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Video surveillance moves to IT

What new video skills does the IT staff need to have?
Submitted by Keith Shaw on Fri, 04/11/14 - 11:49am.

A recent survey conducted by Enterprise Security Group (on behalf of Axis Communications) says more IT departments are getting involved in video surveillance projects.

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Head scanning, bobbleheads and other 3D printer fun

Highlights from the Inside 3D Printing conference in New York
Submitted by Keith Shaw on Sat, 04/05/14 - 9:13am.

I spent the past two days in New York with Computerworld Senior Writer Lucas Mearian at the Inside 3D Printing conference, hearing the latest on how 3D printers will impact several industries, including aeronautics, space exploration, medicine, manufacturing, food preparation and even fashion.

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Field Report: Interop 2014 (video)

What are the news stories and trends from this year's networking show?
Submitted by Keith Shaw on Thu, 04/03/14 - 8:19pm.

This is one of the first times I haven't been able to attend the annual Interop networking show, but thanks to the magic of Google Hangouts, I can still feel like I know what's going on. Check out this quick conversation that I had with Brandon Butler, cloud computing reporter extraordinaire, about the trends and news from the show:

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What will the Web look like in 2039? (Google Hangout)

Predictions about the InterWebCloudNetwork we’ve all grown to love and hate
Submitted by Keith Shaw on Mon, 03/31/14 - 1:43pm.

With the recent marking of the 25th anniversary of the World Wide Web (although as my guest points out, the Internet has been around much longer), I had a chance to do a video chat via Google+ Hangout with Nathaniel Borenstein of Mimecast about the past and future of the Web.

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Let's not get too giddy over Facebook buying Oculus - remember Second Life?

The last time someone went gaga over virtual reality we were assaulted with animated penises
Submitted by Keith Shaw on Wed, 03/26/14 - 1:53pm.

The Internet-o-sphere is bubbling today with random squeals of glee and horror over Facebook buying Oculus, developer of the experienced-by-developers-and-bloggers-and-other-tech-elites-but-not-yet-mainstream Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.

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Spam in the fridge may soon have second meaning

Security threats for Internet of Things, bootkits discussed in this month's Security Threat Landscape
Submitted by Keith Shaw on Wed, 03/19/14 - 10:57am.

When Derek Manky, my co-host on Security Threat Landscape, began mentioning the possibility of Internet of Things-connected devices like refrigerators becoming nodes for spambots in this month's episode, my brain started racing about possibilities for "Spam in the Fridge, Spam From the Fridge" types of puns.

So I apologize if I look distracted during some of this discussion.

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Video: What is OpenID Connect? (Google Hangout)

New standard aims to make authentication for websites and apps easier and safer
Submitted by Keith Shaw on Wed, 03/12/14 - 9:57am.

The OpenID Connect standard was recently ratified by members of the OpenID community, which lets develpers create more secure identity processes that can be used across websites, applications or any computing or mobile device.

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Video: Basketball and Big Data

How analytics can predict who makes it to the "Big Dance"
Submitted by Keith Shaw on Fri, 03/07/14 - 10:04am.

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Telepresence Test Drive: I try not to crash a robot

Up close with the Beam+ telepresence robot
Submitted by Keith Shaw on Wed, 01/29/14 - 3:25pm.

One of the companies making a big splash at this year's International CES was Suitable Technologies, which was showing off its new Beam+ (or Beam Plus) telepresence robot. For those who haven't yet seen one, a telepresence robot combines a tablet or computer with a couple of video cameras (one on the front, one that looks down at the wheels) attached to wheels via a support pole.

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Tumblr for the win: Terms of Service worth reading

Why can't everyone write their TOS like this?
Submitted by Keith Shaw on Tue, 01/28/14 - 5:08pm.

In case you haven't logged in to Tumblr recently, the site has updated its Terms of Service and asking its users to read them and agree to them, much like every other site that changes its policies.

However, instead of just clicking on the "I agree" button, take a few minutes to be entertained by the way that Tumblr wrote its TOS for users - as they basically summarize a lot of the legalese for you and throw in some attitude. For example, here's the first summary:


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Logitech aims to video-enable every conference room

Webcam, speakerphone for non-telepresence systems (basically, the rest of us)
Submitted by Keith Shaw on Mon, 01/27/14 - 4:38pm.

Your videoconferencing experience is likely one of two scenarios - you work for a company that has a large telepresence system that costs thousands of dollars, and you can only use the system if you have a C in your title; or you boot up your notebook and use the embedded webcam on your notebook and call someone via Skype or some other chat program.

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Target breach update, bad passwords and mobile malware turns 10

Security Threat Landscape - January 2014
Submitted by Keith Shaw on Mon, 01/27/14 - 3:43pm.

It's time once again for our monthly security video series, "Security Threat Landscape", in which Fortinet global security strategist Derek Manky and I chat about the latest security threats. In this month's episode, we chat about the latest information on the Target data breach, the list of the most commonly used passwords ("password" no longer #1!) and the 10-year-anniversary of mobile malware.



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When will everyone be wearing their cameras?

New gadgets will record human-to-human interaction - the future will be recorded
Submitted by Keith Shaw on Tue, 01/21/14 - 3:43pm.

I realized today I had forgotten to post at least one more video from CES 2014 - it was this interview with Steve Ward of VIEVU, which was showing off its new VIEVU2 (pronounced "Vee View Squared") wearable video camera. The company makes body-worn video cameras for police officers, and the VIEVU2 is aimed at the prosumer market, but this includes professionals such as "private security, insurance, facilities management, transportation, inspection and service," etc.



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Stuff from CES you might actually use

Forget about curved TVs, 4K UHD and virtual-reality goggles - here's gear you may actually buy in 2014
Submitted by Keith Shaw on Mon, 01/13/14 - 12:48pm.

Last week's International CES brought about another slew of hyped products, ranging from curved television sets (I'm still not clear on why that's supposed to be so cool) to virtual-reality goggles meant to compete with the still-in-beta Google Glass product.

While my main job was to shoot video segments for IDG Enterprise (you can see some of the results in this post, as well as in our video section), I did have some time to meet with companies in the home networking markets as well as other companies providing some cool new gadgets.

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Security Threat Landscape: Predictions for 2014

Piggybacking malware and cross-breeding botnets among next year's security trends
Submitted by Keith Shaw on Tue, 12/17/13 - 1:37pm.

Welcome to another edition of "Security Threat Landscape", a joint production between Network World and Fortinet. Keith Shaw and Derek Manky discuss some of the latest security threats via this monthly video podcast.

This month, Derek rolls out some of his security predictions for 2014.


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Security Threat Landscape: Bad BIOS malware concept and CryptoLocker update

November episode discusses the latest data security threats
Submitted by Keith Shaw on Fri, 11/15/13 - 10:42am.

Check out the latest episode of "Security Threat Landscape", a monthly video podcast co-produced by Network World and Fortinet. This month, Fortinet's Derek Manky and Network World's Keith Shaw (hey, that's me!) discuss the Bad BIOS Malware proof-of-concept (including a discussion of what an air-gapped network is), the Supermicro IPMI bug that in theory could attack BIOS-level control or servers at server farms, and the CryptoLocker ransomware infections, and why everyone needs to back up their data NOW.


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10 great videos from DEMO Fall 2013

Technology innovations, funky apps and a really cool motorcycle helmet highlight annual startup tech show
Submitted by Keith Shaw on Thu, 10/17/13 - 6:07pm.

Greetings from Santa Clara, Calif., where the annual DEMO startup show is winding down. For the past two days, we've heard from 41 startups launching new products upon the world. Will one of these be the next big thing? Perhaps. While launching a product at a show like DEMO seems like a hard prospect, the hard work continues for these startups as they grow their business.

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Kindle MatchBook: Final nail in the printed book's coffin?

Amazon gives less expensive way to rebuild your e-book collection
Submitted by Keith Shaw on Tue, 09/03/13 - 11:48am.

My transition from the printed page to e-book has been a very slow one, which is odd considering how actively I embrace new technologies. While other friends and family members voraciously adopted reading books on their Kindle devices (or iPads, etc.), I still preferred thumbing through a new hardcover book or paperback, especially when I was reading in bed or on a cross-country flight.

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Lenovo updates business notebooks pre-IFA

New ThinkPads coming next month
Submitted by Keith Shaw on Tue, 09/03/13 - 9:51am.

Lenovo has announced a new set of ThinkPad business notebooks as part of its announcements at the upcoming IFA show in Berlin. Going thinner and lighter, the new ThinkPad T440s, T440, and X240 notebooks feature Lenovo’s new Power Bridge technology, which aims to extend battery life for users through a hot-swappable battery system.

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Mini-rant: Life was better when we had video stores

We still don't live in an on-demand world
Submitted by Keith Shaw on Thu, 08/29/13 - 11:14am.

Anyone who thinks our world of entertainment is better with 20 different Internet streaming options as opposed to a video store is deluding themselves. Retailers like Blockbuster Video and Hollywood Video (the one I used to visit regularly has turned into a Verizon Wireless store) have all vanished because people started to watch Internet streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus, etc.

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