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So who's getting auto-updates of Solaris 10 near you?

By NetworkWorld Community on Wed, 12/20/06 - 11:49am.

Sun has built a Google Maps mashup that lets you see who's set up their servers to retrieve automatic updates of Solaris software. No, they don't provide company names, but this is Google Maps, after all, so you can see where exactly these people are, the nearest cross streets, etc.

Sun's Jonathan Schwartz writes:

The northernmost download I could find was far north of Helsinki - for those that observe Christmas, rumor has it Santa Claus runs the entire North Pole CRM and distribution facilities on a large Solaris/PostgresSQL grid (running on recycled Dell boxes, curiously enough). He lets our update center handle all the patch management.

But I'd like to stress that's just a rumor at this point. We do not have Santa's permission for a customer reference.

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