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Juniper opens arms to OpenDaylight

Once dismissive, member now submissive as it contributes plugin, steering committee rep
Submitted by Jim Duffy on Mon, 04/21/14 - 4:52pm.

Juniper has submitted a plugin for its open source SDN controller to the OpenDaylight Project, an effort Juniper's a member of but has publicly dismissed.

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Ex-Cisco Linksys says it doesn't Heartbleed

Routers don't implement vulnerable version of OpenSSL, according to new owner Belkin
Submitted by Jim Duffy on Fri, 04/11/14 - 9:48am.

In the wake of the Heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability, reports have surfaced that home routers are especially susceptible to the bug.

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Cisco's mixed messages

Company scrambles for clarity after OpFlex introduction
Submitted by Jim Duffy on Tue, 04/08/14 - 10:14am.

In positioning its OpFlex policy protocol and the declarative policy programming model in which it operates, Cisco marketing officials noted repeatedly how it was an optimal southbound protocol alternative to OpenFlow, OVSDB and the imperative network programmability model preferred by many others in the industry, including VMware - sans OpenFlow.

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Cisco challenger Arista files to go public

Impressive growth since shipping product in 2008, but a dispute with EOS supplier could put it at risk
Submitted by Jim Duffy on Mon, 03/31/14 - 5:12pm.

Arista Networks has filed to go public at $200 million under the symbol ANET. The company has seen steady revenue growth since 2010, with a compound annual growth rate of 71%, according to its S-1 filing.

In 2013, Arista's revenue grew 87% from 2012, to $361.2 million. Net income grew from $2.4 million in 2010 to $42.5 million in 2013, a CAGR of 105%.

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Cisco's cloud services reversal was inevitable

Market dynamics forced it to compete with customers 3 years after pledging not to
Submitted by Jim Duffy on Wed, 03/26/14 - 2:56pm.

Cisco had no choice but to enter the cloud services market this week even after pledging not to do so three years ago, according to two analysts.

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Cisco CTO Warrior joins Box board

Cloud storage company seeks experience as it prepares for IPO
Submitted by Jim Duffy on Fri, 03/21/14 - 4:09pm.

Box, a cloud-based storage company that's expected to soon go public, named Cisco CTO and Strategy Officer Padmasree Warrior to its board. Box said Warrior's experience in enterprise technology and global strategy will help Box manage growth and "realize its mission."

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Everyone wants open source SDNs

OpenDaylight commissioned study uncovers a shocker
Submitted by Jim Duffy on Wed, 03/19/14 - 11:08am.

Nearly all respondents to an OpenDaylight survey on SDN and NFV want open source in their implementations.

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Cisco looking into Russian operations

Investigating possible violations of Foreign Corrupt Practices Act at behest of SEC
Submitted by Jim Duffy on Fri, 03/14/14 - 5:00pm.

Cisco is investigating activities in Russia that may have violated the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977. The investigation is at the request of the Securities and Exchange Commission, according to a Cisco public filing.

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10G and 12 years later...

Gigabit Ethernet finally unseated as the predominant data center Ethernet network
Submitted by Jim Duffy on Thu, 03/13/14 - 2:52pm.

It took 12 years for 10G Ethernet to unseat Gigabit Ethernet as the predominant Ethernet networking technology in the data center. Ten gigabit Ethernet surpassed Gigabit Ethernet in the latter part of 2013 after some "robust" year-end growth, says Crehan Research.

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Cisco shows Rob Ford no respect

Crack smoking Toronto mayor feels slighted in $100 million investment plan
Submitted by Jim Duffy on Tue, 03/11/14 - 3:01pm.

Embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is feeling slighted by Cisco. His crack smoking honor wasn't invited to the Cisco announcement that it's investing $100 million in the city as one of its four global innovation hubs.

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Take back the network

Enterprises need SDNs so they can control their own networking destiny
Submitted by Jim Duffy on Thu, 03/06/14 - 7:04pm.

What do enterprises need from SDNs? Perhaps more than anything, control of their own networking destiny.

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Did Cisco miss a WLAN opportunity?

Ubiquiti shareholder says $8 billion bond sale could have been better spent on gigabit Wi-Fi company
Submitted by Jim Duffy on Fri, 02/28/14 - 4:59pm.

There's an intriguing post on Seeking Alpha suggesting that Cisco buy gigabit Wi-Fi company Ubiquiti Networks and groom its CEO, Robert Pera, to be Cisco's next CEO.

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White box drives record 2013 in Ethernet switching

Cloud, enterprise data centers stoke $22B market; Cisco shrugs off rumored Juniper/NSN union
Submitted by Jim Duffy on Tue, 02/25/14 - 11:52am.

Call it the March of the White Brigade. Sales of white box switches outpaced the Ethernet switch market as a whole in 2013, which was a record year for switch sales, according to Dell'Oro Group.

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Cisco's product transitions hitting router share

Lost 5% in 2013 as customers mull migration to CRS-X, NCS
Submitted by Jim Duffy on Fri, 02/21/14 - 5:48pm.

Perhaps an indication of the tricky product transition it's going through, Cisco's share of the service provider router market slipped 5% in 2013 while Alcatel-Lucent and Juniper gained. Cisco's share slipped from 49% in Q1 to 44% in Q4 of 2013, according to Synergy Research Group.

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Memory glitch hits Cisco's Q2

Earnings impacted by faulty DRAM chips; Micron's name pops up as the supplier
Submitted by Jim Duffy on Fri, 02/14/14 - 2:58pm.

Cisco's earnings for the second quarter of fiscal 2014 were impacted by a $655 million charge to fix faulty memory components in a range of products. The buggy memory products were manunfactured by a single supplier between 2005 and 2010, Cisco said during its Q2 earnings conference call this week.

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Cisco's Q1 issues carry over into Q2

Emerging market softness, product transitions and service provider slide continues
Submitted by Jim Duffy on Wed, 02/12/14 - 8:28pm.

The same three issues that plagued Cisco's Q1 impacted the company's second quarter as well: softness in emerging markets, order and revenue depression in service provider video, and new product transitions. This is despite the company actually beating Wall Street estimates in revenue and earnings per share.

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Cisco protects itself and its customers

3 patent deals this week seek to stave off litigation; a fourth in SDN?
Submitted by Jim Duffy on Fri, 02/07/14 - 5:21pm.

Cisco's patent licensing deals with Google and Samsung this week are intended to avoid costly litigation so the licensing companies can focus on product development. Google and Samsung took care of that themselves late last month. 

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Will open source SDNs provide relief?

OpenDaylight panel discusses when to standardize, when to innovate to tackle enterprise, service provider challenges
Submitted by Jim Duffy on Wed, 02/05/14 - 12:38am.

The needs of enterprises and service providers diverge when it comes to software-defined networking. Enterprises are the ones looking for capital and operational cost relief, while service providers require new service velocity, panelists at the inaugural OpenDaylight Summit said this week.

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Cisco's SDN defense takes a hit

JP Morgan downgrades stock, says price comparisons with merchant switching off base
Submitted by Jim Duffy on Tue, 01/28/14 - 1:37pm.

JP Morgan has downgraded Cisco's stock based on challenges in emerging markets, and on the potential impact of software-defined networking (SDNs).

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Switching highlights Juniper's Q4

New CEO Kheradpir has an efficiency plan in the works but company might want to stay the switching course for now
Submitted by Jim Duffy on Fri, 01/24/14 - 10:06am.

Juniper might want to think twice about fiddling with its switching business, as one activist investor advises. Switching was a highlight in Juniper's fourth quarter, 2013, results, having jumped 36% from last year and 35% from last quarter to $199 million, based on strong demand for both the EX and QFabric lines.

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