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12 cool cross-platform tools for Windows, Macs and Linux

By Ron Barrett on Mon, 08/11/08 - 2:22pm.
    6. PurplePixie Systems' FreeNATS

Available as an installable PHP package or as a virtual appliance. FreeNATS is a product that is in the stable beta stage. FreeNATS allows you to test your network and generate reporting to give you a bird's eye view of what is happening in your organization. Now, this is not a complete "enterprise" solution but it has the base features needed for the SMB to create scheduled and on-demand tests of the "mission critical" network applications and protocols. Plus you can't beat the price -- FreeNATS is free and of course, it is also cross-platform. This product is being actively improved upon through user feedback and continues to add testing functions. Download and test drive this software. I've really found it to be a great tool to help automate a testing environment.