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Best of Interop Finalists Announced, any surprises?

Interop Las Vegas 2014
Submitted by Larry Chaffin on Tue, 03/25/14 - 11:13am.

The Best of Interop Finalists were announced for next week's 2014 Interop Las Vegas show. Looking at the list there seems to be some products and names that did not make the final list.  Was there a product and vendor you feel that should have made the list but did not? It will be interesting to see who wins the Data Center Solutions Category, Cisco or Arista?

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A conversation with Kelly Wanser, CEO of Stateless Networks

Making changes easier for customers.
Submitted by Larry Chaffin on Wed, 06/12/13 - 9:43am.

I had the chance to meet with Kelly Wanser, CEO of Stateless Networks, at Interop in Las Vegas, and I thought her company would be a great fit for our CEO interview series. So we chatted with Kelly about her company.

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A conversation with Suresh Vasudevan, CEO of Nimble Storage

How he is changing storage
Submitted by Larry Chaffin on Tue, 05/14/13 - 12:44pm.

1. So why don't you tell us where you think the markets are at with storage to start?

The storage market, estimated at ~$33B (systems spend without including storage software and services), is witnessing dramatic changes driven by the arrival of flash as a new persistent storage medium, complementing the exclusive role that HDDs have traditionally played within Enterprise storage systems.

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Who will be the big winner in Las Vegas and who is just rolling the dice?

Who will be the winners in the desert?
Submitted by Larry Chaffin on Mon, 05/06/13 - 11:57am.


It has not been that long since Huawei said they were exiting American market then tried to retract the statement to some extent. But here we are in Las Vegas and they have a large booth on the floor with a full presence. So what gives with Huawei? I have sent a few emails and have received no reply. So if this the last big hurrah in Las Vegas for Huawei or are they rolling the dice to see if people still want their products? 

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A conversation with Fortinet CEO Ken Xie

Taking Security and the future
Submitted by Larry Chaffin on Mon, 04/01/13 - 11:13am.

1. So why don't you tell us where you think the markets are at with security and EPS to start and then, do you still see growth? You can also include your other products.

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A conversation with the CEO of Aryaka Networks, Ajit Gupta

Taking the Telco Carriers head on.
Submitted by Larry Chaffin on Tue, 01/15/13 - 12:51pm.

Over the next two months I will be talking to CEOs about their companies, the market and what is new. This week we have Ajit Gupta, the CEO of Aryaka Networks. His company is taking on the telco carriers worldwide as well as the WAN acceleration vendors.

1. So why don't you tell us about your product or products since you have come out with some new ones.


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60 Minutes torpedoes Huawei in less than 15 minutes

Cyber Espionage, Huawei and the China Goverment
Submitted by Larry Chaffin on Sun, 10/07/12 - 8:57pm.

Tonight on the TV show "60 Minutes" it took less than 15 minutes for them on national TV to torpedo Huawei in the United States. For those who would like to see the entire script, it can be viewed here on the 60 Minutes website. But let's not forget that CNBC took on Huawei and the security, espionage risk that the United State government sees a few months ago.

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Cisco vs. Huawei Competitive Testing by Miercom will it ever happen?

USA Vendor vs. China Vendor
Submitted by Larry Chaffin on Mon, 08/06/12 - 11:37pm.

Since making its way into the USA market Huawei turned to Miercom to try and validate its equipment to the American Market. We all know Miercom as the hired test center that Cisco uses against every competitor it has in the market space (Brad Reese Cisco vs Competitor). But now that Miercom has found a new sugar daddy in Huawei, will we ever see a competitive test against Cisco?

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Cisco finally shows the WAAS App Nav at Cisco Live

Disappointment based on a product Riverbed has had for years.
Submitted by Larry Chaffin on Wed, 06/13/12 - 10:53am.

With no reply from Cisco on any content for my blog or information since Interop about their secret WAAS App Nav Product, I had to have some friends visit the booth at Cisco Live. They sent me a video, which is available here from Cisco Tech Wise TV. This is what Cisco says about the new product:

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Top 10 Things you will not hear at Cisco Live this year

Cisco Systems invitation only for all press is not good for the press
Submitted by Larry Chaffin on Mon, 06/11/12 - 9:29am.

So yet another year goes bye and I received no email about press credentials for Cisco Live. For some of you who don’t know, Cisco Live has a policy that it is an invitation-only event for any member of the press. So, if you are like me and you question what they do, you don’t get an invite. As always, I have come up with alternative plans, which means a top ten list. Just not any top ten list, but a list of things you will not hear at Cisco Live this year.

With that introduction let’s start:

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Made in America: Who is manufacturing in America?

Analysis of the tech vendors manufacturing in the U.S.
Submitted by Larry Chaffin on Tue, 05/22/12 - 10:56pm.

I started a blog at Interop Las Vegas to see where the vendors manufactured their equipment. This was in response to the questions I get about buying American. Many executives are getting hit hard to buy American products and want to know where vendors are manufacturing equipment.

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2012 Larry Awards for Best Interop Product Presentation

Interop Las Vegas Awards
Submitted by Larry Chaffin on Tue, 05/22/12 - 12:53pm.

Once again it is time for the Annual Larry Awards for Best Interop Presentation. Unlike the Best of Interop Awards these awards are given to the vendor who presents the best product presentation on the show floor. Spending three days in the weeds and watching some presentations twice, it was a well-spent trip.

Here are the categories for The Larry Awards for Best Interop Product Presentation:

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Best of Interop Awards called out for product no-show

Cisco product was a no show at Interop
Submitted by Larry Chaffin on Thu, 05/10/12 - 10:03pm.

This blog below was sent to me in email. While I was not going to write about it, I am glad someone else called out the awards. The Best of Interop Awards are a great thing in Las Vegas and companies revel in winning or getting just nominated. But there are some problems with them that need to be fixed.

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Are they a contender or pretender? Can Huawei survive in North America?

Will enterprise customers take a chance on them?
Submitted by Larry Chaffin on Thu, 05/10/12 - 4:08pm.


As everyone knows Huawei tried to make a big splash at Interop with a booth to rival Cisco's booth, matter of fact they were side by side on the Interop floor. But the question was how did they do and will they make it in North America?

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The 2012 Best of Interop Award Winners

Interop Awards for 2012
Submitted by Larry Chaffin on Tue, 05/08/12 - 8:14pm.

The Best of Interop Award winners were announced this morning. Below is a list of the winners. I would like to extend my congratulations to all the award winners and look forward to seeing all of the products live on the Interop floor.

The 2012 Best of Interop Awards winners in each category are:

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Made in the USA, does it mean anything to executives?

Question posed to Interop Vendors
Submitted by Larry Chaffin on Tue, 05/08/12 - 6:05pm.

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We are 'LIVE' for 3 rounds at Interop Las Vegas

Interop Las Vegas 2012
Submitted by Larry Chaffin on Tue, 05/08/12 - 9:41am.

Its seems that the story of Interop so far from the press releases I have seen and the ones under embargo, it's about the cloud. If it's not about the cloud it's about bigger is better in the core, the race for speed and density.

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Interop is around the corner, where is Cisco?

Cisco lacking in innovation
Submitted by Larry Chaffin on Tue, 04/24/12 - 10:16pm.

With Interop Las Vegas just around the corner the yearly Best of Interop Award Finalists have been announced and are listed below by category. The one thing that made me look twice was the absence of Cisco in certain categories. I would expect Cisco to be in Collaboration every year as that is all the Cisco CTO seems to talk about with video, mobile and the cloud. But they were not in the Data Center & Storage or Networking categories either.

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Riverbed announces new Steelhead Platform in CX/EX and Product in Granite

The doom of Cisco WAAS is here, now. Who at Cisco is to blame?
Submitted by Larry Chaffin on Wed, 02/01/12 - 8:48am.


Today Riverbed is announcing what I think is their best product to date in Granite. They are also showing two other steelhead models today in the CX and EX. I had the chance to sit down and chat with Bob Gilbert of Riverbed to ask a few questions and learn a little more.

Please tell us about your background at Riverbed and what your current position entails.

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Cisco dumps the UMI Personal Telepresence very quietly.

Cisco get no where with consumers on over-priced products.
Submitted by Larry Chaffin on Fri, 12/30/11 - 11:17am.

Speaking with a friend who purchased the Cisco UMI Telepresence from Best Buy, I was made aware he cannot get service on the product. Also I was made aware that Best Buy had a fire sale on the product, selling them at a price of 2 for 1 not so long ago and then pulling the product from sale. 

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