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OUTLOOK 2013 - ILLUSTRATION: Skip Sterling

Outlook 2013 ... Even more interesting than 2012!

Backspin By , Network World
January 02, 2013 10:31 AM ET

Network World - "May you live in interesting times" -- often referred to as "the Chinese curse."

Whoooosh! You know what that sound was? That was the sound of 2012 passing into history and while the view of the past year in your rearview mirror may be in reasonably sharp focus, to clearly see what 2013 will bring you need me to corral the auguries, marshal the ghost of IT Future, and scour the industry.

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Before we look forward let's look back and see how I did with [my predictions from last year?

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I started with "Annoying stuff: Botnets, malware, hackers, distributed DoS attacks, spam, phishing." Yep, all of these were huge features of the 2012 IT landscape. General K.B. Alexander, director of the National Security Agency (NSA) and chief at the Central Security Service (CSS), noted at a recent conference: "Symantec placed the cost of IP theft to the United States companies in $250 billion a year, global cybercrime at $114 billion annually ($388 billion when you factor in downtime), and McAfee estimates that $1 trillion was spent globally under remediation."

Annoying stuff in 2012 has to be scored as "true" and thus I get a point. One for one.

My prediction concerning Analytics and Big Data - that "All organizations will dig deeper into their data to understand the hows and whys of consumer behavior [and the] theory and practice of mining enormous data sets will continue to be explored and used for commercial purposes as companies try to identify consumer trends and find subtle correlations between consumers and their behaviors" - couldn't have been more true giving me another point.

As for my prediction that cloud stuff would be "even bigger than it was in 2011, and, from an enterprise viewpoint, even more problematic when it comes to security" definitely hit the nail on the head and my score increases again by one. Three for three.

I also predicted an analytics backlash because the "results of the fields of analytics and big data will start to really creep people out over 2012 and, while consumers will complain about privacy issues, nothing will be done because of the big money involved in being able to sell more, predict fraud, evaluate credit worthiness, and so on."

This prediction was true in so far as people who were paying attention to privacy issues did start to get really creeped out. It was stories such as Target identifying a teenager as pregnant and inadvertently ratting her out to her parents that underlined the risks ... but only if your understand what this all implies. Plus one, methinks.

My prediction concerning the consumerization of IT was spot on given that many of you have and continue to wrestle with this trend bringing my score to five for five.

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