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Robin Gareiss

Branch Office Best Practices

By Robin Gareiss

Robin Gareiss is executive vice president and senior founding partner for Nemertes Research, where she develops and manages research projects and cost models, conducts strategic seminars, and advises key clients. She currently serves as CFO, as well. Contact her.

Some things never change...
Like most people, I took some time off after Christmas and tried to make at least some of that time productive. So, I put on my Hazmat gear and devoted an entire day to a long-dreaded task: cleaning my office.
Bandwidth optimization boosts branch office capacity, insight
Providing connectivity to branch offices may not be as easy — or as affordable — as it sounds. Determining the right capacity, finding the appropriate carrier or carriers, managing installation and troubleshooting, and figuring out when it is time to upgrade is time consuming and often frustrating.
Large branch offices require different attention
How to develop a branch-office strategy
Knowing what’s out yonder
One of the most important strategies of effective branch-office management is simply knowing what you’re managing. It sounds pretty basic, but many IT executives haven’t identified and categorized their branch-office inventories.
Branch office IT strategies are vital
Branch offices - and particularly the employees in them - have quickly become critical assets to the majority of companies and organizations.

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