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Network World's 2011 Gift Guide: Indiana Shaw and the Office of Doom

What does Network Word's Holiday Guide have in common with Indiana Jones? Watch and see
Submitted by Julie Bort on Tue, 11/29/11 - 3:42pm.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, but there's still plenty of time left in the 2011 Holiday shopping season. Need some ideas? Here's a lighthearted look at the Keith Shaw's picks for his annual Cool Tools Holiday Guide ... with this year's Indiana Jones theme.


Come see me, Jeff Doyle, Scott Hogg, ARIN's John Curran at Network World's IPv6 event in New York

Network World has assembled a collection of world-class IPv6 experts in New York On December 13 to help you plan your migration.
Submitted by Julie Bort on Mon, 11/21/11 - 12:40pm.

Please mark your calendars for December 13 in New York for an awesome Network World event lead by world-class experts Jeff Doyle and Scott Hogg. I'll be there, too. Plus, we've lined up other big names in the IPv6 world including John Curran, President and CEO of ARIN and John Brzozowski, Chief Architect, IPv6, and Distinguished Engineer of Comcast. As always, this Network World event is free for qualified attendees (and we'll even feed you).

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HP labeled "highest risk" by disclosure watchdog firm

The mess at HP should be scaring off investors, analyst report advises
Submitted by Julie Bort on Fri, 11/04/11 - 3:52pm.

Did you know that HP has been under investigation by the SEC and DOJ since September, 2010, for allegedly bribing officials for a €35 million ($46.3 million ) deal with the Russian Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office?

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Survey: Tell us about how certifications help your career

Network World and the SolarWinds Thwack community want to hear how certs help ... or don't.
Submitted by Julie Bort on Mon, 09/19/11 - 11:55am.

Do you have any certifications and if so, how have they boosted your career? Please take our five minute, confidential survey and let us know.

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Disqus, Network World's new commenting platform

Yesterday, Network World rolled out a new commenting platform, Disqus. This marks a big change for us, but change is good!
Submitted by Julie Bort on Fri, 09/02/11 - 12:28pm.

You'll notice a new comment platform live on Network World. This is a big change for us as we had previously not required registration for comments. Editors here debated long and hard over this issue for many months (maybe even years). We want to encourage lively discussion and debate among our readers, bloggers, editors and to make it as easy as possible for you to share your thoughts. However, spammers loved us for our openness and it became an increasing burden to keep our sites free of that stuff.

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Cisco claims 7,400 UCS customers as of August

UCS is one of Cisco's break-out hits, but that won't save it from its restructuring woes
Submitted by Julie Bort on Thu, 08/25/11 - 2:38pm.

Cisco's Unified Computing System blade servers have been one of the company's surprise hits. As of August, Cisco claimed 7,400 total UCS customers, 2,000 of which were added last quarter, the company said.

This represents an increase of 240%, or $124 million, compared to the year ago quarter, mostly due to adding new customers, Cisco says.

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SysAdmin wanted to star in a Hollywood film

Celebrate SysAdmin Day by watching (or even starring in) a short film where the SysAdmin saves the planet
Submitted by Julie Bort on Fri, 07/29/11 - 12:30pm.

Happy SysAdmin Day. In honor of that, business video provider Qumu is inviting real life system administrators to enter a contest in which the winner will star in a short film, as part of series of short films. Qumu commissioned “Gears of War” video art director and filmmaker Jerry O'Flaherty to create a science-fiction short film with the SysAdmin as the hero.  The first one is out now and is somewhere between cute and funny.

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A mind-blowing look at today's mind-controlled, mind-reading technologies

A reader asked me for more info on mind-controlled and mind-reading apps. Here are the videos.
Submitted by Julie Bort on Tue, 07/26/11 - 6:44pm.

It sounds like the stuff of science fiction, but for the past few years, researchers have tapped into brain waves to control everything from video games to wheelchairs. They are beginning to use computers to decipher our thoughts, too.

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Cisco exec: "Demand for Cius is higher than we expected."

Even though the 3G version of the Cius has not yet arrived, Cisco claims a hit with its new Android tablet.
Submitted by Julie Bort on Fri, 07/22/11 - 4:16pm.

Cisco won't have a 3G-capable Cius until the fall, when it will be released for Verizon customers. Yet Cisco execs say that are already wowed by early orders of the WiFi-only tablet/IP phone combo.

"Demand for Cius is higher than we expected," said Barry O'Sullivan, senior VP of Cisco's Collaboration and Communication Group to a group of of journalists at Cisco Live. O'Sullivan wouldn't reveal details, except to say volume has been "lots."

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Words of Wisdom from Willam Shatner at Cisco Live

Actor William Shatner offered amusing, and often off-color, words of advice to Cisco Live attendees
Submitted by Julie Bort on Fri, 07/15/11 - 7:00pm.

The final keynote at Cisco Live held in Las Vegas this week was an interview of William Shatner conducted by Cisco senior VP and (and conference MC) Carlos Dominguez. Shatner was hilarious. He was also surprisingly sage.

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Cisco Live Keynote goes Vegas style

With 15,000 attendees, Cisco had a little fun with their opening keynote by John Chambers
Submitted by Julie Bort on Wed, 07/13/11 - 1:21am.

With 15,000 attendees in Las Vegas, and another 40,000 streaming Cisco Live over the Internet, Cisco used the keynote as an opportunity to show off its sense of humor. Here's a video I took this morning of how the company kicked off the keynote.

It worked. People were laughing and jovial during the keynote (even a jaded editor like myself). I ran into Scott Hogg on the show floor and we both agreed that it's good to see an IT industry conference so vibrant again.

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Winners of our June giveaway: IPv6 for the Enterprise

Congratulations to these winners of Cisco Subnet's June book giveaway
Submitted by Julie Bort on Tue, 07/05/11 - 5:33pm.

Congratulations to these winners of Cisco Subnet's June book giveaway. Each will receive a copy of IPv6 for the Enterprise. Each correctly answered an easy trivia question.

And the winners are ...

Benny Lane, Manuel Medina, Tim Roberts, Dewey Knox, Todd Deaver, Rod Lamb, Shawn Zandi, Ron Watt, Venkat Ganti, Fabian Dilaimy, Eddison Lim, Patrick Watson, Jason Hicks, Craig Kotla, Lou Sneddon.

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Take our survey: IPv6 readiness in the enterprise

What stage are your IPv6 plans now? We'd like to know with this short survey.
Submitted by Julie Bort on Thu, 06/30/11 - 5:12pm.

So the days are numbered for IPv4. In writing about IPv6 this year, I've talked to network professionals in all stages of deployment from denial (we have plenty of IPv4 address, what do we care?) to a few who not only have IPv6 websites, but have some IPv6 running on their internal networks.

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Diving Deeper with NetFlow Tips and Tricks

Templates, sFlow versus NetFlow, what DNS requests can tell you and other secrets from analysis experts
Submitted by Julie Bort on Wed, 06/29/11 - 8:42pm.

Readers have told me that they like blog posts with technical tips and tricks. So I asked SolarWinds to write an article about making the most out of NetFlow. The following is a guest post written by Denny LeCompte, SolarWinds VP of Product Management and Mav Turner, SolarWinds Product Manager. SolarWinds makes the popular Orion NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA) that analyzes Cisco NetFlow, Juniper J-Flow, IPFIX, & sFlow data. Got more questions about NetFlow?

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At $750, Cisco Cius Android tablet priced more than an iPad

Cius will ship worldwide on July 31 but its $750 price does not include the docking station
Submitted by Julie Bort on Wed, 06/29/11 - 12:06pm.

Cisco today announced the long-awaited suggested price on its upcoming Cius Android tablet and said it will be available worldwide on July 31. The tablet, sold through resellers, is expected to cost about $750 apiece, though Cisco has already hinted that resellers will be knocking the price down to $700 or less, when enterprises sign up for additional services as part of a Cius rollout.

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Cisco releases dozens of free PowerShell scripts to manage its UCS servers

Cisco recently launched a beta PowerShell toolkit to automate common server management tasks. Here's the lowdown.
Submitted by Julie Bort on Wed, 06/22/11 - 4:10pm.

On June 1, 2011, Cisco released the beta version of the Unified Computing System Manager PowerShell Toolkit with dozens of cmdlets to help automate management tasks on Cisco's UCS bladeserver. Interesting! I contacted one of the project’s leaders, John McDonough, custom application engineer, and asked him to tell me more about it. What follows is a guest blog written by John, but before we get to that, I had a few questions for him.

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A Cisco engineer says changes at Cisco are good

From one long-term employee's view, the old Cisco is on its way back to town.
Submitted by Julie Bort on Tue, 06/21/11 - 9:12pm.

While attending the Cloud Leadership Forum in Santa Clara this week, I had lunch today with a Cisco engineer who has worked for the company for 11 years. He was strikingly optimistic about the company, telling me that it feels like the old Cisco from about eight years ago is coming back. "Crises is good," he told me and then recounted a whole list of positive changes as a result of Cisco's recent reorganizations.

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Two months late, but IPv6 for high-end Linksys router arrives

Truth is, Cisco's IPv6 support among the rest of its products remains spotty.
Submitted by Julie Bort on Thu, 06/16/11 - 2:07pm.

Cisco has finally released IPv6 support as a free firmware upgrade for its flagship Linksys E4200 wireless router. The promised IPv6 support is late, either by two months, or by six months, or by years, depending on how you look at it, but late is better than never.

Here is the link to download it, quietly made available on June 14. (More on that release date in a minute.)

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World IPv6 Day: Status report and how to test your connection

Submitted by Julie Bort on Wed, 06/08/11 - 11:31am.

UPDATED 6/9/11: Yesterday was World IPv6 Day. I've collected a few resources for you to keep trackto see what happened including the Internet Society's tool to test your Internet connection, and graphics and dashboards that provide traffic reports. Interesting stuff.

EXPERT ANALYSIS: IPv6 guru Scott Hogg on World IPv6 Day Results

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Winners of the May book giveaway, IPv6 for the Enterprise

Need to learn about IPv6? Enter to win a free book on the subject from Cisco Press
Submitted by Julie Bort on Tue, 06/07/11 - 4:39pm.

It's time to learn all you can about IPv6 and Cisco Subnet and Cisco Press are here to help. We have given away 15 copies of the hot new book IPv6 for Enterprise Networks by Shannon McFarland, Muninder Sambi, Nikhil Sharma, and Sanjay Hooda. We have 15 more to giveaway. If you haven't entered yet ... take some time and put your name in the hat.

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