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HP calculator contest: Show us your video

By Alpha Doggs on Thu, 04/05/07 - 9:16am.

HP is running a contest in which it is inviting users of its handheld calculators to send in short videos to  tell their stories of using the devices HP has been selling for 35 years.

The "HP Calculator Casting Call" contest . runs through May 31 and is open to U.S. residents. The prize is an all-expenses paid trip to Hollywood to take part in the HP Golden Calculator Awards ceremony in July. Videos can be done in any style but are limited to three minutes in length and 100MB in file size. Categories such as best actor and most technical will be judged by a panel arranged by HP. A Voter's Choice award will also be given, based on the public's votes.

 “HP calculator users’ passion and loyalty are legendary. With this contest, we want to capture and share this enthusiasm and creative energy with the rest of the world, including the new online generation,” said Jeff Robbins, director of marketing, Calculator Division, Personal Systems Group, in a statement. HP.

HP introduced what it calls the world’s first scientific pocket calculator – the HP-35 – in 1972. The company still sells a variety of calculators , including those popular in the financial industry.

Of course, even HP's calculators can't compete, from an historical perspective, with the ancient Antikythera Mechanism celebrated late last year.