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Can Microsoft cause kidney stones?

By Keith Shaw on Wed, 05/02/07 - 9:39am.

I'm pretty good at wading through badly written press releases, especially the ones that try to get cute or funny, because they usually fail.

But this pitch for CodeWeavers' new version of CrossOver Mac (software that lets Mac OS X users run Windows applications without a Windows license) does a great job – it disguises the normal product pitch with a funny story about how the COO of the company got kidney stones while developing the new version of the software, and he blamed Microsoft all the way.

Jon Parshall, CodeWeavers COO, blames his kidney stones on MicrosoftMy favorite line from the press release, where 44-year-old Jon Parshall (pictured) talks about his kidney stone ordeal: "Sure, at some level I blame the long hours sitting on my behind keying in code and consuming mass quantities of soda, coffee, chocolate and peanuts for these devilish stones," Parshall said. "But above all I blame Microsoft Windows, because were it not for Microsoft's equally fiendish OS monopoly, I would not have been spending so much time trying to make a few more apps run under our new version of CrossOver - which, by the way, can be ordered on a free 30-day trial basis at"


Of course, the software sounds pretty cool as well.

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