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Amazon says cloud customers can take precautions to defend against Heartbleed

Customers can update their Linux VMs to ensure protection
Submitted by Brandon Butler on Fri, 04/11/14 - 11:23am.

Amazon Web Services, one of the most popular cloud computing platforms, which hosts a large number of websites on the Internet, said this week that it has been able to mitigate the impact of the Heartbleed OpenSSL bug revealed this week. But, it because of a "shared security" model that AWS operates under, some customers can take action if they want to take extra precautions to ensure the vulnerability does not impact their operations.

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Google, Red Hat get cozy in the cloud

Red Hat’s OS is now available in Google’s cloud
Submitted by Brandon Butler on Mon, 04/07/14 - 2:00pm.

Red Hat and Google today extended the integration of each other's products in their cloud offerings. Red Hat customers can now bring eligible subscriptions of the company's leading product, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) into Google's Compute Engine cloud. Google, meanwhile, today announced that virtual machines running the RHEL operating system are now generally available in Google Compute Engine (GCE).

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Review of cloud's mega-week: Cisco, Google, Amazon and Microsoft all make big moves in the cloud

New pricing from Google and Amazon, Cisco bets big money and Box goes public
Submitted by Brandon Butler on Fri, 03/28/14 - 11:09am.

It was a mega-week in the cloud for news from the big players. Check out all the news in our Storify below!


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In pivot, AWS acknowledges private, hybrid clouds

Amazon Web Services is the leader in the public cloud, but private and hybrid clouds have been a weak spot. That may be changing
Submitted by Brandon Butler on Wed, 03/26/14 - 3:52pm.

In just five months Amazon Web Services has changed its tone. Not significantly, but in a slight way that could have big implications for the future of enterprise cloud adoption and the company's efforts to fend off competitors.

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With Google's announcements, it's 'Game On' in the cloud

Amazon now faces real competition in the cloud
Submitted by Brandon Butler on Tue, 03/25/14 - 3:14pm.

Amazon Web Services basically invented the go to market strategy for infrastructure as a service public cloud when it launched Simple Storage Service (S3) and Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). Today, Google took big steps toward giving Amazon some of its most aggressive competition in this market.

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How Cisco wants to win in the cloud

And why it will be difficult
Submitted by Brandon Butler on Mon, 03/24/14 - 2:33pm.

Cisco is making a big bet ($1 billion in fact) on the cloud, but it's going to have a battle winning it against the likes of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and Google, each of which have their own strong plans in this crowded market.

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Cloud's nightmare: A "run on the bank"

Could the cloud run out of capacity?
Submitted by Brandon Butler on Thu, 03/20/14 - 2:29pm.

What's the worst case scenario for the cloud computing industry?

Is it your service provider unexpectedly shutting down? Sure, that's probably one worst case scenario.

Here's another one, proposed by IDC analyst Rick Villars: A so-called "run on the bank."

+MORE CLOUD: IDC says cloud will be a $107B industry by 2017+

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How to get Google to pay you

How bad does Google want new Apps users? They’ll pay $15 for a referral
Submitted by Brandon Butler on Wed, 03/12/14 - 11:04am.

Google is really looking to drum up business for its Google Apps portfolio. But just how bad is Google looking for new users? Well, today the company announced that it will provide any registered users with a $15 referral bonus for each new customer that signs up for Google Apps, up to 100 customers.

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VCs invest in the cloud; Google welcomes partners. Cloud news for week of 3/3 to 3/7

A Storify of all the news that's fit to share about the cloud this week
Submitted by Brandon Butler on Fri, 03/07/14 - 10:17am.

It's been a busy week in the cloud. Here are some of the top stories from the week, compiled into a Storify. 


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Long live PaaS - CloudBees gets $11M infusion

About that whole PaaS is dying thing...
Submitted by Brandon Butler on Wed, 03/05/14 - 2:21pm.

A few weeks ago an article I wrote with the headline: "Is PaaS as we know it dying?" caused quite a stir, and led to many other pundits in the industry offering their own two cents on the issue.

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Like Amazon, Google starts eating its cloud cost tracking partners

Cloud cost optimization tools, once offered only by partners, are now becoming features offered by vendors
Submitted by Brandon Butler on Tue, 02/25/14 - 2:57pm.

This week Google released a new tool that makes it easier for customers to plan for how much it will cost to use the company's cloud resources, and optimize them to the users' needs.

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A FICO credit score, but for your cloud

Skyhigh Networks wants to tell users if their cloud is secure or not
Submitted by Brandon Butler on Wed, 02/19/14 - 10:45am.

In the early-1980s Fair, Isaac and Co. created a universal metric named the FICO Credit Score that allowed lending agencies to judge the credit-worthiness of potential debtors. Rajiv Gupta, founder of cloud security startup Skyhigh Networks, says the cloud needs the same thing. And his company's Cloud Security Dashbaord aims to be just that.

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VMware’s busy end user computing division just got a Google-sized bump

Google Chromebooks will now supports Windows apps, thanks to VMware’s desktop as a service
Submitted by Brandon Butler on Wed, 02/12/14 - 5:17pm.

VMware may be best known as the virtualization company, but it's trying hard to expand out beyond just compute virtualization. It wants to be the company that virtualizes the network, mobile devices and desktops too.

The company's strategy for doing so got a big boost this week when it announced a partnership for Google Chromebooks to support VMware's Horizon desktop as a service, which is powered by technology VMware acquired from DaaS leader Desktone.

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Farewell free cloud storage: SugarSync starts charging for storage

It was good while it lasted
Submitted by Brandon Butler on Mon, 02/10/14 - 2:54pm.

Soon after I became a cloud computing reporter for Network World I signed up for a bunch of different cloud services including Box, DropBox, Google Drive and Amazon Web Services. One other service I used, and liked quite a bit, was SugarSync.

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Savvis is now CenturyLink Technology Solutions

New name for teleco’s cloud platform
Submitted by Brandon Butler on Tue, 01/21/14 - 9:29am.

Telecommunications giant CentruyLink is rebranding its data hosting offering from Savvis - which is the name of the company it bought to enter the cloud market in 2011 - to CenturyLink Technology Solutions, the company announced today.

CenturyLink is looking to make a splash in the public cloud market, attempting to leverage its nationwide network fabric to connect data centers around the country and provide customers fast access to cloud infrastructure.

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Watch out Amazon: What IBM’s $1.2B cloud investment really means

IBM insists it will be a major public cloud player
Submitted by Brandon Butler on Fri, 01/17/14 - 10:25am.

In classic IBM marketing flavor, Big Blue announced today a big investment into the cloud: $1.2 billion over the next two years to significantly beef up its international data center footprint for its cloud.

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50GB of free cloud storage when you download the new Box iOS app

Native iOS app is intuitive and clean. Did we mention the 50 free GBs?
Submitted by Brandon Butler on Thu, 01/16/14 - 1:26pm.

Box today launched a new app for iOS, meaning it works on iPhones and iPad, and for customers who download the app within the next month, they get 50 GB of lifetime free cloud storage.

Seems like a pretty good deal.

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Try Amazon's cloud for free, using Red Hat tools

Red Hat launches “test drives” of Amazon’s cloud through partners
Submitted by Brandon Butler on Wed, 01/15/14 - 1:45pm.

Red Hat, which is the largest single contributor to the OpenStack project, is now offering an opportunity to take a "test drive" on the biggest competitor to the OpenStack project: Amazon Web Services's cloud.

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Rackspace gets a new president: Its chief customer officer

Taylor Rhodes has been fanatical about supporting customers, now he's leading the company
Submitted by Brandon Butler on Mon, 01/13/14 - 2:50pm.

Rackspace's company motto is that it's "fanatical" about customer support. So, it may not be surprising that it has promoted its "chief customer officer" (in Rackspace lingo: CCO) Taylor Rhodes to its vacant president position today.

Before holding the unique title of CCO, Rhodes (pictured) headed up expansion of the cloud and managed hosting provider into international locales as SVP of Rackspace International.

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Top cloud stories for the week of 1/10

VMware gets a CTO, Netflix loses its cloud guru and IBM asks Watson to make it money
Submitted by Brandon Butler on Fri, 01/10/14 - 2:24pm.

Happy New Year! The cloud kicked off its first full business week of the new year with some interesting personnel moves, and declarations by some big companies.

Here are the top cloud stories of this week, and look out for this feature on Cloud Chronicles throughout 2014.


Cloud vendors made some moves this week, including these items of note:

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