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Getting a Java Web service to work

Dr. Internet By , Network World
June 28, 2004 12:11 AM ET
Steve Blass

Network World - We're deploying an existing Web service application to a new JBoss server by following the "Getting Started with JBoss" manual from, but the j2eetutorial examples file doesn't seem to match the documentation. The application is ready for deployment, but we can't seem to get the right files in the right places to make things work. Where can we find a JBoss example that works, or some tools to automate the deployment?

The manual is written for JBoss Version 3.2.3 and Version 1.3.X of the Java Software Development Kit (JSDK). The current production JBoss release is 3.2.4, and using Version 1.4X of the JSDK is recommended.

A note in the manual suggests downloading JSDK Version 1.3 of the j2eetutorial package from Sun for use with the examples, rather than JSDK Version 1.4, because the directory structure is not the same.

Deployment in JBoss is supposed to be as easy as copying the application's enterprise archive (EAR) file to the default/deploy directory.

Building and installing the EAR file can be automated with JBoss-IDE, an add-on for Eclipse ( that provides point-and-click application deployment for JBoss.

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