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Microsoft's Origami Project is …

By Paul McNamara on Thu, 02/23/06 - 5:07pm.

(There's a Buzzblog March 9 update on Project Origami here.)

They're asking the question over at Scobleizer … and Microsoft's Robert Scoble isn't offering more than hints. Visitors are just guessing.
The Origami Project's teaser of a Web site offers even less … but does have an RSS feed.
Fortunately, we know someone who knows for certain. According to an industry source who has seen the thing and calls it "very cool," Origami is one and the same with this ultraportable "lifestyle PC" we were talking about here earlier today. This source is under NDA, an honest fellow and unwilling to share more than his help connecting the dots.
Earlier this month, the author of a blog called Engadget described the device this way: "According to at least one report, Bill Mitchell, Corporate Vice President of the Mobile Platform Division, showed a slide that outlined specs for the new PC category, including that it be wearable, always on, no larger than 10-inches, connected through 3G networks, pen-based, and have a suggested retail price of $500 or less. … One notable spec that could differentiate this one: Microsoft is apparently insisting that this run the full version of Windows."
The Origami Project Web site promises there will be news March 2.

UPDATE: Check out this post for new details, including a video clip.