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Kylo TV Web Browser Open Sourced (Remote Control Not Included)

Hillcrest Labs recently released the Kylo TV web browser under the Mozilla Public License. I took it for a test drive with my Mac and HDTV, and I'm keeping my Roku.
Submitted by Rikki Endsley on Fri, 05/25/12 - 2:06pm.

Before the open source code release announcement, I'd never heard of Kylo, which is odd considering that Lifehacker named Kylo as one of the Most Popular Free Mac Downloads of 2010, and the web browser was named an International CES Innovations 2011 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree.

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ownCloud 4 Open Source File Sync Solution Released

ownCloud, an open source newcomer to the field of file sync and share solutions, announced an update to its community edition. The latest ownCloud release includes a bunch of updates and enhancements, a new API, and an experimental feature for mounting external file systems.
Submitted by Rikki Endsley on Wed, 05/23/12 - 10:44am.

Community-supported ownCloud 3 rolled out in early 2012, and just a few months later, ownCloud 4 is packed with new features, including file versioning to allow users to roll back to previously saved versions, a new developer API, and the ability to view Open Document Format without downloading them.

An experimental feature in ownCloud 4 allows mounting of external file systems, such as Dropbox, FTP, and Google Drive, so users can access sync and share tools in a single ownCloud interface.

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Buskers: Better Than Booth Babes

Whereas other Interop vendors recently blew bucks on booth babes, ExtraHop got props for entertaining attendees with hourly performances by national yo-yo champion Joseph Harris. Please tell me this is the future of IT events!
Submitted by Rikki Endsley on Fri, 05/11/12 - 6:46pm.

Years ago I worked for a large company that hired "booth babes" to "help" us run our booth at LinuxWorld in New York. These hired models sat on stools and gossiped with each other as I and another editor — also a woman — talked to attendees and gave out free copies of our magazine. What a waste of money those models turned out to be. Thankfully, I've never been stuck (wo)manning a booth with one since then. Maybe there's a time and place for models at expo halls, but I assure you that it's not at IT-related events.

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What to Expect at LinuxFest Northwest

In this interview, an event organizer offers a preview of what to expect at this weekend's free, open source-focused LFNW event.
Submitted by Rikki Endsley on Thu, 04/26/12 - 10:44am.

John Blanford is just one of the many people who help organize LinuxFest Northwest, an annual open source event held in Bellingham, Washington. In this interview, Blanford offers a preview of what to expect at this weekend's LFNW event.

What's new this year at LFNW?

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Linux Mint Debian 201204 boosts performance, falls short in compatibility

The latest Linux Mint Debian Edition offers three desktops and Yahoo and DuckDuckGo featured as default search engines.
Submitted by Rikki Endsley on Tue, 04/24/12 - 3:36pm.

The Linux Mint Debian team announced the release of LMDE 201204, which includes the MATE 1.2 default desktop environment along with Cinnamon 1.4 and Xfce 4.8 desktop options.

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Miso Project Offers Open Source Tools for Data Visualization

The Guardian announced the release of the first part of the Miso project, an open source toolkit for creating data visualization content.
Submitted by Rikki Endsley on Mon, 04/23/12 - 11:15am.

In a blog post on The Guardian site last week, developer Alex Graul explained that part one of the Miso project is a JavaScript library called Dataset:

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International Growth Helps the Open Source Joomla! CMS Hit 30 Million Downloads

With a 40 percent increase in downloads over the past year, Joomla is seeing most growth internationally and in the government space.
Submitted by Rikki Endsley on Thu, 04/12/12 - 5:19pm.

"India, Russia, Romania, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Greece are where geographically we are seeing the most growth," explains Paul Orwig, the President of Open Source Matters, a non-profit created to provide organization, legal, and financial support to the open source Joomla project. "Joomla is now available to develop in 64 languages, so we are certainly seeing a lot of international growth," he explains.

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Drupal's Blue Drop Awards Winners Announced

More than 200 websites were nominated in 8 categories in the first annual Blue Drop Awards, but stood out as 2012 Drupal Website of the Year.
Submitted by Rikki Endsley on Tue, 04/10/12 - 6:07pm.

Ben Finklea, Blue Drop Awards organizer and CEO of Volacci, a Drupal SEO company, says, “The Blue Drop Awards were created as a community-driven, grassroots initiative that recognizes the stellar development work in Drupal. This inaugural event has been a great success and we are excited to see the community excel.”

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debateOS: The Ubuntu Spin for Debaters

How does a high school debate coach develop a free solution to paperless competitive debate? With the help of some high school debaters and coaches, Kickstart, Linux, and OpenOffice.
Submitted by Rikki Endsley on Fri, 03/30/12 - 4:46pm.

Over the past few years, competitive debate has moved toward a digital, paperless workflow, but that creates problems for school debate programs that don't have the extra dough to shell out for laptops and software licenses. Chris McCool, a debate coach at Ballard High School in Seattle, Washington, decided to create a free, open source solution that would work on older, used laptops. On the project's Kickstarter page, McCool explained:

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Ruby Creator, GNU Health Win 2011 Free Software Awards

The 2011 Free Software Awards were presented at the LibrePlanet 2012 conference in Boston.
Submitted by Rikki Endsley on Thu, 03/29/12 - 4:17pm.

Ruby creator Yukihiro Matsumoto (Matz) has worked on GNU, Ruby, and other free software projects for more than two decades. He won the Award for the Advancement of Free Software, which is presented to "an individual who has made a great contribution to the progress and development of free software, through activities that accord with the spirit of free software." Previous winners include Python author Guido van Rossum and Postfix email system developer Wietse Venema.

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How Open Source Powers a Battlestar Galactica-Inspired Flight Simulator

What do you get when you combine smart students, an old airplane fuselage, and the FlightGear open source flight simulator software? Add a few more ingredients and you get a Battlestar Galactica-inspired flight simulator called The Viper.
Submitted by Rikki Endsley on Wed, 03/28/12 - 5:37pm.

The Viper flight simulator is being built by five high school students, some parents, and mentors from Marin, Oakland, and San Francsico as part of the Young Makers program. The plan is to unveil the project at Maker Faire in May 2012.

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Getting Started with Drupal Gardens

One quick and easy way to get started with the Drupal open source content management system is with the Drupal Gardens site, which offers point-and-click assembly and WYSIWYG design.
Submitted by Rikki Endsley on Mon, 03/26/12 - 5:47pm.

On the Drupal Gardens site, you'll see a big yellow button that says Create a free site:

Click the button and then pick your URL, user name, and password:

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Q&A with the Founder of

Jeremy Garcia launched more than a decade ago, and now he has plans for a network of sites housing millions of questions answered by thousands of open source enthusiasts.
Submitted by Rikki Endsley on Thu, 03/15/12 - 3:06pm.

Jeremy Garcia started using Linux in the mid-'90s, first running Yggdrasil, then moving to Slackware. In 2000, not long after getting his first full-time Linux job, Garcia founded More than a decade later, Garcia is still active in the Linux and open source community, and continues to grow.

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March Madness Goes Mobile

The NCAA March Madness Live app lets users watch basketball tournament games, hear live game radio, interact with other fans, and manage their brackets.
Submitted by Rikki Endsley on Mon, 03/12/12 - 3:57pm.

Version 2.0.2 of the free NCAA March Madness Live app rolled out with bug fixes and the addition of live game radio. For only US$ 3.99, you can watch live streaming video of all 67 games of the 2012 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament.

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How to Pound the Pavement with Programmers at PyCon

Code won't be the only thing running fast at PyCon 2012 in Santa Clara. Race organizers Jacob Kaplan-Moss and Nick Lang explain what inspired the inaugural PyCon 5k Fun Run.
Submitted by Rikki Endsley on Tue, 03/06/12 - 3:54pm.

On March 4, 2012, Jacob Kaplan-Moss, President of the Django Software Foundation, ran the Pi-Day River Rotation Half-Marathon in Lawrence, Kansas, beating his 2011 Pi-Day race time by more than two minutes. On Saturday, March 10, Jacob will be running the inaugural PyCon 5k Fun Run, an event he helped organize.

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How a Mozilla Add-On Helps Track Who Tracks You

The Collusion experimental add-on shows you who tracks your browsing behavior. The results are a little creepy.
Submitted by Rikki Endsley on Tue, 02/28/12 - 4:08pm.

If you want to see which sites are following you from site to site, install the Collusion add-on. The add-on, which can even notify you as cookies are set, shows a little red circle in the bottom corner of your screen.

Clicking on the circle opens a visualization of the companies tracking your online behavior. 

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US Government Announces Open Source App Contest

Last week the Obama Administration introduced BusinessUSA, an online platform to help small businesses in their efforts to grow, hire, and export products and services. Now the U.S. Department of Commerce has kicked off a US$ 10,000 app development contest.
Submitted by Rikki Endsley on Thu, 02/23/12 - 11:13am.

"By challenging developers to leverage government data in new and innovative ways, they’ll help businesses fund new activities, learn about and evaluate opportunities in the US and abroad, support education and training, and more," the contest announcement says.

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Is the VA Embracing Open Source?

The Department of Veterans Affairs Technology Acquisition Center is ready to lower costs, and one way to do that is to get rid of costly Microsoft Office applications and adopt cloud-based or open source solutions instead.
Submitted by Rikki Endsley on Wed, 02/22/12 - 5:24pm.

On February 17, 2012, the VA posted a Request for Information (RFI) to explore Microsoft Office alternatives. Currently, the VA uses Microsoft Office 2003, 2007, and 2010 solutions, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The RFI says:

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Apache Announces Apache HTTP Server v2.4

The latest Apache HTTP Server includes new modules and enhancements to make it ideal for cloud computing environments.
Submitted by Rikki Endsley on Tue, 02/21/12 - 9:40am.

"This release delivers a host of evolutionary enhancements throughout the server that our users, administrators, and developers will welcome," Eric Covener, Vice President of the Apache HTTP Server Project, says in the announcement. "We've added many new modules in this release, as well as broadened the capability and flexibility of existing features."

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4 Online Resources to Kickstart Coding

When you decide your child is ready to learn about the functions and variables, what resources will help you help her? Several online resources can help you — or your kid — learn how to program.
Submitted by Rikki Endsley on Sun, 02/19/12 - 8:36pm.

This weekend, I heard the six words every mother longs to hear from her teenage daughter: I want to learn computer programming. Well, maybe every mom doesn't look forward to hearing those words like I have, and for that matter, I didn't actually hear those words. Instead, my daughter conveyed her coding curiosity to me via a message on my Facebook account.

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