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Who are the 3 faces of Vista?

By Paul McNamara on Tue, 06/12/07 - 11:07am.

Presume we'll know soon enough, but right now bloggers are asking about the identity of three fellows featured in a tiny Easter eggish photo on the Windows Vista DVD cover. ... I've asked Microsoft PR.

(Update: Well, that didn't take long. Here's the reply I just received from Microsoft's PR agency: "Thanks for your patience as I worked with your request. I connected with my colleagues, and learned, we do not have a comment to share. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance."

Yes, I followed up with the obvious "why don't you have a comment to share"? Don't expect much in the way of enlightenment, given my track record getting Microsoft to answer questions it would for whatever unfathomable reason prefer not to answer.

Guess we're going to have to wait for someone to dime the people in the picture.)

(Thursday update: Mystery solved.)

(Update 2: Poking around a little more on this we learn that the question has been out there for more than a month now. That means at least two things: The answer is very likely out there, too; and that makes it even more puzzling that Microsoft won't share it.)

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