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The 50 best ‘bragging rights’ claimed on Google+

There's an art to bragging without really bragging

By Paul McNamara on Tue, 04/17/12 - 12:32pm.


Who says they're the 50 best? Only me. And while they're skewed toward those in my Google+ circles (techies, media types) and those in theirs (civilians, a couple of celebs), I have compiled this list over the past few months by looking at many hundreds of Google+ profiles, which in addition to containing standard biographical info invite users to claim "bragging rights."

(Take it from 1000 Zombies: Google+ is no ghost town)

Most people pass - it's not required - and too many take the invitation far too seriously. But among those who exercise more imagination, restraint and self-deprecation - in other words, those who get it - you will find interesting and amusing tidbits. Here are 50 self-identified "bragging rights:"



"I get paid to smoke marijuana."

Steve Elliott

Writer/editor Village Voice Media



No word of a lie; he does.


 Kim A

"The 'A' at the end of my name was given to me by Andy Warhol. It used to be at the end of his."

Chris Kim A




"I can do the Spock eyebrow."

Julio Ojeda-Zapata

Tech writer, St. Paul Pioneer Press




"I understand all the xkcd jokes."

Peter Schmidt

COO of Linear Air




"Invented the #hashtag."

Chris Messina

UX Designer for Google+ 


I figured he had to be joking - but he's not.



"Started using Google+ while I was living in space."

Ron Garan

NASA astronaut



"King of tha westcoast"

Snoop Dogg

Entertainer and "spiritual advisor"



"I'm often mistaken for someone cool - like Mat Jackson the racing driver. I get his tweets and have fun responding :)"

Mat Jackson

Entrepreneur, Livemapp


Here's Mat Jackson the racing driver on Twitter. And speaking of driving fast ...



"4 speeding tickets in one week, 2 of them in less than 12 hours by the same cop"

Lance Burkhardt

Verizon Wireless, Area Manager for Cellular Sales 



"Dr. Seuss threatened to sue me. I've met both Clintons. And done undercover camera work for Dateline NBC (not involving catching predators)."

Harry McCracken

Tech journalist  



"Aware that passing in front of the television should be performed swiftly and timed for the least disruption to the game or gamers."

Dana Geppi Long

SQL Server DBA, Sr., lead analyst 



"TIME's Person of the Year for 2006, maintainer of a foot long beard"

Abraham Williams

Web developer