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Startup to call for workplace iPod ban

By Paul McNamara on Fri, 04/06/07 - 8:44am.

Fresh on the heels of yesterday's somewhat pooh-poohed announcement of an iPod proof-of-concept virus, a startup called NextSentry is gearing up to lead the charge for a workplace ban on the gadgets.

Coffee pots will go first in most offices, of course, at least those that don't already forbid the music players on goof-off grounds. And, yes, NextSentry sells products designed to among other things stop what it calls "pocket fraud" enabled by iPods, other MP3 players and small USB storage devices.

Make what you will of the headline grab, but here is NextSentry's pitch to a Network World reporter:

NextSentry has seen employees increasingly confident in using traditional removable storage devices like memory sticks and CDs to improperly extract data from the enterprise with tools that fit in their pocket. However, the company now believes that the use of iPods for "Pod Slurping" could be one of the biggest "Pocket Fraud" assets for rogue employees to store a variety of confidential data and should be banned until proper policy enforcement capabilities are in place.

With the average Word document averaging 25K to 30K, a 20GB iPod could hold more than 750,000 documents, which NextSentry believes should cause alarm for any company concerned about insider threats.

While this "news" was supposed to be embargoed until next week, the mocking has already begun over at Wired.