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SAP Oracle Support Verdict Gives Companies Another Reason to Use Open Source

Unlike proprietary software, open source support is a competitive market
Submitted by Kim Weins on Wed, 12/01/10 - 11:33am.

With the announcement of $1.3B in damages awarded to Oracle in the lawsuit against SAP , Oracle has made abundantly clear that they intend to do everything they can to lock customers in to their expensive and highly profitable maintenance and support fees.   Of course TomorrowNow made it ridiculously easy for Oracle by stealing Oracle's

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It’s Not Just About Social Apps: Hadoop is for the Enterprise Too

Q&A with Hadoop World presenter Rod Cope of OpenLogic
Submitted by Kim Weins on Wed, 09/22/10 - 11:52am.

The 2nd annual Hadoop World conference is taking place in New York on October 12, 2010. To date, more than 28 presentations are planned (see agenda) including talks from eBay, Twitter, GE, Bank of America, Yahoo!, Facebook, Digg, HP and more. Tim O'Reilly, Founder and CEO of O'Reilly Media will be providing the keynote.

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Community Open Source vs Commercial Open Source in the Cloud: Will CentOS beat RHEL?

Pricing and licensing models of commercial open source in the cloud is driving enterprises to community open source
Submitted by Kim Weins on Fri, 07/30/10 - 11:29am.

There has been a lot of debate about the role open source will play in the cloud.  Many of the debates are focused on open standards.

Another big issue is licensing and pricing of open source in the cloud.

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Survey Shows Companies May Not Realize They Distribute Open Source

Companies don't have necessary processes to ensure GPL compliance
Submitted by Kim Weins on Tue, 07/06/10 - 1:04pm.

OpenLogic recently conducted a survey to determine whether companies have a full understanding of the activities that constitute distribution per the terms of common open source licenses. Highlights of the survey include:

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Bilski and The Dirty Little Secret of Software Patents

Software patents don't drive innovation or customer value, open source does
Submitted by Kim Weins on Tue, 06/29/10 - 12:21pm.

There is a lot of discussion this week after the US Supreme Court issued a ruling on the Bilksi lawsuit. As VentureBeat reports, the ruling will have very little impact on the way people do business around patents.

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Distributing Open Source? Survey Says…

Many companies are unaware when they are distributing open source or violating open source licences
Submitted by Kim Weins on Mon, 06/14/10 - 3:08pm.

As I talk to enterprises that are using open source software, inevitably the question of distributing open source software comes up. The recent lawsuits around GPL violations have definitely raised the awareness of many users of open source software.

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Does Open Source Indemnification Matter? Enterprises Say Hell Yes.

Enterprises look to open source indemnification to provide financial protection in case of IP lawsuits against open source projects
Submitted by Kim Weins on Mon, 05/10/10 - 1:25pm.

In my job at OpenLogic, I've worked with hundreds of organizations (most of them in the Fortune 500) on developing open source policies and implementing open source governance programs.

As I talk with these large enterprises, almost all of them want indemnification around open source software to provide financial protection in the case of IP lawsuits.

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Measuring your Company’s Open Source Maturity: A Quiz

Are you blocking open source or using it to transform your business? Find out your company’s stage of open source maturity
Submitted by Kim Weins on Fri, 04/30/10 - 11:47am.

As companies become more comfortable with open source software, they naturally mature through four stages in open source adoption: Prevent, Manage, Embrace, Transform. Take this simple quiz to find out what stage your company is in and what open source issues you need to address.  

To take the quiz, put a checkmark next to each statement that is True.

The "Prevent" Stage

This phase is characterized by denial that open source is used and futile attempts to limit its adoption.

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Four Considerations When Using Open Source in Production

IT staff and developers often overlook non-technical considerations that are critical when running open source on a production system.
Submitted by Kim Weins on Thu, 04/22/10 - 1:36pm.

Most IT staff and developers have no problem technically evaluating open source software.  However, they often overlook other considerations that could mean success or failure of a production system.

Here are some of the top non-technical issues you should consider for any open source that will be running in your production environment.

1.    Understand ALL the licenses

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