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How to get rid of a separator page

Dr. Internet By , Network World
June 21, 2007 05:02 PM ET
Steve Blass

Network World - I’m trying to help someone get rid of a separator page that only gets printed when using Microsoft Office software. Printing from the browser or notepad does not print a separator page. There is a button in the printer properties that displays a Separator Page dialog, but that setting is blank.

The system uses Windows XP and SP2, and is up to date. The printer is a multifunction Canon MP460. I searched the Registry for any entries dealing with a banner page or a separator page but did not find anything. I tried printing to an HP Deskjet 952C. When I use Word it still prints a separator page that lists the document filename, directory, title, subject, author and some other items. Print preview does not display the extra page. Where is this separator page coming from and how do I get rid of it?


It sounds like Word is set to print out the document properties with each document. There is a check box to control that in Word’s File menu under Page Setup. Choose the Paper tab in the Page Setup dialog and click on the Print Options button there. This will bring up a dialog containing check boxes for a variety of printing options. In the middle part of that dialog panel there is a section labeled Include with Document. There you should see a check box for Document Properties. If you clear that check box Word should stop printing the separator page containing the document properties.

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