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Exploiting dead celebrities to sell a startup

By Paul McNamara on Tue, 02/27/07 - 4:42pm.

Getting your own brand of tastelessness noticed amid the infinitely tasteless Anna Nicole Smith business would seem to be an exercise in futility, or at least one attempted only by seasoned professionals such as those at Fox News.

Yet a new company by the name of has thrown caution to wind with its issuance of a press release headlined: "ANNA NICOLE SMITH WOULD BE SIX FEET UNDER IF SHE HAD KEEPYOUSAFE.COM."

It doesn't get any better:

New York, NY - February 27, 2007 - What do former playmate Anna Nicole Smith and Godfather of Soul James Brown have in common? No, Brown didn't father Smith's child (at least as far as we know.) But even if they didn't get together in life they share the same problem in death - their embalmed bodies are trapped in legal limbos. And both could have been resting in peace by now if they'd had Online Safety Deposit Boxes from

Another editor here made a compelling case for me to skip writing this post (not compelling enough, obviously). He suggested, quite logically, that it's exactly what the company wants, no matter how loudly I might cluck.

So be it.

The company Web site identifies its leading "executives" as Eric Wolbrom and Scott C. Sanchez. The press release contact is Steven Blinn from an outside PR agency.

Here's my question for Wolbrom, Sanchez and Blinn: You fellas going to print out that release and bring it home to show the wives and kids? Maybe mail a copy to Mom and Dad?

Go ahead, make 'em proud.

(Wednesday update: If you're strong of stomach and interested in reading the entire release, you can see it on this blog. Curiously (or not), I am unable to find it on the company's site today.)

(Wednesday evening update: Don’t you dare miss “Exploiting dead celebrities: Part 2.”)