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Six products for Geekmas

Gibbs has half a dozen products that you might want to give your favorite geek this Christmas. Or you might just want them yourself.

By , Network World
December 05, 2012 03:06 PM ET

Network World - Seeing as we're on the run up to Christmas, this week I'm going to cover a few geeky products for travelers, road warriors (gad, but I hate that term), and gadget freaks that I've wanted to cover for a while and that you might wish to give or receive ... and they all get a Gearhead rating of 5 out of 5!

Duck tape

My first must-have pick is something that has many uses when traveling, the least of which would be to make it easier to identify your luggage in low light conditions (OK, that's a stretch but work with me here, people, work with me).

Yes, ShurTech Brands, the purveyors of Duck Brand Duck Tape now offer a Glow in the Dark version! How have we lived without this? $9.49 for 1.88 inches by 10 feet. Everyone in my family should expect a roll of this in their Christmas stockings this year.

Mophie case
Mophie case

So, if you hate the idea of your iPhone running out of power while struggling through the after-Christmas sales check out the Mophie battery cases.

I've tried the Mophie Juice Pack Plus for the iPhone 4 and 4S and it's terrific! It's one of the easiest designs to slide your iPhone into and out of and, providing 2,000 mAh, it more than doubles the run time of the iPhone 4 (which has a 1,420mAh battery) and the iPhone 4S (1,432mAh).

At $99.95 the Mophie Juice Pack will power you through the holidays and quite possibly beyond.

Verbatim Dual USB Power Pack <
Verbatim Dual USB Power Pack

If you're a serious traveller and the idea of your iPad (or whatever device you're using to stave off terminal boredom) running out of juice when you're halfway across the Atlantic fills you with dread, then the Verbatim Dual USB Power Pack might be the perfect solution.

This 10,000 mAh battery weighs a reasonable 0.717 pounds and provides two USB ports to simultaneously charge or power two devices. Verbatim claims a full charge can add "up to 42 hours of additional talk time, 120 hours of music time or 30 hours of additional video play" to an iPhone 4S.

I've carried it on several trips and, while it's a little larger than other solutions, the extra power means you can turn up the volume on your sounds and know you can drown out the endlessly crying baby in the seat behind you all the way to Hong Kong. I've found this product for as little as $44.06 online!

Sound Clarity S1450A In Ear Triple with Ear Hook
Sound Clarity S1450A In Ear Triple with Ear Hook

My beloved can't wear the earbud-style headphones that come with Apple products because, for reasons that I have yet to determine, they simply will not stay in her ears.

Then Ableplanet sent me their Sound Clarity S1450A In Ear Triple with Ear Hook (Black with Gun Metal Chrome) earphones to test. They were immediately loved by my beloved because they actually fit her ears comfortably, they didn't fall out, and the sound quality is outstanding!

The Sound Clarity S1450As provide a good amount of exterior sound isolation, includes something the company calls LINX AUDIO that enhances reproduced sound, and the cord includes a multi-function controller with microphone so you can play, pause and advance music as well as answer and hang up calls.

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