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By , Network World
August 07, 2006 12:07 AM ET

Network World - So we were discussing our wobbling office last week, which we discovered with the help of Microsoft MapPoint 2006 with GPS Locator. This curious phenomenon was caused by a continuously changing GPS positional error rather than our office really being physically unstable.

(Before we continue our GPS perambulations, a question: Has Microsoft Word's spell-checker ever just stopped working for you? Ours has. Before you ask, we did check under Tools | Options | Spelling & Grammar, and every choice is correctly set and we've rebooted. Twice. Any ideas?)

Back to MapPoint 2006. Now that we've run it for a bit longer we've noticed a few more problems.

First, if GPS tracking is on, and you select an area on the map and try to zoom in, you can't. The GPS tracking defeats the zoom operation. You have to enlarge the map using the zoom slider control.

Second (and more serious), after several hours of GPS tracking, the map display area wouldn't redraw properly, and just flashed a couple of times each second until the GPS was switched off. Another apparently related issue was the display not showing a complex track that occurred in a small area (actually, our GPS wobble trail) when the display was at maximum zoom.

These aren't real show-stoppers but are peculiar bugs for such an otherwise well-polished product.

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