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Cisco partners with EMC to enter the data-leak prevention arena

There are two major conferences opening this week with Cisco making announcements at both of them. The 12th annual Cisco Partner Summit kicks off in Honolulu with services and collaboration being key themes. Check out Cisco Subnet ChannelGuy's blog for more on that. In the less balmy streets of San Francisco Cisco is at the RSA Conference this week announcing a pact with EMC that will enable the network giant to enter the data-leak prevention market. The two companies also plan to work on a number of initiatives that also data center security, data encryption, and RSA Key management, plus the duo will expand on their Payment Card Industry reference architecture.

According to a Cisco news release, Cisco will integrate data-classification tefchology from RSA's DLP Suite with Cisco's DLP capabilities in the network and on desktop and server endpoints, and RSA will use Cisco policy enforcement capabilities with the RSA DLP Suite. With the two companies collaborating in the data center, customers will be able to encrypt data-at-rest stored on tapes and virtual tapes through the integration of Cisco MDS 9000 Storage Media Encryption (SME) and the RSA Key Manager, according to Cisco. This feature will be available in May. Meanwhile, Cisco will update its Cisco Lean Retail security system that incorporates five RSA PCI features to include the Cisco Application Control Engine Web Application Firewall.

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