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PlayStation Network and Cloud Security

Does the PlayStation Network Prove Clouds are Insecure?
Submitted by Scott Crenshaw on Wed, 05/25/11 - 9:44am.

Pundits around the industry are using the repeated – and successful -- attacks on Sony’s Playstation Network as proof clouds aren't secure.  But what's "cloudy" about PSN?  It is the antithesis of the cloud: a closed architecture, which happens to use the internet to connect locked-down clients (PS3s) to a closed, proprietary server (PSN).

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Microsoft is the New "Open"

Trade Lots of Little Lock-Ins for One Big Mother Lock-in!
Submitted by Scott Crenshaw on Thu, 11/11/10 - 4:38pm.

The last few weeks have seen some amazing revelations from Redmond. From what I can glean, gone are the days when they fought tooth-and-nail to lock developers in to every element of their stack. They've apparently seen the light, and decided that the way to make more money in is to be more ... open. Huh?

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Cloud Drives Server Prices ... Up?

Integrated Management, Commodity Servers, and Lock-In
Submitted by Scott Crenshaw on Mon, 10/25/10 - 2:29pm.

Conventional wisdom says that clouds are built on inexpensive commodity servers. Scale out, reliability through redundancy, cheap hardware, server interchangeability – through all these factors, the cloud drives the cost of servers down. So I find it interesting that the leading server vendors have been investing in high-end server platforms targeting large cloud deployments.

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Why SaaS Will Win

SaaS Delivers Better Economics -- But Who Will Reap the Rewards?
Submitted by Scott Crenshaw on Wed, 10/20/10 - 11:22am.

Network World has a great article today on the pricing of Software-as-a-Service. One of the key points it makes is that SaaS is getting expensive, because vendors are convincing customers to buy more capacity than they need.

Shame on those who sign these agreements. Because nowhere are the cloud economic benefits more compelling than with SaaS.

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Naysayers, get over yourselves. The cloud is secure.

Security fears remain a top impediment to broad adoption of public cloud services
Submitted by Scott Crenshaw on Tue, 10/19/10 - 2:50pm.

If you listen to the arguments about security in the cloud they sound compelling, and generally fall into two categories: technical risks, and policy issues.

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