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First real glimpse of Apple's iPhone 5

Thinnest, lightest iPhone ever, with Retina display of 326ppi
Submitted by Alpha Doggs on Tue, 09/11/12 - 4:52pm.

UPDATE: Here's the full-blown Macworld account of the Apple iPhone 5 news.

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iPhone 6 renders based on leaked schematics

New iPhone 6 renderings based on leaked schematics have surfaced
Submitted by Yoni Heisler on Fri, 04/18/14 - 3:43pm.

It's that time of year again, folks. With spring steadily approaching, the iPhone rumor mill is kicking into high gear. Over the last 2-3 weeks, we've seen a marked increase in the number of stories purporting to show and detail what Apple's upcoming iPhone 6 design will look like and the features it will house.

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DARPA developing the ultimate auto-pilot software

Submitted by Layer 8 on Fri, 04/18/14 - 3:41pm.

Call it the ultimate auto-pilot - an automated system that can help take care of all phases of aircraft flight-even perhaps helping pilots overcome system failures in-flight.

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Cellphone kill switches: Finally some good security news

The deal won't completely stop mobile phone thefts, but it will make a huge difference in mobile security and privacy.
Submitted by Fredric Paul on Fri, 04/18/14 - 2:16am.

In the wake of Heartbleed and Target and NSA surveillance, it’s nice to finally see some good news on the security and privacy front.

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Kubi: Really cool, effective, robotic telepresence

See and be seen in meetings with Kubi
Submitted by Mark Gibbs on Thu, 04/17/14 - 7:53pm.

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Ex-Symbian, Psion exec crowdsources heartfelt song stemming from Boston Marathon tragedy

Crowdsourced "We Will Run Again" features nearly 100 voices
Submitted by Alpha Doggs on Thu, 04/17/14 - 5:20pm.

National Public Radio's WBUR has revisited a story it did last May in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing that featured a Massachusetts songwriter named Stephen Randall who penned a tune called “We Will Run Again.”

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NASA Kepler spies Earth-sized planet in habitable zone

Kepler sighting is more reminiscent of Earth than other previously spotted planets
Submitted by Layer 8 on Thu, 04/17/14 - 4:47pm.

NASA today said its planet hunting Kepler Space Telescope has spotted what the agency called the first Earth-size planet orbiting a star in the "habitable zone" -- the range of distance from a star where liquid water might pool on the surface of an orbiting planet.

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The Future of Network Security in the Data Center – Flexible, Distributed, and Virtual

Central management and migration across a multitude of form factors is critical
Submitted by joltsik on Thu, 04/17/14 - 2:28pm.

Think of a modern enterprise data center.  There are likely hundreds of physical servers hosting thousands of VMs.  Individual systems are connected via 10gbE links that likely feed 40gb cores.  Local data centers connect over DWDM, remote data centers use MPLS, and cloud data centers chat amongst each other over high-speed VPNs.

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Bill Buckner is the butt of painfully funny 404 error page

Redesigned dredges up misery of 1986 World Series
Submitted by Paul McNamara on Thu, 04/17/14 - 11:13am.

Baseball fans will require no explanation to appreciate this 404 error page delivered by the newly redesigned

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Americans are scared about the future of drones, robots, and wearables

And why we should be more scared about robots.
Submitted by Open Source Community on Thu, 04/17/14 - 10:36am.

Generally, most Americans are optimistic about the impact of technology on the future, specifically in regards to its impact on healthcare. A recent Pew Research report shows that 81% of responding Americans expect that patients in need of a transplant will be able to receive lab-grown organs within the next 50 years, for example.

However, concerns over technology that is already controversial today trump the optimism overall. From the report:

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MongoDB 2.6 - NoSQL all grown up

New release has MongoDB living up to its potential.
Submitted by Alan Shimel on Thu, 04/17/14 - 10:00am.

NoSQL databases have been bursting into the market for a few years now. However, many DBAs still winked and smiled when discussing NoSQL, the way an older cousin looks down on a younger relative. Cute and sassy, but really if you want to play with toys, go ahead. With the latest release of MongoDB, that is just not the case anymore. MongoDB 2.6 is NoSQL all grown up.

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OpenStack’s latest Icehouse release hits the streets

New features make OpenStack easier to install, manage
Submitted by Brandon Butler on Thu, 04/17/14 - 9:54am.

OpenStack releases a new version of its open source cloud computing code twice a year. And today is the day for Icehouse, the first release of 2014.

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IDC’s Directions 14: Some Interesting Observations on Mobility – and Beyond

IDC’s annual Directions conference focused this year on the “Third Platform”, which has mobility at its core. But there’s a lot more to this concept, with huge implications for the future of IT overall.
Submitted by Craig Mathias on Thu, 04/17/14 - 9:16am.

I recently attended IDC's annual Directions conference in Boston, and this information-packed event is always worth a visit. IDC is, of course, the original analyst firm, today with over 1,000 analysts and always a fairly quantitative approach to the IT industry. I don't think it's possible to agree with every pronouncement that any analyst firm makes (including my own, by the way), but the reasoning behind and the discussion and debate surrounding these create an interesting educational opportunity at the very least.

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The IRS uses computers?! The horror!

Vintage 1960s era short film shows IRS defending its use of computers
Submitted by Layer 8 on Wed, 04/16/14 - 4:58pm.

It's impossible to imagine the Internal Revenue Service or most other number-crunching agencies or companies working without computers.  But when the IRS went to computers  -- the Automatic Data Processing  system --there was an uproar. The agency went so far as to produce a short film on the topic called Right On The Button, to convince the public computers were a good thing.

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How users are fixing Windows 8.1 Update install problems

It wouldn't be a Windows release if there weren't problems, but some people are finding fixes.
Submitted by Andy Patrizio on Wed, 04/16/14 - 3:42pm.

Within days of Microsoft unleashing Windows 8.1 Update, users began flooding Microsoft support boards with problems during the install. Microsoft has been rather mum on the issue, but skilled users have found fixes to the problem.

The problems began piling up on Microsoft's Answers forum and continue to this day. The first problem was reported on the day of the launch of Windows 8.1 Update, referred to as KB 2919355 in Microsoft patch parlance.

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Microsoft releases new-and-improved Threat Modeling Tool 2014

The 2014 version includes new features such as improved STRIDE threat-generation logic.
Submitted by Ms. Smith on Wed, 04/16/14 - 3:15pm.

Threat modeling can help identify "design-level security and privacy weaknesses in systems," wrote Trustworthy Computing's Tim Raines. "Threat modeling is also used to help identify mitigations that can reduce the overall risk to a system and the data it processes. Once customers try threat modeling, they typically find it to be a useful addition to their approach to risk management."

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Docker becomes de facto Linux standard

Default container in Red Hat is latest distro for Docker.
Submitted by Alan Shimel on Wed, 04/16/14 - 2:09pm.

Lots of news coming out of the Red Hat Summit this week. A lot of the buzz is around containerization in general and Docker in particular. Docker is set to ship with the latest version of RHEL (RHEL 7.0). Also, Docker will integrate with Red Hat's Open Shift PaaS.

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Mobile apps making Do-Not-Call Act obsolete

It once took an act of Congress to block unwanted calls, now it just takes a smartphone app.
Submitted by Steven Max Patterson on Wed, 04/16/14 - 10:07am.

The top-four call-blocking smartphone apps - Mr. Number, True Caller, WhitePages Current, and Call Blocker - have been downloaded over 20 million times. Tied for the No. 4 call-blocking app, WhitePages Current claims to have identified 7 billion incoming calls and texts.

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Scam by Victoria’s Secret clerk highlights common risk

Credit-card skimmers: The identity-theft threat most of us face routinely
Submitted by Paul McNamara on Wed, 04/16/14 - 9:52am.

Headlines and the attention of IT professionals have been dominated by Heartbleed recently, yet it's a news story out of Florida that reminds us of an all-too-common identity-theft threat that most of us face on a routine basis: credit-card skimmers.

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Aerohive's new access points remove deployment barriers

With so many IT departments debating how to increase their Wi-Fi capabilities, Aerohive is targeting a growing market.
Submitted by Zeus Kerravala on Wed, 04/16/14 - 9:42am.

To say Wi-Fi is hot is as big an understatement as saying that A-Rod is a cheater. Everyone knows it’s true, but it’s bigger than most people think. In a joint ZK Research/Tech Target Network Purchase Intention Survey that was run near the end of 2013, Wi-Fi ranked as the No. 2 in priority for network managers, behind only the red-hot security market.

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