 rogue cell phone towers.

iphone 6 6 plus gallery

Watch video of the first iPhone 6...being dropped

A young man in Australia celebrates being the first iPhone 6 owner -- by accidentally dropping it.

Apple Watches

Apple Watch development involved hundreds of engineers, designers

Jony Ive recently shed some light on the design process behind Apple's recently unveiled Apple Watch

091814 android

Even if the iPhone steals Android users, Google still wins

Why users who migrate from Android to iOS are likely to continue using the same Google apps, just on a new device.

Virginia Tech researchers devise traffic app to rival weather apps

Virginia Tech researchers are developing a traffic app that uses cloud computing to help travelers get to their destination without getting stuck in a traffic jam or waylaid by an accident.


Eight is enough?

A number of this week's new and updated apps take advantage of new functionality in iOS 8. Plus, now you can make "Star Wars" movies on your iPhone. Cool, huh?

Citrix CEO Mark Templeton

Citrix touts new ‘software-defined workplace’ focus

Citrix rolls out software-defined workplace strategy

Back to the future: 13 year old video outlines Citrix's plan for the next 10 years

Video that Citrix created in 2001 to depict the future is a must-watch

iphone 5 6 6plus comparison primary 100413340 large.idge

Why the entry-level iPhone 6 has just 16GB of storage

While Apple offered several new features to its entry-level iPhone 6, it didn’t bump up the onboard storage capacity beyond where it was two years ago.

Apple iOS 8 on iPhone and iPad

Deep-dive review: iOS 8 packs some snappy new features

Apple's new iOS 8 mobile operating system is a snappy upgrade that includes interactive notifications, an updated Photo app and better integration between iOS and OS X devices.

ios8 icon tealbackground

iOS 8 has arrived

It’s time to upgrade.

os x yosemite icloud drive

iOS app devs warn customers off iOS 8's iCloud Drive

Third-party developers of iOS apps today urged iPhone and iPad users not to accept Apple's offer to upgrade iCloud storage to iCloud Drive after they install the new iOS 8.

Apple iOS 8 on the iphone 6

How will iPhone 6's Wi-Fi calling, VoLTE affect enterprise networks?

Wi-Fi calling and VoLTE might eventually change the way voice calls are handled in the enterprise.

iOS 8 is here – and it’s all over your network

The bad news, for the IT admin, is that iOS 8 comes out today, creating the usual raft of low-level headaches that accompanies the roll-out of new software.

Steve jobs headshot 2010

Steve Jobs's office at Apple remains exactly as he left it

Steve Jobs' office at Apple looks the same as it did the day the Apple co-founder died

apple pay credit cards primary 100413350 orig

Will Apple Pay Take Off (and Take Down BYOD)?

Apple Pay stands a good chance of making the mobile electronic wallet a reality. But one industry player says that if Apple Pay is a hit, ‘BYOD is dead.’

android malware

Browser vulnerability caps rough few months for Android security

It has been a summer of discontent for the Android security community, as a host of vulnerabilities large and small has arisen to plague the world’s most popular mobile OS. The revelation this week of a cross-site scripting flaw in...

Researchers' new app outs iPhone and Android phone energy hogs

Researchers from the United States and Sweden have launched free iOS and Android smartphone/tablet software that singles out which apps take the biggest toll on your device batteries and also visualizes fragmentation of Apple and...

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