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Tasktop can track your to-do list

Dr. Internet By , Network World
February 12, 2008 03:32 PM ET
Steve Blass

Network World - I need help tracking my work-week to-do list. I’ve tried a number of approaches and tools but haven’t found anything that really ties my project items, e-mail and calendar(s) together. Can you recommend something that does?

Take a look at Tasktop, which provides a task-centered interface for tracking and managing the work week. The software extends the Eclipse Mylyn project tools with Windows desktop integration that includes the ability to drop Outlook e-mail directly into your task list by placing it in a folder named @tasktop along with calendar integration with Outlook and Google. There are two options for installing Tasktop. Eclipse: Users can install a set of Tasktop plugins to bring the Tasktop capabilities into their existing Eclipse installation, and there is a stand-alone version that can be downloaded, installed and used without any need for Eclipse. Tasktop brings your e-mail, calendars and Web browser together in one integrated interface that enables sharing between these multiple tools in such a way that you really can bring your entire work week and more together in one manageable package. I’m hooked. It took part of a day to learn the basics and begin pulling my existing lists of tasks and action items out of their multiple locations into Tasktop but now all of those things are listed in one place. The e-mail integration is a huge benefit. Beyond that the real power lies in the way Tasktop organizes artifacts around tasks. Search time has almost been eliminated by the way all the files and folders I have associated with a task are presented in a folder tree view when one selects a task to be the active task in the workspace. Switching tasks modifies the list of artifacts to show those that go with the active task. Tasktop is well worth a look if you find yourself spending much time managing your action item list rather than working on the tasks.

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